Fully staffing the hospitality industry post-pandemic hinges on upskilling to address a 500,000 person labor shortage. With 94% of workers more likely to stay if offered professional development, leading hotels are launching tuition-free education programs. Initiatives like Graduate Hotels' Academy illustrate the positive impact on retention and career growth these programs can have, while also enhancing customer experience. READ MORE

Discover the secrets to exceptional leadership and communication in the hospitality industry! Dive into this article exploring the vital role of strategic communication and behavior patterns in hotel leadership. Learn how effective communication, from top-down management to frontline staff and customers, fosters excellence and influence. Elevate your leadership skills and create unforgettable employee and guest experiences. READ MORE

High turnover in hospitality threatens operations and guest satisfaction. Staff endure stress from service demands, erratic schedules, and career concerns. Turnover strains budgets, disrupts team cohesion, and lowers guest trust. To counteract this, hotels embrace wellness-centric approaches, investing in staff well-being and fostering a culture of support and belonging. Ultimately, prioritizing employees leads to industry success and enhanced guest experiences. READ MORE

The resorts at Frenchman's Reef, originally opened in 1973, were forced to close in 2017 due to extreme hurricane damage. In 2023, two brand-new resorts reopened onsite, debuting six restaurant venues designed by The Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry, who found a way to cohesively tie these spaces together while still maintaining individually curated concepts. READ MORE

The streaming media environment has made it more challenging for hospitality brands to reach and connect with consumers via traditional advertising. As commercials become less effective, major brands are turning to feature-length films, documentaries, and episodes as a new way to elevate their brand, gain new customers, and engage their customer base in a different way-with emotional, narrative storytelling. READ MORE

In 2018, a video of two Black men being arrested and removed from a Starbucks store in Philadelphia went viral and shined a light on bias in service establishments. This article examines the legal rights of hospitality owners to remove guests from the premises, how this incident reflects societal changes impacting those rights and steps to minimize the potential impact of bias when serving guests. READ MORE


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Joyce Gioia

The Hospitality Industry on land - and sea - is in the process of rebuilding from COVID as well as The Great Resignation. It may take years to return to full staffing. In the meantime, service suffers, employees struggle, and leaders feel frustrated. This article will provide you with insights and suggestions including what has already worked for hospitality professionals both in the US and globally to help them recruit, engage, and retain the talented people they need to serve guests and drive profit. READ MORE

Jennifer Murray

We have all heard the age-old question What's in It for Me? Now more than ever, this is the question that companies must answer in order to be competitive in today's marketplace. The pandemic opened the individual's eyes to the idea of reinventing the way life is lived, and therefore companies must now answer the call to be agile for today's workforce. READ MORE

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