Keep Your Property's Exterior Pest-free Using Cost-Effective Techniques

By Frank Meek International Technical & Training Director, Orkin, LLC | November 30, 1999

Many pests are attracted to hotels because they have the four conditions pests seek: food, water, shelter and optimal temperatures. The last thing you want is your guests to be swarmed by flying insects when they return from a special dinner in town or to find a cockroach in their rooms before they go to sleep.

If ignored, these nuisance pests can quickly infest your establishment and turn both loyal and prospective guests away from your hotel. But the good news is focusing on your establishment's exterior can prevent potential pest entry and infestation inside, where you could have a larger, more expensive problem on your hands.

Simple and cost-effective exterior maintenance activities support the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach, which centers on proactive prevention and control methods to eliminate pests before they enter your facility. Work with your pest management professional and hotel staff to implement these maintenance tips to keep your exterior clean and welcoming to guests, not pests.


Many pests, including ants, crickets and cockroaches, can enter your hotel by way of vegetation, such as bushes and tree limbs, touching your building's exterior. The best way to prevent this type of pest entry is to trim back any vegetation close to the building, and where possible, lay a three-foot gravel strip between the building and vegetation. Also, regularly clean the parking lot and sidewalks outside your hotel to clear any debris that could attract pests inside your establishment in the first place.


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