As more travelers concern about their environmental footprint, hotels of the future must demonstrate sustainable practices in every detail. Commitments to positive environmental and social impacts, carbon offset programs, energy and water efficiency, waste management, and top-notch sustainable design features improve cost efficiencies and help with guest engagement. Elena Ashkinazy, Director of Sustainability for Time Equities, Inc showcases how Altamer Resort gets a competitive advantage in the market. READ MORE

Guests want to see that your property is celebrating and offering low-carbon, solar-powered, reusable items and community-friendly accommodations in a luxurious and natural setting. Properties should seize the opportunity to rewrite the rules, give genuine attention to incorporating sustainability, and watch as guests enjoy their stay. Tara Dodson from Eco Collections Marketplace provides a list of things that your hotel can do right now. READ MORE

Can becoming carbon neutral bring your hotel more business? Yes! Discover how successful your property can become economically, socially and of course, environmentally. Follow along as the Caribbean's most eco-certified hotel and its first and only carbon-neutral hotel thrives. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba hums at 97% occupancy and continues to show others how memorable vacations and sustainability can be mutually inclusive. READ MORE

With struggling businesses and limited budgets, it's hard to see why making other initiatives like adopting eco-friendly practices should remain a priority. Yet, the fight against climate change didn't stop with the onset of the pandemic; it just took a backseat. Barbara Rush, Area Director of Seattle-based Columbia Hospitality shares what a sustainable mindset means, setting a "green goal" for your business and how to adopt meaningful eco-friendly practices in your hotel. READ MORE


Eco-Friendly Practices: Now More Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world and has shaken the hotel and lodging industry. In anticipation of the "next normal," hotels around the world are revisiting their strategies in an effort to evolve their business and operations practices. In fact, many hotels are turning to green building as a way to demonstrate their re-entry plans and safety measures to guests. READ MORE

Climate change is real, and it is spectacular in how it is changing our weather norms around the world. So, at this point, we need all possible assistance to combat the climate crisis. Hotel Managers could contribute heavily towards battling against this factual threat. Simply understanding that the decisions hotel managers make about how to operate the hotel have important consequences and help determine the gravity of climate impacts. READ MORE

The discussion of sustainability, green and or eco-friendly has been happening for years but many of these initiatives did not get integrated into the planning and thought processes of a lot of hotel management teams. The practice of eco-friendly hotels is sometimes aligned with an organization's mission and ethics. The discussion in this article offers steps to identify resources and plan for operating an eco-friendly hotel. READ MORE

Peter Kjellberg, CMO and Head of Global Verticals at Dometic, explores redefining the outdoor guest experience looking at the ways in which the global pandemic experience has caused shifts in perspective that are shaping and will continue to shape the luxury hotel guest experience. This article looks at new concepts and product categories that can aid hotel executives to leveling up the outdoor guest experience amenities moving forward. READ MORE


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Probal Lala

Keeping pace with trends and innovations in technology is imperative for most businesses today. This is especially critical for hotels in their quest to personalize and elevate guest experience, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs. Hotels are turning to evolving technologies like voice assistants to make it easy for guests to do everything from adjusting lighting to ordering room service, and equipping rooms with mobile app digital key access technology to deliver faster, more convenient guest access. On the operations side, robotic technology can handle repetitive tasks, improve guest interaction and provide predictive maintenance technology to ensure guest room systems and devices are optimally maintained. READ MORE

William J. Sander

Between the global pandemic and the teetering economy, the hotel industry is in the midst of interesting times. As these issues play out, it is important for hotel management to remember that, at heart, success still revolves around the culture of guest service. William J. Sander, CEO of Seagate Hospitality Group in Delray Beach, Florida, reflects on that culture with perspective gained from three decades in the industry and two recessions along the way. READ MORE

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Sales & Marketing: Playing the Long Game

During an economic downturn, it is tempting to slash marketing budgets to make up for lost revenue. But smart hoteliers play the long game, knowing that companies who stay engaged with their customers will be the first to benefit from a rebound. Therefore, now is the time to renew and revamp sales and marketing strategies in order to be ready for what lies ahead. For example, this is a perfect time to refresh website content, social media and SEO.  The same for hotel blogs where content can be updated to give customers inspirational ideas as they begin to travel and meet again. Multimedia assets should also be revised with new photo/video shoots that provide accurate information about how setups, room configurations, and onsite offerings have changed to accommodate safer meetings and social distancing. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the sales and marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting in anticipation of a recovery in 2021.