The Spa industry is a notoriously late adopter of technology and innovation solutions. Now is the time for revolutionary thinking and new technologies to lead the way. This article explores technology to improve the guest experience. From market segmentation, to touchless spa treatments, to personalized spa services, new innovations enable a more efficient operations strategy and improved service delivery. READ MORE

Florence Quinn, founder and president and Cassandra Small, senior vice president of Quinn, a lifestyle public-relations firm specializing in travel and hospitality, food, wine & spirits, real estate, spa & wellness, to name a few, share the hilarious, heartwarming and brave social media practices that were started during COVID that will continue into 2021 and beyond. READ MORE

During these moments of Covid-19, hotels are operations and business models have changed drastically. With budget cuts and reduced staff, although this can be seen as unfavorable, this presents a great opportunity for hotels to create a strong operational foundation. Bob Holland, Associate Partner with Strategic Solutions Partners provides a ten-step Hotel Recovery Playbook to help hotels strengthen their operational performance. READ MORE

Social media as we know it today was jump-started by advances in communications, first with a maturing Internet, and, then, mobile devices like always-on smart phones and tablets. Social media offers creative new ways to reach guests, staff and industry partners, as well as form collaborations with worthwhile causes and community groups. Regardless, hospitality organizations must exercise caution and take care to control the conversation as much as possible. READ MORE

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Social Media: Communicating Safety Practices

Social media marketing plays an important role in hotel recovery strategy from the Covid-19 pandemic. By reviewing new and creative ways of using social media, this article suggests social media practices that hotels should be doing in 2021 such as –engaging with customers by providing virtually immersive hotel experiences; social listening; "human touch" communication; employee ambassadors, and more. READ MORE

How can hoteliers tell stories on social media without guest photos? In this article, Screen Pilot Social Media Manager Arielle Rubenstein will teach you a few new tricks to get your beacon shining bright again as soon as possible. Let your guests and followers walk the journey with you and you'll discover a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts - and creates revenue. READ MORE

With a travel reboot just around the corner, hoteliers can lay the groundwork now for a successful recovery through smart, strategic use of social media – both proactively and via listening for trends and traveler sentiment. It provides a platform to raise awareness and to build trust. This article addresses five effective ways to use social media in your recovery strategy. READ MORE

As we look ahead to 2021, Influencer marketing will solidify its position as a key strategy for brands, especially in travel. The challenge will be, as always, to decipher who is an effective amplifier of your message and who is a freeloader with an Instagram account. Maximize your connection to guests through the use of social media and influencers. READ MORE


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Lance Concannon

Over the past decade the unstoppable rise of social media has impacted almost every industry in some way, but the hospitality business has been especially affected. Online customer reviews, real-time feedback through social channels, and the rise of travel-influencers are just a few of the side effects from social media that have had a profound effect on hospitality. But social never stands still and, for marketers in all industries, a process of constant evolution and learning is necessary in order to stay in ahead of the game and take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the channel. READ MORE

Bruce Seigel

Launching a new social media channel can be daunting. Whether debuting a brand new property, renovating an outlet or seeking to expand existing hotel channels; it is important to develop a strong brand voice, leverage influencers, curate content and consistently engage with users. Guests follow the property social media handles to learn more, engage with the property, and share their experiences with friends and family. Developing and maintaining strong social media channels are a critical part of brand reputation and guest engagement. READ MORE

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Hotel Human Resources: Pending Labor Shortage

The immense devastation suffered in the hotel industry last year has compounded a problem that human resource professionals will face once the market starts to recover in 2021 - a pending labor shortage. Though some hotels have done their best to retain employees or to ease the suffering caused by mass furloughs, staff reduction was inevitable and many of those employees may not be available to return when guest traffic picks up. Consequently, hotels will once again be competing to find and retain qualified talent to staff their operations. Naturally, companies will have to review their wage and benefits packages in order to remain competitive. They might also wholeheartedly embrace the work-from-home trend for some corporate positions. In addition, human resource professionals will also have to definitively convince frontline employees that their  hotels are safe to work in. The March Hotel Business Review will explore what some HR professionals are doing to address these and other employment issues in their respective departments.