September FOCUS: Hotel Group Meetings

As meetings and events evolve, it's imperative for hotels and venues to remain responsive and proactive, while also providing the comfort factor that meets attendees' expectations. Without question, any new outdoor offerings should not only address the customer's present needs, but also incorporate existing surroundings to provide a long-lasting property enhancement that will endure well beyond the current concerns. READ MORE

Creativity is the name of the game for hoteliers looking to attract group business as the industry recovers. From changes to service offerings, properly utilizing and transforming existing space, to remaining compliant with health and safety measures, there are many considerations for owners and operators. What has proven to be successful and where do hoteliers begin? READ MORE

Everything has changed. To be successful, hotel executives must re-examine what is important to hotel guests, event attendees, and employees while finding unique ways to exceed expectations in an ever-changing environment. The uncertainty in the travel and events industry has sharpened the focus of innovators in hospitality to go back to the basics with a fresh set of eyes. READ MORE

Shorter trips for leisure travel have caused the resurgence of the mom-and-pop independent hotel. Now being scooped up by larger hotel groups, how has this landscape changed? Areas like the Catskills are seeing leisure travel growth, as urbanites look for safe travel alternatives that don't rely on air-travel. Pre-1950s resort towns are seeing new life and hoteliers are finding opportunities in sopping up small resorts all over the country. READ MORE

Have you ever noticed that Marrakech boasts such a large number of excellent luxury hotels and resorts, despite the fact that there are no obvious reasons for international business travelers to spend time, except for, perhaps, retreating for team building exercises? Please join me in my quest for excellence in the westernmost Arab country, the Maghreb - the "Arab West", and its most famous city. READ MORE

The transformation from an analogue conference to a digital business event can only take place when meeting organizers come together with the technology and venue partners capable of delivering this content richer, audience growing and environmentally friendly multi-location conference format. Read how IACC MultiPOD changed IACC's recent annual conference for the better. READ MORE

Now in its 28th year as a resort destination, Turning Stone Resort Casino in upstate New York has used the turbulent year of the COVID-19 pandemic to plan and launch its "Best Never Rest" campaign – an ambitious, multi-faceted transformation project unveiling all-new offerings for guests returning to the resort. In this article, Turning Stone shares details of the campaign and the new additions it has made specifically to enhance group meetings. READ MORE


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Brian McSherry

In an effort to stimulate creative thinking and encourage team-building among their groups, event planners are breaking the conventional mold by moving out of traditional conference facilities and convention hotels into university lecture halls, community theaters, warehouses and even tents. They concurrently are teaming up with nonprofits in conjunction with their organizations' community outreach programs. Nontraditional venues typically present a new set of challenges for planners who, regardless of the venue, are still are expected to exceed expectations. READ MORE

John R. Hunt

Offsite events in the hospitality industry have become increasingly popular. While these vary in the kinds of activities and venues involved, all of them require some advance consideration of the risks that may arise. For example, some events may involve a greater danger of possible physical injuries while others may create the potential for employment-based claims. As a result, meeting planners, the company sponsoring the event, and even hotels should review these risks during the planning stage of the event along with possible insurance coverages. The following article explores this kind of assessment in greater detail. READ MORE

Coming up in October 2021...

Revenue Management: Monetizing All Offerings

Of all the departments within hotel operations, Revenue Management may have been the hardest hit, due to the pandemic. The logic goes - no revenue, no need for revenue managers - so many industry professionals were furloughed. If business rebounds in 2021, as expected, then hotel management will have to determine when prevailing occupancy levels justify bringing back their revenue management team. Also, the pandemic seems to have exposed some weaknesses in the traditional RevPAR models. There is a growing understanding that it is no longer sufficient to use a "revenue per available room" model; instead, hotels are adopting a TRevPAR model (total revenue per available room). This model recognizes that revenue streams from other departments are just as important as the revenue gained from rooms. As a result, hotels are looking at ways to monetize any and all hotel offerings - from dining outlets and spas to outdoor function spaces and local partnerships. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will examine these developments and report on how some leading hotels are executing their revenue management strategies.