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Justin Taillon

Futurology can be understood as the scientific study of the future. This is a particularly important paradigm to view a post-COVID-19 environment for the lodging industry. The changes this industry will experience in the coming years due to the global pandemic are as of yet unknown, but through effective modeling and open discussions with industry leaders there is a chance to identify emerging best practices and be forward-thinking and proactive in approaches to working within a new reality for the hospitality industry. This article identifies emerging trends due to COVID-19 as well as speaks to opportunities for returning to profitability in a new normal. READ MORE

Jared Meyers

COVID-19 has truly exposed weaknesses in the foundation upon which our social and economic systems depend. The American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) recently reported that since the US public health issue began escalating in mid-February, hotels have already lost more than $21 billion in room revenue. As a purpose-driven hospitality company, Legacy Vacation Resorts knew they had to navigate the crisis with the utmost care for people and the planet while maintaining a values-aligned approach to business. Their commitment to employees, customers, the environment and local communities guided each decision made as well as the development of new programs to best benefit all those impacted. READ MORE

George Aquino

AHC Hospitality's vice president and managing director George Aquino's thoughtful and realistic COVID-19 reflection explores the state of the travel industry and how hotels can reopen safely through permanent changes to protect guests and employees. Mr. Aquino touches on sanitation practices, new design for amenities, meeting spaces and hotel restaurants, the importance of social media, as well as evolving traveler preferences. He proposes new protocols such as regular temperature checks for employees, increased hand sanitation stations on-property and more remote meetings for hotel teams. READ MORE

Doug Gollan

All of us in the hospitality industry must stay focused on the clients that brought us success prior to the crisis. Even without a crystal ball, I'll go out on a limb and predict a future where businesses, and life, are still with us. Things will be different. By design, and out of necessity, behaviors and attitudes will shift. Technology will play an ever-greater role, helping us to approach things in entirely new ways. Undoubtedly, there's a lot we'll be surprised by. From where I sit, there's also a lot to be hopeful about. READ MORE

Nancy Snyder

The hospitality trend in recent years has been to shrink rooms and build out more amenities in the common spaces. To accommodate social distancing practices, that may change. This is where Internet of Things (IoT) solutions come into play. Guests may opt to order more room service to avoid crowds while eating, or take advantage of the desk in their rooms instead of heading down to the coworking space. They may fear the gym and seek in-room opportunities to work out, opting for video workouts instead. Without question, more time will be spent in the room as a safe haven. READ MORE

Mark Ricketts

There is no underestimating the human and financial scale of the challenges we now face due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Times like these test the leadership of our organization, even though none of us have seen anything like this before. Regardless, outstanding leaders at all levels will seize the moment with outstanding communications, genuine concern for all team members and solid direction that solves issues and inspires confidence. If we stay positive and lead with healthy doses of compassion and common sense, we will emerge from this situation stronger, with our organizational culture and relationships enhanced. READ MORE

Jim Beley

"Hospitality is a social business. It's a person to person business-that's how we provide our service. The act of social distancing is foreign to what we know in hospitality. Until this virus has cleared itself from the US, it's going to be hard to resume our level of personalized service to our guests," writes Jim Beley, General Manager of The Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary NC. In this article, Beley, a 48-year hotel veteran, weighs in on how COVID-19 has affected the hospitality industry and the steps his team is taking to ensure a successful reopening, whenever that may be. READ MORE

David Harroch

Booking Ninjas CEO David Harroch draws on his observations of the hotel & hospitality industry while he contemplates a close call in his family, as his mother recently recovered from COVID-19. He reflects on the current impact of the pandemic, and its implications for a "new normal." The author remains profoundly optimistic about our ability to rebound, empowered by our innate resilience and ingenuity, our capacity to innovate, and by taking bold strategic initiatives. The crisis is in itself a disguised opportunity, and those who lead effectively will be the ones who thrive once the crisis lifts. READ MORE

Christian Gonzalez

Marketing during the pandemic presents an extraordinary challenge to all hotel executives today. Christian Gonzalez, Regional Director of Sales & Marketing of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts' Mexico region, shares how to maintain meaningful engagement with your core audiences during these difficult times, why this is a time for creative solutions, and strategies for how to connect despite the distance. Learn how emotional connectivity and storytelling can make a lasting impact with guests and ultimately inspire long-term loyalty well beyond these times of crisis. READ MORE

Evan Harrel

What can hotel and hospitality executives learn from a previous crisis to deal with this one. After 9/11, not all airline brands bounced back with the same resilience. What was the difference? Research reveals the practices leaders can use to position their organization to respond strongly as the world recovers. How will you lead through this unprecedented crisis? What are the proven approaches that can deliver positive outcomes for your company, team, customers, and yourself? You can use these three evidence-based best practices of compassionate leadership to strengthen your organization and brand today and when the crisis eases. READ MORE

Lawrence Chalfin

Hotels traditionally provide guests an escape from ordinary life, particularly those looking for luxury experiences. But I pose an alternative view of what hotels can do for society right now. The world needs safe spaces, virus containment, and protected recovery areas. As the pandemic continues to develop, we at Samuelson Furniture want to proactively start a discussion with our colleagues to help combat and support the nation. READ MORE

Pedro Colaco

"We are in uncharted territory, but we also know that this crisis will pass. The hospitality industry has weathered many a storm and will continue to do so. We are a resilient, imaginative and eminently human industry and by working together and acting swiftly, we can plan successfully for the upturn," writes Pedro Colaco, CEO and Founder of Guestcentric Systems. In this article, he shares how Guestcentric is working closely with the hospitality industry and tech leaders to build for a brighter future, launching the non-profit Rooms Against Covid to support relocated healthcare professionals as they tackle the crisis head-on. READ MORE

Alissa Gardenswartz

Alissa Gardenswartz and Airina Rodrigues, both shareholders at Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, share legal insights around the potential impact of downplaying or concealing coronavirus risk and how it could result in consumer protection or false advertising lawsuits. The article takes a deep dive into why hotels, who have a duty to warn guests of any hidden or concealed hazards that are known or reasonably discoverable by the hotel, may face allegations of deception from regulators, consumers and competitors by not disclosing an exposure to coronavirus on their property. READ MORE

Joyce Gioia

Travel plans postponed, meetings cancelled, dropping or nonexistent occupancy rates, most hoteliers have never faced a situation this serious. With these growing challenges from the effects of COVID-19, hoteliers and Food & Beverage professionals need to know what they can do to keep their properties afloat. This article covers what hoteliers can do to actually capitalize on their circumstances to work with their salespeople, their F & B leaders, and their employees and generate income, while taking care of their valuable associates. You won't want to miss this opportunity to learn how you can survive this COVID-19 Crisis. READ MORE

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