May FOCUS: Eco-Friendly Practices

Sustainability is a critical factor for successful business, and the hospitality industry is no exception. Expecting a full recovery this year following the pandemic, hotels need to reevaluate their sustainable initiatives starting in the guestroom. From climate control and occupancy sensors to lighting and indoor air quality, there are a myriad of technologies to help hotels achieve their sustainability goals. READ MORE

There are multiple ways hotels can work with their guests to combat extraordinarily high utility costs. A study conducted by the author, in conjunction with two colleagues, suggests that it's possible to engage guests in "the nudge," a time-tested method employed by utility companies to enlist the help of their customers to managing home heating/electrical and air conditioning costs. READ MORE

New consumer research from TRSA measures guest sentiment for daily linen changes and environmentally friendly laundering. These two coexist when water and energy conservation practices are used and greater professionalism in linen management is practiced, supporting hotel profitability. Economies of scale reached by larger laundries that smaller on-premises laundries (OPLs) cannot achieve are highlighted here. Green benefits of renting linen as part of outsourcing laundry service are described. READ MORE

Over-cleaning and disinfecting continue to expose guests and employees to hazardous chemicals while doing little to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Now, travelers are looking for more transparency around the cleaning practices of lodging properties. Hotels can address these concerns by choosing certified green cleaning and disinfecting products; adopting more sustainable protocols; and promoting equity for housekeeping staff. READ MORE

Sustainability, well-being and purposeful stewardship have been core pillars for Banyan Tree Group since our inception in 1994. Through the comprehensive Stay for Good program – a structured framework aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – we focus on action for well-being, culture, climate, resource and biodiversity conservation to create a better world for all stakeholders now and in the future. (61 words) READ MORE

This article discusses how to reduce your carbon footprint when selecting your next hotel carpet. Points to consider are the materials used, the processes and the result as well as how it will biodegrade. There is no magic solution, but hoteliers need to be mindful of the impact on the planet of their fabric choices. READ MORE

The modern traveler has new expectations for the social and environmental practices of the brands they support. This has created a substantial opportunity for the travel industry to not only attract business, but to do good in the process. We are witnessing an ECOrenaissance, whereby the time has come for all companies to step-up, create integrity around their sustainability efforts, and evaluate how they are regenerating the health of all living beings. READ MORE

Sustainable travel has become top of mind for major players in the industry as global travelers have become more attentive to the impact their decisions can have on the world. But it's the smaller players in remote destinations that can make the biggest strides in harnessing travel and tourism to positively impact the preservation of the environment and local communities. READ MORE


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Paloma Zapata

Gone are the days when hotels could encourage guests to reuse towels and call themselves "green." As travelers become more aware of the environmental impacts of their actions, they are increasingly choosing brands that adopt eco-friendly practices. With climate change at the forefront of the global conversation, hotels should be taking these three steps to become carbon neutral. READ MORE

Suzanne  Owens

Extended stay properties offer a kitchenette equipped with a 2-burner cooktop. These cooktops can be green, socially responsible and sustainable, yet they do not carry Energy Star ratings, which may seem contradictory. By changing and upgrading older properties away from coil cooktops, savings attributable to the newer technologies can be both fiscally beneficial and socially responsible and sustainable. Read on! READ MORE

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Sales & Marketing: Promoting Peace of Mind

As the hotel industry transitions to a more familiar position, it is still necessary for hotels to emphasize in their marketing the health protocols they have implemented to ensure guest safety and wellness. Above all, guests need to be reassured that every precaution is being taken to safeguard their well-being. Additionally, there are other marketing strategies that hotels can implement as a way to boost their business. For example, neighborhood marketing is a tactic that relies heavily on appealing to local audiences. Incentives targeting locals can fulfill the craving that some people have for time away from home, but aren't ready to hop on a plane. Another viable strategy is to promote experiences in nature. After being stuck inside for so long, many people are looking for hotels to help them re-connect with the great outdoors. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting and how they are benefiting from them.