The hospitality industry has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and various macroeconomic factors. The lodging investments market has yet to be broadly stabilized due to rising interest rates and increasing costs of debt. To further understand the market dynamics, TRE sought insights from leading industry professionals on what factors would need to change to stimulate investor reengagement. READ MORE

This article explores advanced revenue management tactics used by hotel industry insiders, we call "Revenue Sleuths," to outmaneuver competitors and maximize profits. Key strategies include proper rate shopping, manipulating discount availability, corporate rate espionage, last-minute inventory manipulation, market segmentation, length of stay controls, and dynamic pricing. These sophisticated approaches help optimize revenue while maintaining a competitive edge. READ MORE

Promoting a positive work environment is an important reason for hospitality to combat "quiet quitting." Hospitality workplaces are often difficult settings and challenging to create an atmosphere that consistently fosters respect and understanding. Therefore, it is important to examine how to combat "quiet quitting" and implement appropriate strategies to support mental health and wellness. This article examines this phenomenon and discusses its recent prevalence. READ MORE

Gone are the days of filling positions with folks who want to clock in, clock out. Candidates want to know that their companies hold values similar to their own. They want to work within a great culture. This article suggests steps a company may take to articulate strong values and a great culture - creating a place that people do not want to leave. READ MORE

While there are hundreds of customer loyalty programs that provide benefits to the person who signs on to this arrangement, many fall short of those that are long lasting and sustainable over time. One such customer loyalty program that measures up to those standards is based in the state of Florida doing business as Duffy's Sports Grill with 34 locations throughout the state. READ MORE

Hotel conference and meeting spaces have been battling loss of focus since their inception - and endless amounts of caffeine to retain alertness is not a sustainable solution. Combating attendee fatigue and maximizing productivity necessitates a focus on air quality. Utilizing solutions including enhancing HVAC systems, employing air purifiers, and implementing sanitization treatments creates healthier, more productive environments for successful gatherings. READ MORE

Jeremy Sadler, General Manager at 106 Jefferson Huntsville explores today's hospitality landscape where guests seek authentic and locally inspired dining experiences that connect dishes and flavors with the heritage of their travel destinations. Sadler embraces the recent shift in consumer preferences towards fresh, sustainable and socially responsible food choices as an opportunity for hospitality properties to elevate their dining experiences. READ MORE


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