January FOCUS: Mobile Technology

Voice quality and other issues have been an increasingly prevalent issue with more contact center agents working remotely during the pandemic. The accelerated shift to at-home agents during COVID-19 ripped a hole in contact centers' ability to manage technical issues as well as offer consistency across network environments, including those that negatively impact customer experience during interactions with callers. READ MORE

A mobile app has become an essential technology at every phase of the guest experience - and now, it's becoming vital to the workforce as well. Used to facilitate communication, improve and streamline workforce scheduling, implement safety regulations, and even promote financial wellness, mobile apps now form a crucial component in a hotel's ability to gain a reputation as the employer of choice. READ MORE

We are moving into a new era of remote working and the delivery of all hotel services digitally. No longer constrained by being in the office, the modern workforce is embracing a work anywhere, anytime philosophy. Mobile devices are at the heart of this change. This article urges the hospitality industry to move beyond a narrow focus on digitizing manual processes (check-in, check-out, digital keys) to embrace the full potential of the smartphone platform. READ MORE

Resistance is futile. Guests have made it clear and are now expecting a personalized, mobile-first experience. It's no longer an option, but a requirement. If there was any silver linings from the pandemic, it was the shift in perception and speed of adoption of mobile technology. With current staff shortages and uncertainly with future protocols, now is the time to embrace mobile technology to help mitigate these uncontrollable circumstances while increasing revenue. READ MORE

This article answers a vital question for hoteliers on whether investing in Mobile Payment technology is worth it. There is a discussion about the type of mobile payment solutions available to hoteliers to incorporate into your properties, and then there are some pros and cons of adopting the technology in your property. Ultimately the article encourages the adoption of Mobile Technology and provides justification for this stance. READ MORE

With vaccines rolling out around the world and countries reopening their borders, next year is expected to bring fairer winds and calmer seas to the tourism industry. However, catching COVID-19 is still the main fear among travelers. Hotels need to make changes in their services and infrastructure based on technology to attract guests and recover from the economical losses caused by the pandemic. READ MORE


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Gustaaf Schrils

Chatbots and voice assistants. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. And, Natural Language Processing? What possibly could these have to do with serving guests in a hotel? It's the ultimate Sci-Fi question: can humans and machines not only coexist but blend into a single entity. It's time we take our humanity and cobble on some AI and ML, mix it with a dash of NLP and top it off with some Deep Learning and punch out a robust, not robot, service initiative to enhance guest satisfaction and the bottom line. READ MORE

Tim Peter

Is your hotel mobile-ready? Mobile-first? Mobile-native? Well, brace yourself, more changes are coming. Just when you thought that you were getting the hang of using mobile to drive interest and action among guests, your customers have started using mobile in wholly new ways. And these behavioral changes represent "the new, new thing" for mobile marketing and distribution. What is the change? An increasing use of voice among guests when they search and interact with information in mobile situations. Voice already plays a key role in travel sales and marketing. Here's how to make sure voice plays that role for you. READ MORE

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Social Media: Essential Interaction

As important as social media has been to hotels as a way to engage guests and drive direct bookings, it is becoming even more essential for hotels to implement a comprehensive social media strategy. All the major platforms have users numbering in the hundreds of millions - and in some cases, billions of users - so it is imperative for hotels to have an established presence on those massive channels. The goals of social media outreach are relatively clear-cut - identify and interact with current and prospective guests; create a brand voice that resonates with your target demographic; promote products, services, special offers, and contests; and acquire market data to support your business analytics. This is accomplished by creating imaginative and shareable content in order to give your brand maximum visibility, generate bookings, and keep guests interacting with your business throughout the entire customer journey. The February Hotel Business Review will document how some hotels are successfully executing social media strategies for the benefit of their operations.