October FOCUS: Revenue Management

Good revenue management defines a property's bottom line. A profit management strategy determines a property's net revenue. Revenue management in hotels is a practice that has evolved significantly in its relatively short history, demonstrated great success using inventory, capacity and pricing to 'manage' revenue and probability, although hotel revenue management doesn't evolve fast, strategies aimed at improving it develop in tandem with modern business and technological trends. READ MORE

This article focuses on the trends regarding hotel revenue management in the current lodging workplace. Creation of value and the skill set needed to be successful in revenue management will also be discussed. Finally, the career pathways in the lodging industry for revenue management analysts and managers and they operationalize revenue management as decision-making tools will be discussed. READ MORE

The COVID-19 pandemic unleashed a wave of uncertainty, leaving hotel properties in operational limbo and making forecasts borderline useless as the delta variant continues to disrupt the global economy. As payroll costs and overhead continue to squeeze already-thin margins, carefully curating big data to aid revenue management can help hotels stay in the black. READ MORE

The pandemic has been a great equalizer. Regardless of the size of the business, every full-service concept is struggling to rebuild guest traffic, fill positions, and manage inventory and labor costs at the unit level. In this article we provide a few effective tactics of successful independent restaurateurs who are driving sales and reining in costs with agility, creativity, and a losing-is-not-an-option mindset. READ MORE

What a difference a year makes! A year ago, at this time our industry was at rock bottom due to the impact of the Corona virus. As we make our way out of our darkest times some segments of our business are flourishing while others are a little slower to turn around. Is there a way that Hoteliers can leverage these segments to drive more revenue? Let's take a look. READ MORE

Whirlwind, staggering, unprecedented, historic, once-in-a century-we still haven't run out of descriptors for what the pandemic has wrought. Still, like other disciplines of hospitality, revenue managers rose to the occasion with equal measures of well-honed skills and adaptability, working in harmony with the full hospitality team. Now, we consider how our experiences my help us shape our revenue management strategies in the coming year. READ MORE

After months of travel hesitancy, historically low occupancy rates, a remote workforce, and gale-force challenges, calmer skies are on the horizon for the hospitality and travel industries. While this economic distribution tested even our most veteran industry leaders, we've weathered the storm ready to innovate, improve and change the ways we do business. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention. READ MORE


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Theresa Hajko

A surefire way to drive additional revenue and profit is to include Value Add Packages as part of Hotel Revenue Strategy. Value Add Packages are a unique way to pique guest attention, provide them with an experience that is more than just your typical overnight stay and create a perception of value. Additionally, it drives guests to our own more profitable website that has fewer associated costs than an OTA or other more costly channels. In this article we explore the concept of Value-Add Packages and review some really effective packages that will work for your hotel. READ MORE

Bram Gallagher

Profit maximizing is the goal of the hotel owner; however, incentives or lack of information may lead the revenue manager to revenue-maximize instead. This paper examines a theoretical model of the differences in the approaches and suggests a simple statistical model to estimate the outer bounds of premia or discounts that should be applied to the revenue-maximizing ADR to achieve profit-maximizing. The model is applied to hotel statements, and I find that the amount charged in extended stay and limited-service hotels should be higher, full-service somewhat higher, and resort hotels the same or lower to maximize profit. READ MORE

Coming up in November 2021...

Architecture & Design: Wellness is Key

Like every other facet of hotel operations, architecture and design firms are adapting their work to ensure the safety and well-being of both guests and staff. New ways to bring Wellness into hotel spaces are being explored and these solutions are taking on many forms. Hotel designs are incorporating more open floor plans, open air spaces, high ceilings, outdoor areas and operable walls into their spaces. Guests no longer want to be packed into tight areas. More "biophilic" elements are also being incorporated, offering guests the sense of being outdoors. Another trend is the reimagining of guest rooms to support remote work capabilities. Some hotels are converting empty guest rooms into office spaces, complete with effective lighting and suitable backgrounds for video conferencing. Dedicated Zoom Rooms are also becoming increasingly popular. The main goal is to provide guests with a positive experience in a space that feels safe and comfortable. These are some of the architecture and design subjects that will be covered in the November issue of the Hotel Business Review.