January FOCUS: Mobile Technology

Many traditional business tools are now optimized for mobile technologies. This greater flexibility means faster and better data collection to promote operational excellence and culture-building. Operators should strategically leverage periodic team SWOT analyses to guide hiring and training of leaders using psychometric assessments and then to use team member surveys to gauge the outcomes of those alignment and effectiveness initiatives. READ MORE

As consumers expect more instantaneous engagement with brands and services, how can hotels match and exceed guest expectations? What is the role of direct messaging channels in building deeper relationships and harnessing the guest journey? And with the impact of the pandemic, how can hotels boost their revenue and reputation by using smart messaging to connect with customers in a mobile-first world. READ MORE

The mobile capabilities that became table stakes for hotels during the pandemic – contactless check-in and keys, QR codes, apps – are good, but they don't go far enough. There are still gaps in the mobile guest experience, a lack of cohesion between systems on the back end, and a newfound wealth of data that's underutilized. READ MORE

With the increasing use of mobile devices by hotel guests, mobile technology in the hospitality industry is focused on streamlining services, improving customer experiences by addressing guest pandemic concerns with contactless engagement and also providing potential new revenue opportunities. Hotels that are offering a greater range of mobile technology options are now beginning to see a higher take up rate of this technology with resultant increases in revenue and guest satisfaction READ MORE


This Week's Top Pick

Alex Ajdelsztajn

The hotel meeting industry managed to survive the pandemic by adopting hybrid or virtual events, with the hope that these digital solutions would make up for the loss of revenue. But this transition to an online workplace has come with its own challenges. This article explores strategies hoteliers can utilize to provide the highest quality network and virtual experience for successful hybrid events.



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Norm Rose

For the hotel industry, mobile app development has always presented a paradox, especially for smaller chains and properties. Why would a traveler download my hotel's app if they are only staying for a single visit? Covid-19 has signaled a dramatic change in this approach: Mobile apps are now necessary for touchless check-in, check out and all communication with the hotel during the pandemic. Is this a permanent change? READ MORE

Amy Draheim

Just when you wrapped your head around Instagram Stories, IGTV came out. Then came TikTok. Instagram Reels. Now, even LinkedIn is prioritizing mobile-friendly video content on their platform. Short form, video storytelling is the new social media frontier. Simply put, videos create impact that static images cannot. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth a million. This article is a comprehensive and practical guide to getting started. Adapt now, or get left behind. READ MORE

Coming up in February 2022...

Social Media: Essential Interaction

As important as social media has been to hotels as a way to engage guests and drive direct bookings, it is becoming even more essential for hotels to implement a comprehensive social media strategy. All the major platforms have users numbering in the hundreds of millions - and in some cases, billions of users - so it is imperative for hotels to have an established presence on those massive channels. The goals of social media outreach are relatively clear-cut - identify and interact with current and prospective guests; create a brand voice that resonates with your target demographic; promote products, services, special offers, and contests; and acquire market data to support your business analytics. This is accomplished by creating imaginative and shareable content in order to give your brand maximum visibility, generate bookings, and keep guests interacting with your business throughout the entire customer journey. The February Hotel Business Review will document how some hotels are successfully executing social media strategies for the benefit of their operations.