Authentic Personalized Guest Engagement in an Automated World

By Shayne Paddock Chief Innovation Officer / Guest Management Solutions, TravelClick | April 16, 2017

In the past year I’ve traveled to New York City on several business trips usually staying at the same hotel every time. I did that in part to learn how the hotel would interact with me on each repeat stay. Would they treat me differently? Would they recognize me on my fourth stay? Would they remember my name? Each time the reservation staff warmly greeted me but always asked “Have you stayed with us before”. Upon arriving in my room there would always be a hand written letter from the GM welcoming me to the hotel. That seems like a nice touch, but the gesture was quickly lost when the letter opened with “Whether this is your first stay or you’re a returning guest…”. Did I mention that I’m also a loyalty member of this hotel? It is difficult to offer a guest personalized service if you don’t even know their name! If the future of hotel staff is robotic I hope we are not all greeted upon arrival with “Welcome Valued Guest”

So how does a hotel arm themselves with as much information about their arriving guests? Often times the answer is to simply just ask them. A guest wants to engage with a hotel before, during, and after their stay. They have many micro transactions with the property but are they being captured in a meaningful way?

Loyalty programs don’t have to be big monolithic points based programs. Today’s traveler wants and expects to be rewarded right away. Create simple signups where the guest enters their name and address, mobile number, email address, birthday, or anniversary. In exchange offer them a welcome drink upon arrival, free or faster WIFI, or early check-in. Now you know quite a bit about that guest before they even step foot on your property. Use that information in creative ways.

During the booking process your guests actually give you more information than you might think. Information such as, which pages of the website did they view, which rooms did they explore in the booking engine, what profile information did they provide when finalizing the reservation. All of that information can be used later on in the guest journey to customize their stay. If a guest has spent a lot of time browsing the golf section of your website why not offer them a golf package when they make it to your booking engine. If you can identify one of your best guests coming back for the 8th time this year why not the offer them the same Junior Suite they’ve booked every other time instead of the Standard Room being their first option. Instead of just offering the next level up for an upgrade offer why not offer them the Superior Suite with a breakfast package that they showed interest in and is available. A week before their beach vacation send them a pre-arrival survey asking if they can make their getaway even more special. It’s at that time you can find out birthdays, anniversaries, upsell that romantic package, or book that couples’ massage.

Hotels that really impressed me in the last year were those that proactively reached out to me before my arrival. I was impressed by those that sent a text message the day of my arrival asking me when I planned on arriving and if I had any special requests before I got there. They enabled me to have a back and forth dialog with somebody on property without having to pick-up the phone. In the future I’ll be able to use the mobile messaging channel of my choice. While texting is convenient when traveling domestically, roaming charges can really add up when traveling abroad. In Asia it’s often cheaper to subscribe to a small data plan or jump on the hotel WIFI to chat with friends and family back home with channels like Facebook Messenger or Skype. Being able to do the same to communicate with the hotel will become commonplace. This type of guest engagement made it easy to ask the hotel simple questions pre-stay and while on property. While packing I could quickly ask the hotel how late the gym or pool was open to see if I would be able to squeeze a workout in after work.

When traveling with a family of four a quick message to ask for extra towels saved me the effort of having to call down to the front desk when I got there. I requested that my room be cleaned while I was at breakfast so I could go back to the room and work afterwards. In a world where video conferencing is getting better and better and airport lines are getting longer and longer it is perks like this that will make business travel easier and differentiate you from your competitors. Often I would use this service to request a late checkout so I could change out of my suit before traveling to the airport or requesting an early check-in after a long overnight flight so I could catch a few hours of sleep before my big meeting.

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Mobile Technology: Relentless Innovation

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