How Employee's Inner Joy Can Increase Guest Satisfaction

By Dawn Miller Sander Partner, Conflict Transformation Associates, LLC | December 24, 2017

Do you smile when you think about or see Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett or Chris Rock? Chances are you do... “What do these folks have to do with my hotel property?” you are most likely asking yourself.

Study after study confirms that happy teams produce amazing results in the following areas:  increased productivity, improved revenues, and higher employee engagement.  Imagine how satisfied your guests will be when you and your team add joy to your property!  Let’s take a look at the start of property manager Tom’s busy day a few months back...

It is 730 AM, you were supposed to be at the hotel at 7 AM sharp for a leadership meeting and traffic was blocked;  “of course”, you say, “on the very day I am due in early”...

As you enter the hotel, Maryann at the front desk smiles and says: “Good morning Tom! I heard there was a traffic accident on Interstate 81, I am glad you were not involved, good to see you!” As you rush to the conference room, you say to yourself “I wish we had 200 Mary Ann’s working here, she is always smiling and chipper, I am glad she is the first person our guests see!”

Have you ever seen that person who can find happiness in any situation; the one who, while in the midst of a storm, is able to see the rainbow? That person has discovered the secret to fully access their inner joy and appreciate the benefits of happiness.  MaryAnn is one of these people.

Harvard Business Review (HBR) states that happiness is the competitive advantage to increase productivity, innovation and creativity. In fact, a decade of research proved that happiness raises nearly every business outcome for an organization: raising sales by 37%, productivity by 31% and accuracy on tasks by 19%. 

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Human Resources: Value Creation

Businesses must evolve to stay competitive and this is also true of employment positions within those organizations. In the hotel industry, for example, the role that HR professionals perform continues to broaden and expand. Today, they are generally responsible for five key areas - government compliance; payroll and benefits; employee acquisition and retention; training and development; and organizational structure and culture. In this enlarged capacity, HR professionals are no longer seen as part of an administrative cost center, but rather as a member of the leadership team that creates strategic value within their organization. HR professionals help to define company policies and plans; enact and enforce systems of accountability; and utilize definable metrics to measure and justify outcomes. Of course, there are always new issues for HR professionals to address. Though seemingly safe for the moment, will the Affordable Care Act ultimately be repealed and replaced and, if so, what will the ramifications be? There are issues pertaining to Millennials in the workforce and women in leadership roles, as well as determining the appropriate use of social media within the organization. There are new onboarding processes and e-learning training platforms to evaluate, in addition to keeping abreast of political issues like the minimum wage hike movement, or the re-evaluation of overtime rules. Finally, there are genuine immigration and deportation issues that affect HR professionals, especially if they are located in Dreamer Cities, or employ a workforce that could be adversely impacted by federal government policies. The March Hotel Business Review will take a look at some of the issues, strategies and techniques that HR professionals are employing to create and sustain value in their organization.