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Science-Based Spa and Wellness is a Key Feature for Guests in Bali

By Sylvain Pasdeloup, General Manager, Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Many luxury, five-star beach resorts on the world-famous holiday island destination of Bali put their spa and wellness services and facilities as among their top features. Many also promote their spa and wellness features as 'one-stop' retreat highlights, with all-round spa-and-stay packages available, tailored to cover the essentials, ranging from health-conscious dining (oftentimes with calorie counts and other nutritional aspects taken in), various fitness and recreational activities to be had on the resort grounds, with treatments at the resort's dedicated spa facility or onsite beauty clinics. The trends in spa and wellness have recently gone further with science-based aspects included.

Resorts in Bali, particularly five-star properties typically strive to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the latest trends in the Spa and Wellness movement through each of their dedicated spa services and facilities. While signature treatments are usually set from Day One of their spa operations, each of the property's spa departments put in much effort in innovating, regularly launching a novelty set of treatments and wellness packages with each changing season to offer and appeal to their spa-going guests, both regular and new. Oftentimes, their expanded menu of services and treatments successfully attract more guests. To meet guests' expectations, moreover in this rapid information age, promoting the scientific aspects in treatments adds to this appeal.

Spa resorts in Bali, particularly those in the island's exclusive five-star resort enclave of Nusa Dua, have their brand spa and wellness facilities either paired with, or existing in complementing synergy with another third-party managed health or beauty clinic onsite, offering their guests much wider options for their visit, while allowing the resort's spa team to also coordinate and program such interesting 'one-stop' or 'spa-and-stay' offers. Among the prominent resorts here that puts itself on the spa and wellness map by doing the above is the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort, with both its Sofitel brand SoSPA and SoFIT fitness centre complemented by Vietura Aesthetic clinic. The presence of SoSPA and Vietura Aesthetic Clinic on the same premises at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort is also testament of the integration of medical services and procedures, and the convergence of spas with the medical world.

The Resort has established itself as a wellbeing destination on its own, putting in much emphasis on 'Wellness', which happens to be one of the Sofitel brand's 'key essences' in hospitality. The ultramodern SoSPA facility is set conveniently beside its full-fledged gym and fitness facility, SoFIT, snugly located in a peripheral section below the resort's lobby, which welcomes public, non-staying guests, ease of access.

The presence of Vietura alone serves as added value for spa-going guests, unique to this Sofitel resort. The onsite aesthetic clinic alone provides a suite of aesthetic services, from skin health and intensive routines, signature natural facelifts, weight management, to acne, cellulite, laser hair removal and skin pigmentation treatments using the most modern sets of equipment. Vietura's professional team of beauticians also happen to be among the most renowned wellness experts, who will guide guests through every procedure and treatment. The skin rejuvenation clinic also works in close collaboration with the resort's spa team in packaging its ever-changing health and wellbeing staycation programs. This makes the resort one of the most complete wellbeing destinations on the island alone.

Guests who embrace healthy lifestyles not only ponder and select their holiday destination and hotels based on brand and location, but further pore over the many services and facilities that they could enjoy and experience during their stay - examining each hotel's specific features closely before making their booking, be it online or direct. Die-hard spa-goers may often further scrutinize the quality and offerings of its available spa services - science aspects of treatments included. Ever since the growing trend, guests have become becoming increasingly careful about what they ingest, inhale or put on their skin, and they are considering scientific data on the treatments they receive. Hotels, and spa practitioners in this case, may only oblige.

While every resort spa on the island has its own signature rendition of Balinese massages, traditional Javanese body wraps and facials, with their own 'jamu' traditional herbal drinks to match (a common feature throughout spas in Bali, if not all over Indonesia), the avid spa and wellbeing enthusiast tends to look out for other alternative treatments. By nature, they are open to discovering and exploring the benefits of more contemporary treatments that often involve results of scientific advancements in therapy.

Thousands of studies have evaluated the benefits of common approaches like acupuncture, reflexology, meditation or yoga, and more recent therapies include anything from brain fitness exercises to electromagnetic acupuncture, biofeedback and chromo-therapy (science of using different colours for treating physical symptoms) among many others. Some spa-goers take that dive to try out what's new, while others only do so if the benefits have been substantially, and scientifically, validated.

Complementing our spa and fitness facilities we've crafted this special approach to diet. We invite our guests to a specially designed menu that allows them to experience a wholesome approach to light gastronomy. By doing so, they may better focus on eliminating processed foods, as well as controlling their portion sizes and using only the freshest local ingredients that are cooked with innovative techniques. Called De-Light, it allows its guests to give in to the temptations of gourmet dining - without compromising their healthy lifestyle goals.

Throughout Sofitel's De-Light menus, each item from the lunch and dinner menu, from appetizer to dessert, clearly bears the number of kilo calories (kcal) next to the dish's name, ingredients and price. Selections range from local favourites such as spiced braised chicken together with western and Asian delights, allowing guests to choose from a wide spectrum of flavours close to home and from around the globe, and most importantly, with a peace of mind on their calorie counts.

At SoSPA, ancient traditions from around the world meet the skill and refinement of the latest in French cosmetology. Bali's rich resources and their healing properties, in marriage with French skincare advancements, offer an unforgettable spa experience on this Island of Gods. SoSPA promises a unique personal experience: original music, exclusive signature treatments, massage tables modelled after Sofitel's famous MyBed concept; and affiliation with two undisputed beauty experts and ambassadors of the most refined French beauty care, Clarins and Cinq Mondes. The Clarins Exclusive Professional Aromatic treatments is a subtle alchemy between the active principles of plants with a specific 100% manual expert application method, which has been created to deliver a genuine sensorial experience with instant and effective beautifying results.

The human factor, or the human touch, can be a determining factor in having the best spa experienceÖ no scientific explanation required. Our Wellness Director (overseeing both SoSPA and the Vietura Aesthetics Clinic) happens to be a highly-skilled spa person who brings with her over 23 years of experience in the hospitality industry, having worked at some of the most leading hotels in Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta), Malaysia, Turkey, Oman, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. She is also certified in Asian treatments, as well as in Ayurvedic, Iridology, Kinesiology and Phytobiophysics, which all go into her know-how of the science behind treatments and the best outputs for each guest. We do believe, that among the most important assets to any hotel operations are their staff - and this is true to the spa services, be it the director, manager or therapist.

We also hold in high esteem our personal trainers, who are the first and foremost people our guests interact with throughout their experience with us at SoFIT. They are the ones who lead you to your success in your chosen health and wellness program, be it abdominal, weight training, fast fit/circuit training, fat loss or cardio burns. We are blessed to have such high-caliber figures as part of our team of personal trainers. One of the most recent to join is national Ukrainian mixed martial arts champion, Maxim Ganic, who brings with him many years of dedication and amazing accomplishments as a sportsman to the resort. The MMA athlete has studied across various martial arts disciplines, under the tutelage of masters around the globe. He has also pursued knowledge in the arts of Reiki and Tai Chi, becoming a master of the arts himself.

The personal trainers are instrumental in the resort's full spectrum of sports and recreational facilities that await our active and health-conscious guests. Resort activities that any guest can participate in range from fun activities such as archery, mini golf, cycling, tennis and table tennis, volleyball, soccer and Frisbee, to wet exercises such as water polo and aqua-aerobics. Meanwhile, health and fitness programs at SoFIT alone range from core training, kickboxing, power pumps, taekwondo, tai chi, agility training, stretching, strength and conditioning, barre body burner and boot camp-style exercises, cross-fit training, super abs, Zumba and hatha yoga - all of which can have goals set, methods based on science, and with end results that can be attainable and measured.

Hotel Manager of Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort since its opening in 2013, Sylvain Pasdeloup became General Manager on May 1st 2015. He oversees the operations of this luxury five-star resort. At age 33 he is the youngest hotelier ever to be appointed to this position at an international five-star resort. The French-born hotelierís long stint comprises Sofitel worldwide, which includes the opening of two Sofitel properties in India and his current post in Bali, Indonesia, and which has allowed him to demonstrate his strategic capability in ensuring effective change outcomes and having valuable experiences in a diverse range of markets. Mr. Pasdeloup can be contacted at 62-361-849-2888 or sylvain.pasdeloup@sofitel.com Please visit http://www.sofitel.com for more information. Extended Bio...

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