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Mr. Chuma

Mike Chuma

VP Marketing, Enablement & Engagement, IDeaS

Mike Chuma is an innovative digital business and technology product leader driving organizations to their next "big think" strategic evolution. In his career, Mr. Chuma has successfully managed digital transformations, building world-class product organizations and launching leading-edge, user-centric business units. He has led global product organizations, reimagined product strategies in major technology pivots, spearheaded new technologies to drive SaaS business models, and directed omni-channel commerce adoption in a traditional retail giant.

Mr. Chuma joined IDeaS, a SAS Company, in 2016, bringing more than 15 years of progressive experience in driving growth and strategy in enterprise SaaS technology, eCommerce platforms, brand management and marketing for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 organizations. As vice president of IDeaS' global marketing and enablement & engagement teams, he currently oversees product marketing, demand generation, branding and communications as well as client, academic and industry education. In this dual role, he leads strategic initiatives to amplify IDeaS' industry-leading reputation for hospitality revenue management software and services and provide best-in-class training and learning experiences for its users.

Prior to IDeaS, Mr. Chuma served as Digital River's senior director of global product management and strategy. He held responsibility for global SaaS-based eCommerce and subscription product platforms serving the software, subscriptions and online gaming markets. Before Digital River, he held strategic roles in eCommerce, multi-channel marketing and brand management for organizations such as Albertsons, Inc., SuperValu and Trinity Springs.

Mr. Chuma received his Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in marketing and finance from Boise State University. He currently resides with his family in Minnesota.

Please visit https://ideas.com/ for more information.

Mr. Chuma can be contacted at +1 952-698-4319 or mike.chuma@ideas.com

Coming up in December 2020...

Hotel Law: Protecting Guest Privacy

Every business is obligated to protect their customers from identity theft but unfortunately, data breaches have become all too common. In an effort to protect a guest's right to privacy and to safeguard their personal data, the European Union passed a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that could hold hotels legally liable for any breaches that expose a customer's sensitive personal information. Though the GDPR only pertains to EU citizens' data, any international business that mishandles their data can be legally responsible. Another legal issue of concern is the fight involving hotel "resort fees." Several states attorney generals have recently filed suit against two major hotel chains in an effort to litigate this practice. Their suit alleges that these companies are "engaged in deceptive and misleading pricing practices and their failure to disclose fees is in violation of consumer protection laws." The suit seeks to force the hotel chains to advertise the true price of their hotel rooms. There are several other legal issues that the industry is being forced to address. Sexual harassment prevention in the workplace is still top of mind for hotel employers-particularly in New York and California, which now statutorily require harassment training. Hotels and motels in California will also soon be required to train all their employees on human trafficking awareness. Immigration issues are also of major concern to hotel employers, especially in the midst of a severe labor shortage. The government is issuing fewer H2B visas for low-skilled workers, as well as J-1 visas for temporary workers. Though there is little hope for any comprehensive immigration reform, hotel lobbying groups are actively seeking legal remedies to alleviate this problem. These are just a few of the critical issues that the December issue of the Hotel Business Review will examine in the area of hotel law.