Within the evolving hospitality industry, boutique and independent hotels gain acknowledgment for their unique, personalized guest experiences. Amidst the prevalence of online booking platforms and intense competition, hotels must distinguish themselves while prioritizing smooth booking and guest satisfaction. To overcome these hurdles, boutique and independent hotels leverage technology and strategic partnerships with vendors, refining their online booking methods and operational efficiencies. READ MORE

Partnering with an asset management firm can help maximize investor returns and property values. Asset management is particularly important in the current environment where macroeconomic conditions are in constant flux, geopolitical issues continue to intensify, and domestic monetary policy has considerable implications. The following article outlines how the right hotel asset management firm will help optimize the return on your hotel investment. READ MORE

Travelers are no longer just looking for a cozy bed and a good night's sleep. They want to make memories through life-changing travel experiences that are immersive, emotionally engaging and socially responsible. For hotel executives, this means crafting emotionally resonating experiences and showing care for the community. Can you excite and delight your guests while contributing positively to society and the environment? READ MORE

While the hotel industry is embracing the bounce back of tourism, many operators are struggling with one key piece of their operations: the workforce. In this article, I provide a snapshot of today's current hotel labor market and equip hoteliers with some best practices-from writing attractive job descriptions to fostering career development opportunities and more-to attract new hires and retain valued staff. READ MORE

Wellness-Hospitality is not a trend. This new benchmark covers lifestyle, leisure, better health, and premium hospitality. This article reviews the mounting employee tensions in the hospitality market, specifically regarding service workers and provider orientations in spa and wellness departments. Amid a time of significant global and methodical change, a new generation of hospitality is coming of age. READ MORE

The article explores how the U.S. economy, particularly professional sports, thrives despite challenges like labor shortages and inflation, using data science effectively. It contrasts sports with other sectors facing decline, suggesting hospitality could learn from sports successful human capital management and technological integration. The piece highlights sports strategic use of AI and data analytics as models for other industries. READ MORE


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