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David Viteri

Hospitality marketing offers marketers endless opportunities to let their creativity run loose. Social media has been a vehicle that given marketers even more reach and engagement with their target audiences. Although it's been a blessing, the metrics/KPI's, content, and overall advertising campaign within social media have been misunderstood by some hospitality marketers. With this article, we address these misunderstandings and clarify them. READ MORE

Jorge Landa

The year 2020 was the most challenging in the history of the hospitality industry, but it also led to innovative strategies, the adoption of new tech, and elevation of customer service. Here are key steps one high-end international business hotel in Houston took towards future success, moves that will live on long after the coronavirus pandemic is gone. READ MORE

Adrienne Scribner

Historically, healthcare design principles have not been applied to hotel guestrooms given the cost implications and lack of need – until now – for the level of sanitation required. The objective of the hotel stay has always been to create an immersive experience that is inviting and unique, not sterile and sanitized. So how do we integrate the two? Here, we share a few healthcare-inspired ideas for creating safe, distinctive experiences. READ MORE

Mary Alice Palmer

From Al Fresco dining to Après Ski, hotels are navigating how to transform outdoor spaces and restaurants for continued entertainment during winter months, while providing winter wonderland experiences that are sure to draw a socially distanced crowd. To allow guests the opportunity to consciously embrace cold weather, smart design thinking must be considered and well executed. READ MORE

Ryan Meliker

Ryan Meliker, President of Lodging Analytics Research & Consulting discusses the state of the U.S. lodging industry, the timeline of past downturns and recoveries and the outlook over the next few years for top-line operating fundamentals, bottom-line results and hotel values. The article also touches on the top markets for hotel investment looking out to 2024. READ MORE

Greg Allowe

Are you trying to design a beautiful, chic hotel? Are you struggling to find the right themes and designs to incorporate to turn a Plain-Jane hotel into a luxurious escape from the outside world? Look no further! This article will walk you through nailing the first impression, figuring out room design, choosing a color scheme, and much more. READ MORE

David Kasprak

The long-anticipated arrival of Generation Z has arrived. How will this new generation impact how the hospitality industry operates? For the last twenty years hotel ownership and their design teams have focused on the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Yet in the next ten years 60% of guests will identify as Millennial or Generation Z. This article focuses on the demographics for each of these four groups and identifies their commonalities and their differences. READ MORE

Rod Clough, MAI

Extended-stay hotels are popular with owners and developers who prefer properties that typically experience less volatility and rely less on seasonal demand or on demand surges related to area events. While owners and operators have realized declines in both occupancy and average daily rate (ADR) this year, the mid-rate and economy extended-stay hotels have significantly outperformed the transient- and group-focused hotels. READ MORE

Joshua Zinder, AIA

The ways in which guests think of safety and cleanliness have been altered irrevocably by the global pandemic. As health considerations move to the fore of planning priorities for owners and operators, partnerships with architects, interior designers and other consultants can help secure the future of the brand image by integrating public health strategy with techniques and methods that focus on guest experience. READ MORE

Lawrence Adams

A successful mixed-use development usually includes a number of complementary uses such as retail, residential, office buildings, theaters and hotels. Each component of the development must benefit from its inclusion in the overall project and profit from its interaction with the other uses. COVID has accentuated the co-dependent dynamic and is giving new importance to the notion of don't put all your eggs in one basket. READ MORE

Ruben Mejia

As COVID-19 continues to impact the hospitality industry, hotels can expand on four initiatives to adapt to modern times. Contactless options, technology developments, green advancements, and long-lasting cleaning protocols should be considered as hotels reevaluate the customer's experience. In this article, Ruben Mejia will review these four topics and how each can apply to fitness offerings at hotels. READ MORE

Renie Cavallari

Successful people aren't necessarily smarter, happier, or more competent. They are simply better at taking out their trash. Some of us are real trash collectors. HeadTrash shapes our reality, sucks our energy, and shifts our focus from self-acceptance and inner peace to worry and fear. HeadTrash is never helpful in any form. Change your HeadTrash, and you'll change your life. READ MORE

Martha Weidmann

Simply put, art is good business. But the confusion often lies in how to show the business impact of art to your hospitality facility and stakeholders. Understanding the business case for art is only the first step. Here we highlight how art can influence the value of your hotel, through brand identity, creative placemaking and educating decision makers on broader benefits. READ MORE

Ilana Alberico

Spas must adopt new levels of operational efficiency to replace outdated manual practices like payroll, inventory management, and scheduling. "Smart" Technologies have the potential to improve the entire spa business model by creating algorithms for dynamic, demand-driven staffing and scheduling. In the first article of this 2-part series, we will explore best practices to leverage technology back of house. READ MORE

Michael Klong

Coffee relates to various parts of the hotel experience including breakfast. Guests base their overall experience of their stay at your hotel in part by the quality of your coffee and coffee service. The way to make sure that the coffee you serve at your hotel consistently tastes good (and tastes good every single time) is to educate your hotel staff about coffee. In this article, I will go into the details on why coffee education is so important for your hotel staff. READ MORE

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Coming up in May 2021...

Eco-Friendly Practices: Now More Than Ever

One theory about the pandemic states that future viruses are more likely to originate and flourish due to global warming. If true, the urgency to accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly practices is greater than ever. Of course, there are many other reasons to create a sustainable operation, including reduced utility costs, savings on operational costs, healthier and happier guests and employees, and positive publicity, marketing and community goodwill. Many hotels are introducing innovative programs into their operations - from recycling bins in guest rooms to starting a roof top garden. Other hotels are using eco-friendly cleaning products, reusing towels and sheets, sourcing locally grown food, supporting the use of electric vehicles, and permitting guests to refill their reusable water bottles with clean, filtered water. Finally, some hotels are encouraging guests to get involved by making it possible for them to participate in local community clean-up projects. The May issue of the Hotel Business Review will document what some hotels are doing to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and how they are benefiting from them.