December FOCUS: Hotel Law

With indoor dining largely banned and many guests forgoing minibar services, F&B revenue became nearly nonexistent at hotel properties throughout the pandemic. As properties grapple to boost F&B revenue again, innovative workforce strategies are emerging to boost employee efficiency, serve a greater number of guests, and improve satisfaction throughout the dining experience. READ MORE

During the current crisis, Quality (Assurance) has not been high on the agenda of most hoteliers or their bosses in the corporate offices. The situation is being exacerbated by huge staff challenges-turnover-that most hotels face. Perhaps this is a good time to question the status quo and the traditional approach to improving and perfecting quality. READ MORE

After a year marked by quarantine and isolation, travelers are looking for total escape. Families and individual travelers are more eager than ever to think out-of-the-box and reluctant to book a room in a run-of-the-mill hotel with generic amenities and design elements. The kinds of nuanced design and architecture features that provide guests with truly transformative experiences will be increasingly more important for the next generation of hospitality projects. READ MORE

Travelers re-engaging the world after COVID-19 pandemic isolation seek culturally authentic, spiritually fulfilling, and physically safe and healthy hospitality settings for rejuvenating experiences and a sense of well-being. Business travelers or families on vacation may be interested in exploration and adventures or a place to decompress from their busy work schedule; wellness and sustainability are central to satisfying these desires. READ MORE

Cheryl Smith, Regional Practice Leader, and Alex Campbell, Director of Hospitality Studio, of NELSON Worldwide, discuss the hotel design trends hoteliers and travelers can expect to see in the new year. The design experts will provide insight into how the pandemic shifted traditional hotel design and how to create a memorable experience for guests while keeping their health and safety top of mind. READ MORE

Hotels have provided well-being-focused amenities for years, but pushing the boundaries to provide a better sleep experience in the guestroom may be the next frontier. One important tool in equipping a guestroom to foster great sleep-precise control of light. Explore the opportunity to differentiate a property by offering a more convenient, higher quality, lights out experience. READ MORE


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Cassie Bond

There are myriad of uncertainties for revenue managers at hotels worldwide. From managing an internal team, managing ever changing expectations, all while maintaining a sustained level of profitability, there's a lot to consider. Cassie Bond, CHRM, CRME, Vice President of Revenue Strategy at Chesapeake Hospitality discusses what revenue managers should keep top of mind while strategizing a way forward. READ MORE

Mike  Chuma

When a ship encounters a storm, do crew members abandon ship? Not if they want to survive. Instead, they batten down the hatches and use know-how and navigational tools to steer the vessel to calmer waters. The same is true of hotel revenue management. To navigate this year's perfect storm of mass cancellations, record-low demand and downward pressure on rates, hoteliers must draw on their experience, fortitude and technology tools of the trade. READ MORE

Coming up in January 2022...

Mobile Technology: Next Level Innovation

Despite the recent adversity that has challenged the entire lodging industry in every facet of its operation, the relentless march of digital innovation continues unabated. Part of this is driven by the need to outperform the competition so hoteliers can promote their operations to digitally-savvy Millennial travelers, and part of it is driven by the desire to continuously find new ways to enhance the guest experience. In that regard, hotel apps that provide mobile check-in/out, room access, room service, and the capacity to control in-room lights, curtains, temperature, and television programming from a guest's personal device is fast becoming standard. Soon, new features such as voice control, facial recognition, smart rooms, and the use of A.I. for things like virtual hotel tours may be on the horizon. The January Hotel Business Review will report on how some hotels are integrating new mobile technologies into their operations to offer their guests an impressive, next level experience.