November FOCUS: Architecture & Design

Hotels are increasingly at the center of the work world. The post-pandemic work environment relies more heavily on hotels as 'third places' for co-working and hybrid mobile teams from organizations with diffuse worker locations and largely remote work setups. The case study of citizenM is considered as a model of a co-work-oriented hospitality typology, with a review of the design of the hotel, its common areas, and its lifestyle-oriented brand position. READ MORE

Hotel lobbies are no longer just a space where guests check-in. Modern hotel lobbies have evolved to become dynamic, multi-purpose spaces that shape the guest experience. Today, lobbies must cater to a wide range of activities and preferences. By embracing authenticity, flexibility, and innovation, designers can create lobbies reflecting local culture to meet diverse needs and upcoming trends. READ MORE

As curious, problem-solving designers whose clients strive to be at the forefront of trend setting, trend watching informs today's design solutions for tomorrow's interiors. Designing spaces that allow people to be and do their best doesn't happen by accident. 7 evolving trends highlight the changing ways people use space, are drawn into spaces, linger longer or return again and again. READ MORE

Every hotel brand has specific design elements and needs for their spaces to embody their unique brand and culture. Just like each hotel brand has varying needs, the needs of each individual guest also varies – from business travel to vacations and everything in between, guests desire spaces that suite them. By integrating flexible designs, hotels can define their core brand. READ MORE

Guests are craving more than the typical luxury hotel - they long for a unique, immersive experience that tells a story about the local community and area they're traveling in. Using the local environment, history, culture, and people as the design's foundation, this approach enriches the guest's stay, giving them a taste of what it's like living in the destination. READ MORE

Religious sensitivities are an important element that shapes our daily or lifelong decisions. Although it is not seen in statistics how our religious sensitivities affect our accommodation and dining decisions, many people in the world still eat, drink, or carry out other daily activities as their religion allows. Understanding the religious sensibilities of individuals helps us understand their service expectations. READ MORE


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Pat McBride

As the pandemic inspired shifts across the industry, Hoteliers have been forced to innovate. Guests have adapted to different methods of escapism and relaxation, such as staycations, all-inclusive resorts, and branded experiences. The intersection of technology and destination offerings allow both leisure and business travelers to choose experiences that appeal to their needs and desires across a global market. READ MORE

Paige Harris

Community is not only a sense of place, it is also a feeling of fellowship with others, be it those within our immediate family ties, or those around us with a commonality of values or identity. It is this community that Valor Hospitality Partners strives to create in each of our hotels through thoughtful design and crafted service. READ MORE

Coming up in December 2023...

Hotel Law: Forever Evolving

The legal environment of the hotel industry is forever evolving and there is always a myriad of issues for hotels to address. One ongoing challenge for hotels concerns cybersecurity and their legal exposure should a major hack or breach occur. Because hotels offer Wi-Fi services to the public and because they collect and store substantial personal information on their guests, it is imperative for hotels to have advanced security systems in place. In the event of a breach, they must be able to prove they took every reasonable measure to protect the sensitive information of their guests and to comply with all privacy laws. Another legal issue involves the licensing and training of all employees who serve alcohol at any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages and permits customers to drink on site. Though this law is presently confined to California, it is expected to be enacted by other states in the near future. These are just a few of the issues that will be reported on in the December issue of the Hotel Business Review.