NOVUM Hotel Group's New Pet Niu Drops First Anchor in Hamburg

Hamburg, GERMANY. July 24, 2017 - niu does it again. Another milestone for the millennial brand has been set: Hamburg Wandsbek, close to the Alster and shopping centre, sees a new niu hotel of the NOVUM Hotel Group project develop in cooperation with Hansmann Heitgerken Architekten and Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH. If all goes well, the innovative hotel at the Brauhausstrasse will open its doors in summer 2018. This hotel with 116 rooms will be the first of the niu hotels to be set up in the Group’s home town.

'We have every intention to successfully occupying a promising niche in the hotel industry by introducing an individual hotel concept in the midscale segment of the market, offering high quality service. We are extremely pleased that we could win Hansmann Heitgerken Architekten and Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbH to mutually develop our next project at this strategically important location in Hamburg,’ says David Etmenan, Chief Executive Officer & Owner of the NOVUM Hotel Group. Nils Wendler, Managing Director of Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung adds: ‘We are also very pleased being able to work together with reliable partners at such a contemporary project and look forward to expand on this cooperation and continue to work together on projects in future.’

Alster, Elbe, canals and ‘Fleete‘ - water wherever you look make the Hansestadt Hamburg stand out from the crowd amongst all the other cities in Germany. The port is the largest in Germany and the third largest in Europe.

It is therefore no surprise that the niu Keg tells a maritime story with astonishing details about a fascinating city which is reflected everywhere in the interior design right down to the selection of food, just typically niu - distinctive, slightly cheeky and charmingly inspired by its surroundings.

Travellers and locals will find themselves amidst modern furniture and accessories that create a cosy living-room atmosphere, designed with details and maritime materials from all over Hamburg, the port and the ship-building yards: lamps made from mooring ropes, cabin tables and cabinets designed in a container-look. Water colours skilfully combining northern elegance with rough industrial design create a unique urbane world filled with worthy reminders of seafaring. The transition to all areas is fluid and yet separates the sections. From the lower deck right up to the upper deck niu Keg has state-of-the-art technology on board: Highspeed-WLAN, USB-ports, integrated power supply and popular background music.

The expression ‘Keg’ (in German: small barrel) is directly connected to the immediate neighbourhood of the hotel and Hamburg’s ancient reputation of being the ‘Brewery of the Hanse‘. In the 16th century, 600 breweries operated in Hamburg, offering business to half of all traders in town. These days the maritime metropolis still brews large amounts of beer and the present Brauhausstraße owes its name to two former breweries once situated at the west- and east end of the road.

The NOVUM Hotel Group is planning to set up more than 30 further niu hotels. The first niu Hotel in Essen will open its doors in November 2017: niu Cobbles!


The family-managed Novum Hotel Group with currently 146 hotels and more than 16,000 rooms at over 65 locations throughout Europe is one of the largest hotel chains in Germany. Established in 1988 and continuously expanding since 2004 under the management of David Etmenan, the Novum Hotel Group proves to be extremely dynamic. The hotel portfolio includes three and four star hotels, always centrally located, operating under the brand names of Novum Hotels, Novum Select Hotels, and niu Hotels. In addition, the NOVUM Hotel Group is also a franchisee of the InterContinental Hotels Group, AccorHotels, Best Western Hotels & Resorts und Choice Hotels.

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