August FOCUS: Food & Beverage

The COVID-19 pandemic of the past few years was an exceedingly challenging time for food and beverage programs in the hotel industry - especially for brand-new properties like The Clancy in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood. But the innovative hotel managed to find creative ways to survive - and thrive - during this unusual era. READ MORE

While Margaritaville Hotel Nashville has always provided a paradise-like experience, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to become even more of an urban oasis for our guests. Our staff has found creative ways to customize meetings and events, bounce back from shortages by utilizing local food vendors and stay flexible according to the changing needs of our clients and guests. READ MORE

At Eat.Drink.Sleep., careful consideration of the guest's perspective provides new answers to Food & Beverage challenges. Today's Hotel F&B operators must understand and respond to guest expectations, both systematically and in the moment, to successfully balance expectations with operational realities. Great hospitality is provided by individuals and supported by technology. READ MORE

Combining two hotels in the same vicinity into one operation isn't new. It makes a lot of sense, as it results in efficiencies that a single hotel cannot provide. However, there are very specific scenarios when hotels should think about complexing. How can hoteliers know when and why this might make sense for their properties? READ MORE

The food and beverage industry has endured an unprecedented couple of years, and "new normal" seems to be an ever-evolving term. However, through staffing best practices and new technologies, many hospitality companies have learned to navigate these changes and enjoy success. READ MORE

Daxton Hotel's Executive Chef Rece Hogerheide shares his insight on some of the challenges for hotels and restaurants coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. He touches upon the supply chain and food shortages; the ongoing labor shortage across the industry; and how we as an industry can reintroduce our guests back to the experience that is dining out. READ MORE

Marriott International Inc. is making the headlines for recent data breaches and the hospitality industry should be concerned as cyber criminals continue to aggressively exploit vulnerabilities. While there are numerous security lessons to be drawn from the latest Marriott breach, it also serves to highlight the availability of insurance products which can provide both incident response assistance and bottom-line protection. READ MORE


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Hicham Jaddoud

Previous industry research found that staffing and training are one of the biggest challenges of the hospitality industry. The cost of turnover is tremendous and includes the expense incurred in recruiting, hiring, training, and retaining the employee and his/her replacement. Arguably, apprenticeships can help fill the gap in the labor force, get young people out of unemployment, and offer them a list of skills that are transferable to different industries. Apprenticeships are now available at almost every industry, including culinary, and offer several pathways: prep-cook to line-cook, garde manger to kitchen assistant, or craft chef to executive chef. READ MORE

Kathryn Vallier

Technology has always been one of our main focuses throughout the planning process of opening a new boutique hotel and with the development of COVID-19, it has been brought back to the very forefront of our minds. While technology is already becoming an integral part of both the hotel and restaurant world, it is even more important to implement it into the guest experience. READ MORE

Coming up in September 2022...

Hotel Group Meetings: The Great Outdoors

There is some welcome good news in the Hotel Group Meetings sector. There seems to be a resurgence in activity - across all sectors and all sizes - from small board meetings to large in-person groups. However, hotels must remain flexible and proactive, as they seek to provide venues and programs that are productive, comfortable, and safe to all parties. One major development is the expansion of outdoor meeting activities. This trend not only serves to meet regulatory health standards, but it also promotes an environment of well-being. According to a recent study from, spending just 29 minutes outdoors can result in a 45% increase in productivity; and 63% of employees reportedly felt invigorated after being in fresh air. Combined with guided physical activities and healthy food and beverage offerings, a sense of wellness and productivity are established. The September Hotel Business Review will report on what some hotels are doing to accommodate the revitalization of group meeting business in their operations.