How to Use 360 Video to Showcase Your Property

By Sherry Heyl Founder & Consultant, Amplified Concepts | December 24, 2017

360 video and 360 images, known also as spherical videos or immersive videos, are a new type of media where the viewer has control of the viewing direction. Viewers can get a first-person experience of a different location and time. 360 Imagery has seen an astounding increase of the adoption rate in the last few years thanks to the diffusion of virtual reality devices, new browsers and techniques to display the media without additional plugins and the broad usage of new generation mobile devices that are able to display the 360 media.

Fabio Musio is the owner of 100 Digital Creativity ( which specializes in providing avant-garde media, with special emphasis on travel and economic development clients. I sat down with him to learn more about how to use 360 videos to showcase hotel properties

Sherry: What are the typical uses for the 360media for marketing purposes?

Fabio: The 360 media (and the VR) are very efficient sales tools that have been adopted by many industries and for many purposes: education, training, tourism being the main ones. 360 media and the marketing for the hospitality industry has been a natural duo since the beginning. The most common (and oldest) example is a virtual tour of the property: the potential traveler can explore the hotel and get familiar with the guest rooms or the wedding venues or the meeting spaces. 360media increases the trust from the traveler and the wow-effect makes the experience more memorable. However, virtual tours are just scraping the surface of the benefits 360 media can offer.

Sherry: You’re talking about virtual tours that are around since a while, what about the 360 videos?

Fabio: 360 videos are a very powerful tool for marketing. New cameras can now offer ultra-high resolution and 3D capturing systems for the ultimate realistic virtual walk through, but as for other types of media this is just a tool, the most important aspect is the message that the hotel is looking to deliver. 360 videos are not a special kind of sorcery (beside the production) that generates traffic and business by itself. DOSM need to pay particular attention to the message delivered and where is going to be used. 

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