8 Tips You Should Know Before Upgrading Your Hotel Bathrooms

By James Coleman Senior Director of Relations and Business Development, Luxury Commercial Bath | December 11, 2016

You have probably read the reasons why you should update your hotelís bathrooms. And youíre now certain that your bathrooms should be upgraded to save space, please your customers, and give more aesthetic appeal to your hotel.
However, choosing to upgrade your bathroom isnít as simple as calling your interior designer and telling them to overhaul everything in your bathroom and hoping for the best. After all, a complete upgrade for the sake of aesthetic might only waste your money when done improperly. You might also end up changing something and displeasing your customers, especially if you donít know what they want.

But youíre probably thinking: ďHow should I start renovating?Ē. There are 8 tips you should think about before you start looking at catalogs for bathroom fixtures.

1. Replacing Vs. Restoring

Some of the things in your bathroom can skip the replacement if you can give them an upgrade to fix their problem. For example, if the claw feet of the bathtubs are starting to show obvious discoloration, just replace them instead of buying new bathtubs to replace everything. You can also save money this way, especially if what you are replacing does not require regular maintenance.

However, some fixtures badly need replacement if theyíre not working properly anymore. If your sinks are constantly clogging and no number of repairs have permanently solved the problem, itís better to upgrade or replace them than spend more on calling a repairman the fourth time this month. Salvage what can be saved, but replace when it cannot be.

2. You Donít Need an All-Out Modern Design

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