Beautiful Light Made Simple: Lutron Launches New Architectural Lighting Solution

Create Magic in Everyday Moments, Foster a Deep Connection to the Outdoors, and Explore Your Design Vision. Athena is Inspired Light – Simple, Intuitive, and Flexible.

USA, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. July 14, 2020

Lutron Electronics, the leader in architectural lighting control solutions, introduces Athena: a simple, flexible, all-in-one solution that elevates everyday experiences with the magic of light. The debut is Lutron's most significant commercial system release since April 2018, when we acquired Ketra, maker of the world's most advanced lighting system. Athena marries best-in-class control, the world's most advanced LED lighting technology, and simple app-based setup, in a solution that is equally optimal for new construction, retrofits, and evolving commercial spaces.

Especially now, when change is constant, Athena is built to meet today's uncharted design challenges -and while delivering flexibility for the future.

Key features include:

  • Native Ketra integration, plus universal fixture-control capabilities - control all load types from a single product with no minimum load requirements
  • A right-sized processor for architectural spaces small and large, like intimate restaurants, art galleries & museums, and hotel public areas
  • Integrated shades, to deliver a comprehensive lighting design
  • Simple-to-use iOS app for real time programming and personalization. Plus, Ketra curated content that offers pre-set lighting changes to mimic natural daylight

"Flexibility and simplicity were paramount priorities for Athena," said Olivier Perrigueur, Vice President and General Manager Commercial Architectural Business at Lutron. "As designers and business owners navigate the challenges of an evolving future, Athena offers them a solution that supports the human experience, no matter how that may change. And by choosing Lutron, they can be confident we'll be here for them now and in the future."

In May 2019, Lutron introduced HXL - a broad approach to human centric lighting - that employs quality light, natural light, connection to outdoors, and adaptive & personalized control to create spaces focused on the human experience. Now with Athena, achieving HXL is easier than ever by using the app and superior personalization options from Ketra, to achieve the right light at the right time.

Give Everyone a Window Seat - Seamlessly Integrate Electric Light, Daylight, and Shades

Using Ketra natural light and smart shading, Athena invites architects and designers to extend natural light deep into the built environment, far beyond the window's reach. Most people spend their days under static light that doesn't change. Ketra's dynamic Natural light is preset to shift as days progresses, creating harmony between interior light and natural daylight - and giving people the feeling that they're in tune with nature.

Such natural light technology also gives designers new ways to plan and imagine the built environment, and presents new options for biophilic design.

Visual and Aesthetic Customization Come Easy

Athena expands possibilities for elegant spaces with beautiful light. Customize lighting designs with warm dimming, tunable white, and full-saturated color. Ketra introduces Vibrancy and precision optics, and the simple iOS app enables precision fine-tuning down to 1% light level increments.

Customized controls are available to meet the needs of occupants and visitors alike - touchless, responsive options like occupancy and daylight sensors or timeclock control, individual Pico remote controls, or mobile app integrations ensure the right options for each space.

Right-Sized Processor Makes Athena Accessible Across Applications

Athena processors are as good for small architectural spaces like restaurants, museums and boutiques, as they are for open office spaces and corporate headquarters.

  • Small processor with minimal footprint can be discretely tucked away in small spaces
  • Simple scene and zone programming using the iOS app in the space and in real time
  • Lighting adjustments can be made on the fly for special events without affecting system presets
  • Athena scales easily to accommodate the needs of large or small spaces.

Design Without Risk - Simple Apps, Universal Fixture Control and a Full Complement of Control Options

  • intuitive app - lighting designers and facility managers easily design right in the space, in real time. Quickly make adjustments for an immediate event, and just as easily return to the original settings.
  • LED+ universal phase control dimmer - control of all load types from one product with no minimum load requirement. Even a single pinhole downlight can be its own zone.
  • A wide range of lighting and fixture technologies, smart shading solutions, and control - from simple wireless remotes to sophisticated keypads, occupancy and daylight sensors, and smart shading software that easily enables timeclock interface.
  • Flexibility and Retrofit-friendly - Athena cloud-updatable software is easy to keep current, and offers a smart lighting and shade solution that is ready for today, and ready for the future - rezone, reprogram and repurpose. Make changes on your own time with no need for 3rd-party assistance.
  • Wireless- easy to change design with the need for rewiring.

To experience the magic of Athena, schedule a private Virtual Innovation Tour with one of our Lutron specification specialists, or visit

The Athena solution can be specified in the U.S. and Canada now. It is expected to ship winter 2020.

St. Regis is Rome, Italy
Simple-to-use iOS app for real time programming and personalization
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