Stephanie Smith emphasizes the challenge of maximizing revenue through online presence for hotel owners and operators. She discusses the complex landscape of online touchpoints influencing guests' booking decisions, including OTAs, social media, and Google. Stephanie highlights the need for a strategic approach, focusing on understanding market gaps, defining tactics aligned with hotel strengths, and addressing issues at different stages of the customer journey. READ MORE

In today's dynamic digital landscape, travel and hospitality PR professionals have a rapidly diminishing role. In their place: communications experts applying their storytelling abilities to help shape marketing strategies and create more effective brand campaigns. Collaboration with marketing teams is no longer enough; publicists should be transitioning to a fully integrated approach - and they are already equipped to do so. READ MORE

Human Resources and training director Alexandra Mason shares how South Shore YMCA transformed their L&D program with a game-based training and simulations platform. The transformation enabled her team to plan and create content more strategically and efficiently and unite a diverse workforce across a wide range of disciplines around the core mission of the Y. READ MORE

Why are employees unable to solve problems quickly and effectively today? In this article, discover why critical thinking has declined in recent years and how to revitalize it within your organization. Learn proven techniques to cultivate this essential skillset in your executives, property managers, and front-line staff. You can empower your team to tackle challenges with confidence, creativity, and innovation. READ MORE

In 1977 the Supreme Court held that employers' obligations to accommodate religion was so limited that anything that more than a de minimis effect on the business was an undue hardship and need not be provided. Under the new retroactive law, employers must provide accommodations unless there is a substantial cost. It will take decades for courts to provide guidance on what is "substantial." READ MORE

The benefits of a large hotel management company may seem obvious. However, when choosing a management company for your hotel, consider looking beyond the obvious and evaluating whether a more personalized and strategic approach is appropriate for your hotel investment goals. This article outlines the benefits of selecting a small hotel management company for the day-to-day operation of your hotel. READ MORE


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Allison Kronberg

Business Insider claimed in 2021 that hotel wellness marketing was superficial. As wellness became synonymous with safety, the author argued, the industry was facing a reckoning on what constituted true wellness. But "wellness" is different from "safety" in terms of each topic's consumer interest and COVID's respective impact. Hospitality marketers must closely watch how those interests trend. READ MORE

Robert O'Halloran

Sales and marketing have long been key factors for success in the lodging industry. These departments have evolved with other traditional units within lodging. While there is little positive about the pandemic, there are takeaways from the "pivots" that businesses made to survive COVID-19 and business disruptions. One aspect to note is the integration of technology in marketing and sales efforts. For example, marketing channels that are embracing voice searches, the use of Chatbots and more are preparing lodging sales and marketing for the Metaverse. READ MORE

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