Hotel Business Review: Week of Aug 18, 2014

Darrell Schuurman MBA
  • Guest Service / Customer Experience Mgmt
  • Why It's Important to Consider and Understand the LGBT Travel Market
  • The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) market is one segment that several hotel operators have begun to look at for a variety of reasons. Research has shown that the LGBT market has a host of qualities that make it an extremely appealing customer base: Competition is continually growing. But we’re not only competing with the new hotel down the street; we’re competing on a global scale with properties in destinations that are actively and aggressively trying to capture a larger share of the travel market. Hotel operators need to constantly be looking at opportunities to drive new business and increase the number of room nights sold. Often these opportunities are focused geographically. For example, many local CVBs and DMOs are working with the hotel industry to invest resources and energies into the emerging markets, such as China and Brazil. But new markets are not restricted to geography. We know that segmentation can happen by a variety of demographic and psycho-graphic methods. We need to look outside of the typical market segments to find new ways to grow business. Read on...

Tema Frank
  • Social Media & PR
  • Do Your Internal Processes Line up with Your External Promises?
  • Sure you promise your guests a great experience at your hotel. But do you deliver it? And if not, what’s getting in the way? There’s no question that most hotel managers want to provide a happy, memorable guest experience, but wanting and doing it are two very different things. To provide outstanding guest experiences you need the right combination of core values, great staff and effective processes to back them up. Here are some thoughts on how to get there. Read on...

S. Lakshmi Narasimhan
  • Revenue Management
  • Optimizing Your Training Dollars
  • Service is at the core of a hotel business. Notwithstanding a grand lobby, spanking new guest rooms and sparkling restaurant outlets, customers are drawn to a hotel principally based on the service quality and standards they experience. It is almost an emotional experience to feel at home in your hotel and this triggers repeat patronage. Without a customer focused training strategy effectively executed, a hotel cannot survive for long. But utilizing training dollars in your budget to produce a sharply focused service culture is a totally different kettle of fish. Read on...

Jonathan Barsky PhD
  • Guest Service / Customer Experience Mgmt
  • Mapping Customer Feedback Programs to Your Organization
  • Collecting feedback won’t help much unless it’s tied to reporting and action. When feedback is combined with follow-up, loyalty, referrals, and reputation are significantly impacted. The only way to do this is through a feedback program that is built around the experiences of your customers and is mapped to fit your organization. Too many voice-of-customer programs don’t provide feedback about the complete customer experience, are often based on metrics that are not relevant to business needs, fail to get the right information to the right people, and don’t capitalize on feedback. The result -- misdirected resources and opportunities lost. Read on...

AUGUST: Food and Beverage: Investing to Keep Pace

Jonathan Sharp

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Not just for our bodies, but for our business. A satisfying breakfast is the fuel that sets the stage for a day ahead. Likewise, breakfast has proven to be one of the most important brand pillars of Hilton Garden Inn. An unsatisfying food and beverage experience at breakfast will tarnish everything else that follows during a guest’s stay. Getting breakfast service just right is considered one of the most crucial elements to defining a positive identity for a hotel brand. Read on...

Danny  Py

The Kessler Collection - a portfolio of 12 artistically inspired boutique hotels and restaurants in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, North Carolina and South Carolina - celebrates artistic expression throughout the collection, not only with hand-selected, one-of-a-kind artwork, custom-created music, rich designs and bold architecture, but also through its inspiring culinary passion - catering to all generations, with specific offerings ideal for the millennial traveler. Read on...

James LoBosco

Beginning preparations for event or meeting planning virtually starts with a few clicks. These days, a potential guest goes on their computer and searches various sites. Perhaps it is a Google search, or using a search engine specifically for wedding venues. But one thing is certain – finding the best venue for your event is critical to executing a productive program. In our business, it truly is all in the details. In addition to site selection, confidence in the on-site team and quality and consistency in service and product delivery are of paramount importance, and contribute vastly to executing a successful event. Success can be measured in a number of ways, but the most critical is the value attendees received given their time and money invested in participating. Hosting an event, you want to leave feeling that you executed an outstanding day or evening, and that your guests’ left with a memorable experience that they won’t soon forget. Read on...

Briane  Smith Perez

The day has just started, congratulations! We have yet another opportunity to do something great. In the amount of time it just took someone to read that first sentence, they may have received eight emails, three text messages, and missed two calls - and it’s only 7:30am. They are debating if they will make it to the gym this morning or this evening, whether they should go to dinner with friends, or just disregard the invite so they can catch up on work. Decisions, decisions, decisions. . . They seem to be more difficult the older we get. Not difficult in the sense that we do not know what we want to do, but difficult in the sense of finding the 25th hour in the day. Read on...

Coming Up In The September Online Hotel Business Review

Feature Focus
Hotel Group Meetings for 2015
As the economy continues to improve, hotels are finally luring back business travelers, including those who are participating in group meetings and conventions. According to The Global Business Travel Association, group travel spending has grown 5.3% to $117.1 billion in 2014, a figure that well exceeds previous expectations. Given that group business accounts for as much as 30-40% of total revenues for a hotel operation, this is welcome news indeed. Still, this is no time for complacency. Savvy hoteliers are incorporating new creative ideas into their operations in order to satisfy their clientele and to differentiate themselves for their competition, with the ultimate goal of making meetings easier, more comfortable and even more fun. The emphasis seems to be on making group meetings “less institutional” and “more residential”. One hotel chain has created meeting spaces that are more like lounges than standard conference rooms. Another offers its guests unusual food options like make-your-own trail mix stations and smoothie bars. Still another provides its guests with mobile apps that will let them make requests — from ordering coffee and food to changing the room temperature — without ever leaving the meeting room. Technological innovations are also of paramount concern as meeting planners are demanding that the latest innovations be available to attendees including universal wireless Internet access, videoconferencing capabilities, charging stations, and a secure protected environment in which to conduct proprietary business. Finally, some hotels are offering more breakout rooms in order to encourage smaller and more intimate interchanges among attendees after long group sessions throughout the day. The September Hotel Business Review will examine what some hotels are doing to facilitate this segment of their business and to meet the expectations of their guests.