June FOCUS: Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing have long been key factors for success in the lodging industry. These departments have evolved with other traditional units within lodging. While there is little positive about the pandemic, there are takeaways from the "pivots" that businesses made to survive COVID-19 and business disruptions. One aspect to note is the integration of technology in marketing and sales efforts. For example, marketing channels that are embracing voice searches, the use of Chatbots and more are preparing lodging sales and marketing for the Metaverse. READ MORE

Embracing cutting-edge marketing strategies like virtual reality, voice search, chatbots, and preparing for the Metaverse is crucial for hotels to thrive in a competitive market. By leveraging advanced technologies, hoteliers can attract more guests, enhance customer experiences, and boost their business. Adapting to these emerging trends ensures hotels remain at the forefront of the industry and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. READ MORE

Within a given cohort, individuals are on average only 10.5% similar to each other. That means demographic-based marketing efforts will miss the mark roughly 90% of the time. There's a more effective metric for hotel marketing: values. Here's a look at the common hospitality problems a values-driven strategy can solve and a tool for identifying values in your audience. READ MORE

Advanced guest-facing technologies based on artificial intelligence (AI), virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR), or the metaverse currently have different adoption levels and potential in hospitality, but operators should nevertheless consider integrating them in their marketing and sales strategies. In this article, we explore why these solutions may become indispensable for hotels in the future. READ MORE

How to achieve successful metaverse businesses in the hospitality industry? The advent of Mixed Reality glasses would enable everyone to carry portable glasses to experience a layer of the digital world on top of the physical world. Hospitality practitioners should pioneer and prepare to design their desirable digital world as a new marketing initiative to showcase and interact with customers. READ MORE

Hotels rarely exist in a vacuum where their success does not depend on assets and resources outside the bounds of individual properties. Instead, most hotels form interdependencies that broaden their appeal to guests and enrich the essential hospitality experience. Many times, those interdependencies contribute to the financial viability of the investment and form bonds with adjacent communities that allow them to play important societal roles. This article explores several trends where a wide range of interdependencies benefit hotel guests, operators, developers, and the communities they inhabit. READ MORE


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Gary Richards

The Pandemic has had a far-reaching impact for every hotel professional. It had gone on far longer than anyone anticipated. As we move into brighter times, there are many factors from a Sales and Marketing standpoint that will be important to know and use in helping hotels recover from the massive impact of Covid. While it is an ongoing work in progress, each hotel has to be constantly ready to pivot strategies. This article will provide some thoughts how to help move from the dramatic lows to better times in the near future. READ MORE

Sneha Thuppul

While travel is on the rise, today's hotel guests have changed. Properties are finding they must adapt their loyalty programs and marketing strategies to engage with them. By selecting the right solution set for their properties, hoteliers can learn more about their guests, create more upsell opportunities, and capture more of the guest spend. From booking to post-stay communication, and to wedding groups, hotels have the ability to create exceptional experiences. READ MORE

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Hotel Spa: Reconnecting With Nature

Hotel spas have never been so popular. The global wellness market is estimated to be in excess of $1.5 trillion with an annual growth rate of 5 to 10 percent. Consequently, spas are continually developing new programs, products, tools, and environments to meet the needs of guests who are seeking total body health and wellness. One trend that spas are embracing is a multiplicity of ways to reconnect with nature. Spas are moving beyond the “garden” model and going deeper into the countryside and forest, providing immersion in a wilder natural setting. Wild swimming, forest bathing, foraging, outdoor massage, and hiking trails are concepts that are being designed into the spa journey. Some hotels have built individual cabins deep in the forest for sauna, bathing and massage treatments, and others are offering bedroom suites which are located in cabins or tree houses away from the main hotel. The July issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on these and other developments, and how some hotel spas are integrating them into their operations.