Ms. Anthony Fox

Amber Anthony Fox

National Director of Sales - Hospitality

Signature Worldwide

As Signature National Director of Sales with over 20 years of hospitality sales and marketing experience, Amber Anthony Fox is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with hospitality organizations throughout the United States.

Prior to joining Signature, Ms. Fox has held positions at hotel brand, management company and property levels. She has worked as a Director of Sales and Marketing, Sales and Marketing Project Manager, Regional Marketing Manager and Sales Manager in companies such as Accor, Impac Hotel Group, Sheraton, Westin and Intercontinental. Ms. Fox also served as a hotel account executive for Southern Marketing Services, an advertising agency in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

While in these positions, Ms. Fox successfully planned and implemented the marketing for new hotel openings, helped underperforming properties increase revenue, and provided sales and marketing support to over 180 hotels. She also developed and managed a sales program for a new brand.

Ms. Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts with an emphasis in Public Relations from Georgia Southern University. She currently serves on the board of the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, Columbus Chapter. She also has served as a speaker for hospitality organizations and associations.

Ms. Anthony Fox can be contacted at 800-398-0518 or

Coming Up In The October Online Hotel Business Review

Feature Focus
Revenue Management: Technology and Big Data
Like most businesses, hotels are relying on technology and data to drive almost every area of their operations, but perhaps this is especially true for hotel Revenue Managers. There has been an explosion of technology tools which generate a mountain of data – all in an effort to generate profitable pricing strategies. It falls to Revenue Managers to determine which tools best support their operations and then to integrate them efficiently into their existing systems. Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Online Reputation Management software are basic tools; others include channel managers, benchmark reports, rate shopping tools and review systems, to name a few. The benefits of technology tools which automate large segments of a Revenue Manager’s business are enormous. Freed from the time-consuming process of manual data entry, and having more accurate data available, allows Revenue Managers to focus on analysis, strategies and longer-term decision-making. Still, for most hotels, the amount of data that these tools generate can be overwhelming and so another challenge is to figure out how to effectively utilize it. Not surprisingly, there are some new tech tools that can help to do exactly that. There are cloud-based analytics tools that provide a comprehensive overview of hotel data on powerful, intuitive dashboards. The goal is to generate a clear picture, at any moment in time, of where your hotel is at in terms of the essentials – from benchmarking to pricing to performance – bringing all the disparate streams of data into one collated dashboard. Another goal is to eliminate any data discrepancies between finance systems, PMS, CRM and forecasting systems. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will address all these important developments and document how some leading hotels are executing their revenue management strategies.