Thursday October 14, 2021


OCTOBER FOCUS: Revenue Management

Ermin Jusufovic

Hotel Revenue Management Evolution Post Covid-19

Like almost everything in the hotel industry, revenue management changed dramatically during the last year. The pandemic conditions challenged all established processes and best practices as demand dried up, and historical data was rendered powerless in predicting future performance. Organizations with strong revenue culture were able to adapt and weather the storm, but with the Delta Variant raging through the country and as group and business travel segments lag in recovery, it is time to re-invent once again.
Hotel Revenue Management Evolution Post Covid-19


Daily Industry News Updates

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DAILY HEADLINES - Thursday Oct 14, 2021
AC Hotel Austin Hill Country Set to Open in Southwest Austin Fall 2021
Mandarin Oriental, Boston Appoints Alexander Von Süsskind as Hotel Manager
The Wilde Resort & Spa Now Open in Sedona
Nihat Yucel Appointed as General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano


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Jon Higbie

Apply Artificial Intelligence; Uncover Hotel Pricing and Inventory Opportunities

For years and still today, RevPar index is the accepted, and practically the only, metric for measuring Revenue Management performance. There is latency in receiving Smith Travel® data, and there are limitations on how granular you can dissect the data. What if you could mine your own rich booking data to develop much deeper insights into how your hotel is performing? These insights go way beyond how you stack up to the competition. It can also identify missed revenue opportunities for each hotel including where you are performing well, but it can uncover how much better you could be doing.
Yatish Nathraj

The Future of Hotel Revenue Management

The amount of internal and external channels a hotel revenue manager has to juggle to make a profit is no joke these days. As Marriot, Hilton and Intercontinental Hotels Groups advance management tools to battle this constant operational nightmare. The franchisors need to start connecting systems that will save on expenses. Managers must manually check these systems daily and it's a daunting task to complete this all in a day. Why isn't there a computer program that will connect all revenue management tasks automatically without switching screens to increase productivity & profit? Let's take a look...

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