Hotel Business Review: Week of Jul 06, 2015

Bernard  Ellis
  • Mobile Technology
  • Hospitality in the Cloud
  • Agility and efficiency are critical to maintaining competitive advantage in today’s hospitality market, and it is no secret that technology is often the catalyst for increasing performance on both of these fronts. However, with so many options and trends in IT around everything from mobile applications to changes in e-commerce, how can decision-makers determine where to invest to generate the greatest return for their organization? Read on...

Robert Festinger
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Fitting Public Relations Into Your Hotel Marketing Plan
  • Hoteliers know that they need to understand their target market and audience in order to promote their products and services. However, most don’t realize the important role that public relations plays in their hotel’s marketing plan and advertising strategy. Most hoteliers think of public relations and marketing as an expense and not a return on investment (ROI). That is why it is important to put a dollar amount on the return on investment that a good public relations firm can achieve, and the importance of fitting media relations into your hotel marketing plan. Read on...

Tema Frank
  • Guest Service / Customer Experience Mgmt
  • 21 Customer Experience Touches That Add Up To Long-Term Loyalty
  • People expect you to have a “loyalty program” these days, but real loyalty -- the type that makes guests want to keep coming back, that makes them want to tell all their friends about you, that inspires them to give you 5-star reviews on the ratings sites – that kind of loyalty comes from something different. It comes from a combination of consistent, excellent, and occasionally surprising, customer experiences. But how do you deliver those? And how can you be consistent but surprising at the same time? This article explores what consistency and excellence mean to hotel guests, and provides 21 examples of surprising special touches you can offer that will get guests coming back and telling the world how wonderful you are. Read on...

Carolyn Murphy
  • Social Media & PR
  • Exploiting the Facebook Paradox
  • Every time Facebook makes a change, there's a similar outcry: It's creepy that Facebook keeps tracking more and more of our actions. Despite this sentiment, Facebook usage keeps growing and growing. Understanding this paradox and how to navigate it is crucial for hotels that want to deliver relevant communications in a way that honors guests' privacy. Read on...

JULY: Hotel Spa: Branding Around the Concept of Wellness

Andrew Cohan

If we step back and review what the term “wellness” means to business or leisure travelers, we will see that many “wellness” activities involve little to no investment on the part of a hotel, in order to accommodate guests’ interest. Whether the guest is a boomer or millennial, interested in philanthropic giving forward or taking care of oneself with spiritual or physical aids to the body, mind and spirit – it is only with a bit of creativity that a hotel’s programming can be developed to improve its “wellness profile” with minimal cost. Read on...

Trent  Munday

Professor Gerard Bodeker has said that spas are the ‘organizational face of Wellness’. What he means by this is that spas provide a safe and understandable entry point into the diverse and often confusing world of Wellness. Much like a hospital is the organizational face of illness. Patients rarely know which medical specialist is the most appropriate for their specific condition. They trust that the hospital will direct them to right doctor. Spas, according to Bodeker, offer the same for Wellness. Read on...

Jeremy  Gilley

The wellness trend can’t be ignored; it’s a $500 billion dollar business that has taken root and continues to grow and flourish. In 2013, wellness tourism grew by a whopping 12.7 percent, surpassing 2012’s growth rate of 9 percent, according to the 2014 Global Spa and Wellness Economy Monitor. Clearly, incorporating a wellness program or improving upon an existing one is an opportunity not to be missed. Courting the health and wellness-savvy consumer not only makes guests feel great, it has the potential to reinvigorate the bottom line, oftentimes without heavy capital investment. Read on...

Emily  McConnell

Traditionally spas have been marketed primarily towards women and beauty. They all continually have the same goal: to help people relax, rejuvenate, relieve stress, improve self worth and look their absolute best. Nowadays, men are becoming more open-minded to the whole spa experience. They are appreciating how beneficial spa treatments can be and recognizing the importance of investing in their own health. Spas are welcoming this rising trend by including the male perspective in their marketing strategies to help draw men through the door. Read on...

Coming Up In The August Online Hotel Business Review

Feature Focus
Food and Beverage: Going Local
"Going local" is no longer a trend; it’s a colossal phenomenon that shows no sign of dissipating. There is a near obsession with slow, real, farm-to-table food that is organic, nutritious and locally sourced. In response, hotel chefs are creating menus that are customized to accommodate all the vegans, vegetarians, gluten-free, paleo, diabetics and other diet-conscious guests who are demanding healthy alternatives to traditional restaurant fare. In addition, there is a social component to this movement. In some cases, chefs are escorting guests to local markets to select fresh ingredients and then visit a local cooking school to prepare their purchases. Other hotels are getting guests involved in gardening activities, or exploring local farms, bakeries and the shops of other culinary artisans. Part of the appeal is in knowing the story behind the food - being personally aware of the source and integrity of the product, and how it was handled. In addition to this "locavore" movement, there are other food-related developments which are becoming popular with hotel guests. Small plate and tasting-only menus are proliferating around the country. Tasting-only special event menus offer numerous benefits including guaranteed revenue per customer, reservations usually made weeks in advance, and an exciting dining option for guests to experience. Bread and butter are also getting a makeover as chefs are replacing bread baskets with boards, and replacing butter with custom-flavored spreads. One dining establishment offers a veritable smorgasbord of exotic spreads including garlic mostarda, vanilla tapenade, rosemary hummus, salsa butter, porcini oil and tomato jam, to name just a few. The August issue of the Hotel Business Review will document some current trends and challenges in the food and beverage sector, and report on what various leading hotels are doing to enhance and expand this area of their business.