September FOCUS: Hotel Group Meetings

In-person meetings are back. After years of virtual events, meeting organizers and attendees are used to the perks of meeting online. So that means there's a new normal hotel group managers need to adopt: hybrid meetings. Explore the pros and cons of hybrid events, their challenges, and how the right event tech can mitigate them. READ MORE

After an attempt of virtual events and hybrid meetings, the enthusiastic return of in-person conferences, conventions, and incentives has felt like a homecoming for many in hospitality. While virtual engagement has benefits, there is nothing that can truly replace the power of in-person events for collaboration, relationship building, and fostering a sense of community. Events are returning and better than before. READ MORE

In our post-pandemic hospitality landscape, conference and meeting hosts have high expectations. How can hotels provide experiences that keep guests talking long after they've returned to their everyday lives? In this article, Taryn Fontenette, director of catering and conference services at The Hotel at the University of Maryland, shares several strategies to elevate your next event through personalization and creativity. READ MORE

Ideally situated in the heart of Fort Worth's Cultural District, The Crescent Hotel - debuting in latter part of 2023 - will boast more than 14,000 square feet of special event space across 10 unique venues, featuring a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for galas, corporate meetings, special events and legendary celebrations. READ MORE

  • Group Travel Today

Groups today are looking to go beyond the boardroom by visiting hotels and resorts that offer unique experiences for corporate travelers, whether it's for team building activities, incentive travel, or group retreats. Properties now must look at providing experiential offerings that speak to the destination and provide a sense of place, boast authentic dining and culinary offerings, or provide unique wellbeing experiences that go beyond your typical hotel spa menu. READ MORE

When it comes to meetings and events visionaries, beware of vested interests overstating the role of technology. Of course, it is important, of course it has a role. But humanity will always outweigh technology. Whatever innovation arrives, nothing but nothing will ever beat the primal need to meet. This article explains why, and the clear balance you need to strike READ MORE

Vice President of Sales for the Westgate Resorts collection, Michael Luther, speaks to the world-class facilities, experiences, and amenities combined with an ideal location right off the Las Vegas Strip that make Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino the top choice for any event or meeting and provides guests with a true taste of all that Nevada has to offer. READ MORE


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Ryan Mann

Leisure travel is booming, and this summer many people took their vacations "no matter what." Last summer saw renewed enthusiasm for hitting the road, and this summer confirmed it. This should be no surprise: pandemic or inflation notwithstanding, people love to travel. According to the most recent McKinsey travel survey, Americans asked what they would do with a $10,000 windfall, respondents ranked travel ranked second. READ MORE

Blair McSheffrey

The key to meeting now and in a post COVID world successfully is flexibility and creativity, in addition to implementing all recommended safety guidelines, from health and cleanliness standards, to hybrid meetings and alternate F&B plans. Hotels are partnering with 3rd party organizations and vendors to simplify events for planners and attendees. READ MORE

Coming up in October 2023...

Hotel Revenue Management: The Age of Big Data

The future of hotel revenue management lies in the adoption of ever more sophisticated software and technology, especially as it pertains to forecasting and pricing. For revenue professionals, the Age of Big Data has arrived. Managers are utilizing systems that employ leading-edge algorithms and machine learning, along with business analytics and data visualization tools. These tools communicate complex information more effectively, allowing managers to understand the key components driving demand and revenue. They have the ability to analyze real-time external and internal data, produce reports, and integrate information - all on a single platform - in order to improve performance. Managers are also utilizing  geographic information systems (GIS) which incorporate geographic data into forecasting. GIS also help decision-makers identify information in a visual way that cannot be detected through traditional data analysis. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on how some hotels are integrating Big Data into their revenue management strategies.