Troy Dixon, General Manager at Central Station Memphis explores the travel industry's resurgence after the COVID-19 pandemic, as pent-up demand drove tourists to break out once again, shifted guest preferences towards more meaningful experiences and challenged hospitality norms. Through technology integration, personalization and authenticity, hospitality properties pivoted to provide immersive and emotionally resonant experiences among other tailored services. READ MORE

In the hospitality industry, achieving harmony among owners, guests, and team members is crucial. Owners should prioritize diversity in ownership and business practices, fostering inclusivity. Hotels must create welcoming environments by understanding diverse needs and ensuring accessibility. Team members should experience a culture of belonging through inclusive hiring and diversity training. These initiatives enhance guest satisfaction, boost employee morale, and drive innovation, proving diversity's importance for success. READ MORE

The journey of McKibbon Hospitality in 2024, will be a year marked by resilience and growth alongside their industry peers in the face of the ever-evolving industry. With insight from President Bruce Baerwalde, McKibbon's sustainable outlook emphasizes purposeful expansion, strategic acquisitions, and innovative management agreements. The article also explores new developments for the company and Baerwalde offers advice and a vision for both industry novices and veterans alike. READ MORE

Lately it seems there is a logo or badge found on any given travel website claiming some notion of eco-friendliness or sustainability. But what do those really mean, and are they actually proof of a company creating tangible positive impact? Below I'll dig into a few types or credible and verified certifications and how they build trust with your guests. READ MORE

Luxury hospitality is among commercial construction's fastest growing sectors with research showing 2023 design spending up 29% over 2022. Key market insights anticipate the global luxury hospitality market will grow to $293.61 billion by 2030. The growth opportunity is tremendous, and lighting plays a critical role in properties that are poised to be competitive in this expanding market. READ MORE

Discover how New York state's, "Freelance Isn't Free" Act is reshaping the hospitality industry in "Hospitality's New Guest: Embracing New York's 'Freelance Isn't Free' Act." Learn about the numerous restrictions and requirements this new law imposes on all businesses in the state - including those in hospitality - that utilize freelancers and/or independent contractors, and how to adapt to these new regulations. READ MORE

Tipping culture in North America has long been ingrained in the fabric of the hospitality industry. Follow the evolution of tipping culture in North America's hospitality sector with our insightful article. Delve into the transformative impact of digitalization, addressing staff shortages, and fostering employee motivation. Navigate the intricate challenges and promising opportunities that accompany this shift, guiding businesses toward seamless integration and elevated guest experiences. READ MORE


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Nadav Solomon

With today's fully integrated technology ecosystems, hotel operators can do a lot more with fewer staff. Simultaneously, they can provide guests a next-generation hospitality and payment experience that delivers the security, simplicity, and data-driven personalization they expect. Hotels must catch up to the guest experience of the future. Modern, cloud-based technology platforms can make it happen. READ MORE

Peter McAlpine

In this article I am going to explain why I think that the relentless increase in contactless technology will weaken hugely the spirit of hospitality in hotels. New technology and amenities will improve guest convenience and maybe exceed the expectations of many guests, but the service experience will be detached more and more from the essence of hospitality. READ MORE

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