Don't be Fooled by the Perfect Resume

Your Perfect Candidate May Not be so Perfect

By Rebecca Barnes-Hogg Founder, YOLO Insights | March 12, 2017

You found your perfect candidate. Their resume is a dream come true—it matches your requirements exactly and you hire him or her. The anticipation of having this amazing person on your team builds as you eagerly look forward to their first day on the job. Once they are on board, however, your excitement quickly turns to dread as you realize your perfect candidate fails to live up to their perfect resume. Have you found the perfect candidate and on their first day of work, that candidate was not what you expected? This happens far more often than one might expect, and it can be avoided with some strategic thinking about your recruiting process.

Did you know that only 10% of companies feel they do a good job of recruiting? Those odds may feel stacked against you. So, how do you know whether your candidates are as perfect as their resume makes them appear?

It’s difficult, especially when the Internet is a prolific source of how-tos for everything from writing a resume and cover letter to answering commonly asked interview questions. There are key strategies you can use in your recruiting process to more accurately assess whether your perfect candidate is behind that perfect resume.

Be Aware of Your Bias

On a recent flight, my seatmate rushed to get in a last phone call before takeoff. In the process of finishing his call and switching on airplane mode, he dropped his phone. The plane was pushing back from the gate and he had to stay in his seat. I could see he was stressed because he didn’t have his phone ( Can’t most of us relate? ) and when we reached cruising altitude, he looked around and was unable to find it. He was sure his phone had rolled to the back of our section and he’d be unable to get it until we landed.

After we landed, I noticed the phone next to his foot and told him he was about to step on it. Rather than looking down, he insisted the phone was at the back of the section. This man was so sure of his phone’s location, that he failed to believe it was literally at his feet.

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Mobile Technology: Relentless Innovation

Technology has become a crucial component in attracting and retaining hotel guests, and the need to enhance a guest’s technology experience is driving a relentless pace of innovation. To meet and exceed guest expectations, 54% of hotels will spend more on technology in 2018, and mobile solutions in particular will top the list of capital investments. Many hotels are integrating mobile booking, mobile keys, mobile payments and mobile check-in into their operations. Other hotels are emphasizing the in-room experience, boosting bandwidth and upgrading flat screen TVs to more easily interface with guest mobile devices. And though not yet mainstream, there are many exciting technology developments on the near horizon. The Internet of Things (loT) is taking form in some places, and can be found in guest room control systems, voice activation systems, and in wearable sensors that can be used for access and payment options. Virtual reality headsets are available at some hotels so guests can enjoy virtual trips to exotic locations or if off-property, preview conference facilities and guest rooms. How long will it be before a hotel employs a fleet of robots for room service, or utilizes a hologram as a concierge, or installs gesture-controlled walls that feature interactive digital displays? Some hotels are already using augmented reality for translation services, or interactive wall maps, or even virtual décor. This pace of innovation is challenging property owners and brands to stay on top of the latest technology trends while still addressing current projects. The January Hotel Business Review will explore what some hotels are doing to maximize their opportunities in the mobile technology space.