December FOCUS: Hotel Law

In their ongoing quest to differentiate guest experience, where should hotels look for 2024? Research overwhelmingly points to three emerging trends – business travel 2.0., the evolution of culinary travel, and wellness-led adventure – that will boom in the next few years. All offer hotels the opportunity to create uniquely distinct experiences based on a deep understanding of guests and what they need and value. Read on to learn more about these trends and ways your organization can embrace them. READ MORE

The hospitality industry has become reliant on technology to enhance guest experiences, streamline operations, and manage reservations. However, this dependence on technology has made hotels a prime target for cybercriminals. In this article, we delve into why that is, how these attacks happen, what cybercriminals typically target, and what hotel executives can do to protect their establishments and guests. READ MORE

The hospitality industry has multiple legal issues to consider in terms of exposure, prevention of liability, compliance and more. As we are all aware, the business world has become increasingly focused on litigation and prevention with safety and security as a goal. This article will review current and potential hotel and hospitality sector legal issues and discuss what hotel companies and their leadership and staff can do to operate in legally effective and efficient ways. READ MORE

Recently, the NLRB has made significant decisions affecting employers and employees. Severance agreements with non-disparagement and confidentiality clauses are prohibited. Revised union recognition processes place greater obligations on employers. Employee rights in social media and email have expanded, while employee handbooks face stricter scrutiny. Prioritizing employee rights is crucial, but maintaining a balanced approach is essential for harmonious labor relations. READ MORE

All revenue streams in a hotel must be examined and re-examined on a regular basis to be certain that the hotel is deriving the maximum revenue possible from each stream. This of course includes food and beverage sales. The sale of alcohol beverages in a hotel is, of course, impacted by larger trends in the alcohol market. If a hotel is aware of the trends in the wider alcohol market and incorporates them into their operations, it is likely to maximize its sales from this important revenue stream. READ MORE

With hotel owners constantly looking for ways to increase guest satisfaction, integrating wellness into a stay is a great option for them to consider. This gives guests a wide array of amenities and benefits to staying at the hotel. These methods can also be investments that should also be considered because of the great ROI hotel owners can potentially get. READ MORE


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Mikaela Whitman

Human trafficking is a global problem that has increasing insurance coverage implications. According to the Labor Organization Board, in 2017 there were 24.9 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. Human trafficking has become a serious concern not only for those victims and their families, but for those in industries that could arguably benefit from the human trafficking enterprises. READ MORE

Lonnie Giamela

One unforeseen consequence of the pandemic, particularly at hotels, is staffing shortages. These staffing shortages have resulted in hotels requesting existing exempt employees to take on more duties and responsibilities of non-exempt employees. Such efforts may backfire and put hotel employers at risk to wage-and-hour litigation. READ MORE

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