September FOCUS: Hotel Group Meetings

Following years of being fundamentally confined to our homes, people are eager to gather with friends, family and colleagues. However, social distancing remains a consideration, making outdoor areas critical for hospitality venues. Solutions such as glass windscreens, platform pool covers, and modular staging are playing an increasingly important role in helping facilities optimize their outdoor spaces for safety and enjoyment. READ MORE

The hospitality industry is experiencing a resurgence of business travel and meetings, which have come with new expectations following the pandemic. In addition to health and safety measures, these groups are seeking outdoor event spaces and the amenities and services that hotels previously offered. Hotel operators must find the perfect balance between the old and new to continue exceeding expectations. READ MORE

Our environment has shifted. Our customer's world has changed. Yet we still are holding true to a sales methodology and a mindset that worked in the past. Love or hate it the sales approach that is in place today was born out of sales thinking from 1980 and before. To be effective, sales teams must leverage their full arsenal to be closer to the customer in today's changing meetings industry. READ MORE

In a world that is rapidly becoming more and more conscious about saving Mother Earth, most people in today's society prefer to spend their dollars with destinations that are eco-friendly. That's why it's vital for hotels to not only implement "green" initiatives, but educate guests about them with the hope they bring those practices home and use them in their daily routine. READ MORE

The pandemic has shown the possibilities of working with more flexibility, innovation, and creativity. This is a challenge for all of us in this industry. How do we accommodate this appetite for this flexibility? To foster the atmosphere of flexibility and creativity, I believe it is critical to remove some of the rules and bureaucracy that the event industry has adopted. READ MORE


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Agnelo Fernandes

Taking a holistic approach to the evolution of meetings and events will be a key component to success as well as a differentiator in capturing business. As many independent hotels work toward developing and enhancing their group offerings, it is important to consider all elements of the guest journey, beyond technology and logistics, as part of the overall recovery initiative. READ MORE

Stephen Friddle

Everything has changed. To be successful, hotel executives must re-examine what is important to hotel guests, event attendees, and employees while finding unique ways to exceed expectations in an ever-changing environment. The uncertainty in the travel and events industry has sharpened the focus of innovators in hospitality to go back to the basics with a fresh set of eyes. READ MORE

Coming up in October 2022...

Hotel Revenue Management: Every Square Foot Matters

Traditionally, hotels have employed a room-centric revenue model. The primary focus was on pricing strategies that could generate the most revenue from the sale of rooms. However, the pandemic has forced hoteliers to look beyond room revenue exclusively, and to maximize all available revenue streams. How is this accomplished? By re-imagining the use and function of every square foot of a hotel property, and how revenue is generated from it. For example, some hotels are rethinking their spaces for different uses - offering rooms for private day meetings, or offering suites for private dinners. Other hotels with meeting spaces are moving beyond daytime conferences and events, and figuring out how to book those spaces in the evenings, on holidays and weekends, for such things as exhibitions, workshops, rehearsals and pop-ups. Still other hotels are leasing work spaces or parking spaces to businesses in their local market. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on how some leading hotels are re-inventing their revenue management strategies.