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Guide to Future Internet Marketing Trends
Peter Brooke, Founder, Blue Interactive Agency

Chances are you’ve got some pretty robust forecasting software and resources at play to ensure the success of your hotel operation. Chances are you read up on industry trends and attend key trade conferences. Chances are you create detailed plans and objectives from these reconnaissance missions. You do the same for your internet marketing strategies, right? From my experience in the business, hoteliers fire up a website, get a few ads going with Google, partner a bit with some OTAs, throw a few social media posts or blogs around and call it a day. You may have had success with this in the past, but this may come to a screeching halt based on some internet marketing trends I’ve been watching. The good news is that if you stay informed and responsive, you’ll be that much further ahead of your competition. Read more.

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Feature Focus
Hotel Law: The Biggest Challenges
Given the size and scope of the international hotel industry, the subject of hotel law is equally varied and vast. From development deals to management agreements; from food and beverage liability to labor and employment; from claims management to anti-trust matters; to legal concerns surrounding the issues of risk, safety and security, the practice of hotel law relies upon the expertise of many different kinds of legal specialists and practitioners. Though the subject matter is broad, there are several pending legal issues which will loom large in 2014 and beyond. The Affordable Care Act will be fully implemented in 2014 and its impact on hotel companies and their hiring practices is still to be determined. Other significant labor issues to be addressed include lawsuits pertaining to tip credit and tip pooling; wage-hour audits conducted by the Department of Labor: ongoing negotiations with unions involving living wage issues and the right of workers to organize; and increased pressure on hotel operations to be fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. On the business side of the industry, it is expected that there will be a wave of new hotel development that will engender all the related legal issues – land acquisition, entitlements, joint ventures and other financing, selection of hotel operators and brands, along with Hotel Management and Franchise Agreements. In addition, it is projected that there will be a substantial increase in foreign investment – particularly from the Chinese. Chinese investment will involve all the normal legal issues of an investment from due diligence, acquisition and financing, but will add layers of complexity to deal with tax and other international issues involving direct foreign investment in the U.S. These critical issues and others pertaining to Hotel Law will be explored in the December issue of Hotel Business Review.