May FOCUS: Eco-Friendly Practices

It's not necessary to explore, theorize or debate the moral imperatives of green hotels because our guests are already demanding it. When it comes to travel trends for 2022, the world is literally searching for responsible travel. In this article discover how furthering your sustainability efforts helps remedy the moral obligation to protect our shared environment while also making great business sense. READ MORE

Catering to today's mindful travelers who aim to tread lightly, get off-the-beaten-track, and fully immerse in the destination, hotels are moving beyond typical "bricks and mortar" design with environmentally conscious, sustainable spaces that positively impact the locale and the community. Exploring architectural and landscape design and the growing sector of experiential travel, this article explores "light-on-land" approaches to hotel design. READ MORE

Is Sustainability just a trend or is it going to catch on for real this time? If it is a real factor in decision making on which hotel to choose, what are the ways you can tell the ones that really walk the talk from others that just jumped on the bandwagon of greenwashing? This article will give you some tips on what to look for in a sustainable hotel operation. READ MORE

Guests have always wanted everything, although they have not necessarily wanted to pay for it. But is it different for sustainability? Are guests talking the talk but not walking the walk? Or are they now walking the walk? Globally, about four out of five travelers indicated they would like to stay in a hotel that practiced sustainability. So why aren't more guests staying in environmentally friendly hotels? READ MORE

See how New York Marriott Marquis, a 49-story hotel spanning an entire city street at the epicenter of Times Square, goes green every day, nurturing guests who are making sustainable hotel choices. In this new era of travel, sustainable hotel choices have increased in response to guest preferences. From energy conservation to eco-friendly amenities to food on the table, this hotel shows how to operate sensibly in a space that spans a full city block and is an icon on Broadway since 1985. READ MORE

In the aftermath of Covid, designing public spaces to protect health and wellness has to be a priority. In all likelihood, health considerations will continue to be a priority in the years to come. These new priorities need not be seen as a burden, instead they're an opportunity to integrate healthy design into public spaces. READ MORE

During the last decade sustainability has finally become mainstream and is being addressed by almost all actors in society. I you haven't started your hotel's sustainability work yet the timing is perfect to design a program that will add real value to your business. In this article I share my five top tips for success in this area, based on 30 years of practical experience with brands like Scandic, Hilton, Mövenpick and others. READ MORE


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Taryn Holowka

The COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world and has shaken the hotel and lodging industry. In anticipation of the "next normal," hotels around the world are revisiting their strategies in an effort to evolve their business and operations practices. In fact, many hotels are turning to green building as a way to demonstrate their re-entry plans and safety measures to guests. READ MORE

Peter Kjellberg

Peter Kjellberg, CMO and Head of Global Verticals at Dometic, explores redefining the outdoor guest experience looking at the ways in which the global pandemic experience has caused shifts in perspective that are shaping and will continue to shape the luxury hotel guest experience. This article looks at new concepts and product categories that can aid hotel executives to leveling up the outdoor guest experience amenities moving forward. READ MORE

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Sales & Marketing: Promoting Peace of Mind

As the hotel industry transitions to a more familiar position, it is still necessary for hotels to emphasize in their marketing the health protocols they have implemented to ensure guest safety and wellness. Above all, guests need to be reassured that every precaution is being taken to safeguard their well-being. Additionally, there are other marketing strategies that hotels can implement as a way to boost their business. For example, neighborhood marketing is a tactic that relies heavily on appealing to local audiences. Incentives targeting locals can fulfill the craving that some people have for time away from home, but aren't ready to hop on a plane. Another viable strategy is to promote experiences in nature. After being stuck inside for so long, many people are looking for hotels to help them re-connect with the great outdoors. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting and how they are benefiting from them.