Nature recycles materials, uses only the energy it needs, and relies on abundant and readily available resources, using rare resources sparingly. How might we incorporate nature's principles in our designs, learn from sustainability that already exists in the natural world, and create restorative solutions where the built environment enhances rather than detracts from nature? READ MORE

Travel's landscape is amidst a seismic shift, including various approaches to coping with the impacts of a global pandemic. As we emerge from over a year of isolation, we must accept the importance of holistic wellness in the recovery equation. We need to think differently and put health and safety front and center if we are going to evolve alongside our consumers and our world as a whole. READ MORE

Wellness, the latest trend word in hospitality businesses, has evolved from the term sustainability. 'Wellness' expresses not only healthy minds and bodies but how we address climate change and resiliency issues such as water and energy. At a time when we are fighting an epidemic disease of global proportions, 'wellness' of mind and body has become critical to the balance of our lives. 'Well Buildings' are the key to providing a 'well place' to work and live. READ MORE

What is a regenerative hotel and why is everyone talking about regeneration? This article walks the reader through a high-level overview of sustainability and only the most important buzz words that go with it, from CSR to ESG. What are the business opportunities that come with sustainability, and what key aspects should any hotel executive understand on this topic. READ MORE


Eco-Friendly Practices: Now More Than Ever

Extended stay properties offer a kitchenette equipped with a 2-burner cooktop. These cooktops can be green, socially responsible and sustainable, yet they do not carry Energy Star ratings, which may seem contradictory. By changing and upgrading older properties away from coil cooktops, savings attributable to the newer technologies can be both fiscally beneficial and socially responsible and sustainable. Read on! READ MORE

Are you ready for the Sustainable Hybrid Meeting Market? Across the globe a consensus is building up amongst business leaders, politicians, NGOs and the majority of the global citizens. A green restart is the only way forward post-COVID. And when paradigm shifts occur there is no time to lose, you need to be prepared to become a winner! READ MORE

Gone are the days when hotels could encourage guests to reuse towels and call themselves "green." As travelers become more aware of the environmental impacts of their actions, they are increasingly choosing brands that adopt eco-friendly practices. With climate change at the forefront of the global conversation, hotels should be taking these three steps to become carbon neutral. READ MORE

This article covers some lessons learned about "how sustainability really mattered" in the past year and how this has prepared us for a strong comeback. It focuses on stakeholder relationships and the importance of treating employees right no matter what. It also explores the opportunities in innovation and how the pandemic has been acting as an accelerator. READ MORE


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Glenn Hasek

As national and state governments propose and pass legislation eliminating single-use plastics from the waste stream, the global lodging industry, at the property, company or organization level, is taking its own action. Earlier this year, The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative was formed and within the past year companies as large as Marriott, IHG, Accor and others have established policies around plastics ranging from straws to amenity bottles. What is clear is that consumers, as well as hoteliers, are growing tired of the problems associated with plastic-everything from tarnished reputations to ill health to tinier bottom lines. READ MORE

Federico Pilurzu

Cala Luna Boutique Hotel & Villas strives to protect the environment and educate guests about its importance, all while providing world-class service in a paradisiacal setting. Travelers are getting savvier and are taking into consideration their carbon footprint while booking their vacation and even business trips. They are also thinking about the impact they have on the local community with over tourism becoming an important global issue. Cala Luna is proud to hold the highest Sustainable Tourism certification (level five) from the Costa Rican Tourism Institute. Their sustainability efforts include solar energy, sustainably-farmed produce, bamboo straws, beach cleanups, and more. READ MORE

Coming up in June 2021...

Sales & Marketing: Playing the Long Game

During an economic downturn, it is tempting to slash marketing budgets to make up for lost revenue. But smart hoteliers play the long game, knowing that companies who stay engaged with their customers will be the first to benefit from a rebound. Therefore, now is the time to renew and revamp sales and marketing strategies in order to be ready for what lies ahead. For example, this is a perfect time to refresh website content, social media and SEO.  The same for hotel blogs where content can be updated to give customers inspirational ideas as they begin to travel and meet again. Multimedia assets should also be revised with new photo/video shoots that provide accurate information about how setups, room configurations, and onsite offerings have changed to accommodate safer meetings and social distancing. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the sales and marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting in anticipation of a recovery in 2021.