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Mr. Crabtree

Travis Crabtree

President & General Counsel, Swyft Filings

Travis Crabtree is the President and General Counsel of online business filing company Swyft Filings. After a career in TV news and a long stint in law, he shifted his focus to assisting small businesses to navigate legal stumbling blocks that keep them from their full potential.

Mr. Crabtree helps serve the clients of Swyft Filings to ensure they can quickly file for an LLC, C corporation, S corporation or nonprofit business. He has knowledge in the business filings sector as well as trademarks/copyrights, business taxes, nonprofits and SMB technology topics. Mr. Crabtree regularly writes for the site's Learning Center and has contributed to Business.com, Young Upstarts, Small Business Daily, Bloomberg Law and more.

Swyft Filings is run by those who saw a need to automate the business filing process, making it easier for small businesses and consumers to launch their business dreams without having to find, hire, and pay high-priced and uncertain legal fees.

The incorporation service was designed specifically to help get companies up and running as easily, efficiently, and affordably as possible. With a knowledgeable staff comprised of business incorporation specialists, they are capable of helping with every step of the incorporation process-no matter where a business is located or what industry it might be in.

Mr. Crabtree has a Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia and a Law Degree from the University of Houston.

Please visit http://www.swyftfilings.com/ for more information.

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/travisscrabtree

Mr. Crabtree can be contacted at tcrabtreetx@gmail.com

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