June FOCUS: Sales & Marketing

Five years after his original look at gamification in the hospitality world for HotelExecutive, Plan A Technologies Chairman Aron Ezra revisits the piece. He recounts which of his predictions proved right (and examines which of his proved less so) while offering his biggest takeaway for the entire field. READ MORE

Selling is a complex art and a tricky science, yet it is an under-trained, undervalued, not respected high skill profession, where people are often hired untested because 'they're really nice.' In a post pandemic era, competing with virtual sales and a marketplace underflowing with available talent, this article will help you to understand the purpose of selling in a different way and what to look out for in your salespeople. READ MORE

Behavioral scientists have known for decades that core human values drive all our decisions, including which hotel we choose. When we add valuegraphics to the demographics and psychographics in our audience profiles, we get a clear picture of how to motivate our prospects and customers at the level of human instinct. This case study walks through how valuegraphics could impact marketing strategy for a luxury hotel brand in Europe. READ MORE

With their popularity and high rates of commission, OTAs can be a thorn in the side of every hotel. But there are a few different things you can do to make the OTAs work for you, and even beat them at their own game. Check out these six tips and see if you can start to turn the tables. READ MORE

With what is expected to be the busiest travel season of all time right around the corner, hotels need to ensure their technology runs smoothly and keeps up with increased traffic. Hotels and short-term rentals need to adopt technology that balances both guests' wants and staffing constraints to ensure their comfort and safety this summer and beyond. READ MORE


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Matthew Babiarz

Hotel operators are facing an unprecedented challenge. How should marketers approach this period before and after operations have slowed or ceased, and stay-at-home orders are in place? Are there opportunities? Are there any positive indicators as to what can be expected when things return to normal? In this article, we demystify the impact of the pandemic crisis, examining the macro-factors and the analyzing the effect on search and social media channels. We also share how hotel marketers can prepare for the rebound, providing inspiration from the top-performing hotel brands and best-practice tactics for maximizing recovery and return on marketing investments. READ MORE

Marie Profant

In support of the travel industry recovery, a Santa Barbara based company is offering strategic solutions for hotels seeking new ways to both increase hotel sales and offer new value for hesitant visitors. These techniques could influence success for a range of departments, from F&B to Convention Sales to Front Desk and online booking. Embedding virtual products within hospitality functions is a timely way for hotels to promote their property, encourage direct bookings, upsell appetizers, and keep the kids entertained. Since hotel managers have extreme reopening challenges, these strategies involve hands-free implementation based on technology, however they are bound by the premise that destinations stories are the "comfort food" of hotel marketing. READ MORE

Coming up in July 2022...

Hotel Spa: Now More Than Ever

In the aftermath of the global health crisis, there is a newfound appreciation for the need to be fit - both in body and mind - and hotels that provide a spa or wellness clinic will reap the rewards. What are clients seeking? Better health, fitness, nutrition, appearance, sleep and mindfulness. It is no longer sufficient for spas to only offer massages or facials; clients are demanding more for the benefit of their overall well-being. For example, a medical spa might offer services such as botox, dermal fillers, body sculpting, and microdermabrasion. Other spas are emphasizing the importance of preventative therapeutics and are using technologies such as body scanners to evaluate their clients' health. Some spas are enlisting osteopaths, naturopaths, fitness coaches, yoga masters, even psychologists, to promote vitality, stress management, and emotional balance. The July issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on these and other advancements, and document how some hotel spas are integrating them into their operations.