Carillon Miami Wellness Resort Undergoing $10 Million Renovation Slated for Completion in October 2017

MIAMI, FL. August 29, 2017 - Situated along the largest stretch of beach in Miami, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is undergoing a $10 million renovation, which will include significant upgrades to 150,000 square feet of the resortís public and meeting spaces. Slated for completion in October 2017, the will elevate the resort to a new level of luxury, introducing a redesigned lobby, a Rat Pack era inspired lounge and bar, a signature ocean view restaurant with a private dining room, a grab-and-go cafť, an enhanced outdoor terrace dining and event space, and 3,500 square feet of private meeting space.

Built in 1958, the original Carillon Hotel was the second largest property in Miami Beach, named for the daughter (Carol) of developer Alfred Kaskel and designed by legendary architect Norman Giller, the ďfatherĒ of Miami Modern (MiMo) architecture.

The resort update features a design aesthetic that blends contemporary luxury touches with the natural surroundings of the resort and community with beautiful direct ocean views and peaceful sea grape terraces.

A new layout and structure of the lobby will make guests feel more welcomed upon arrival. The new location and design of the reception desks will be strategically positioned to make the guests feel relaxed, and make the staff more approachable when guests are going through the arrival experience, speaking with a concierge or interacting with the bell staff.

Surrounded by views of the Atlantic Ocean, the lobbyís new design will embrace the natural ambiance of the resortís surroundings and bring the serenity of its oceanfront setting indoors.

To the right of the lobby will be Carillon Miamiís new Lounge and Bar, which will feature a thoughtful design concept inspired by the original Carillon Hotelís iconic ĎTambourine Lounge.í Known as a hub for the movers and shakers of the Rat Pack era, the new bar will feature a mid-century modernist design.

Adjacent to the Bar will be Carillon Miamiís new private dining venue, The Tambourine Room. A retro-inspired design that will incorporate some of the original design aesthetics, the private space will provide a unique dining experience for intimate groups and gatherings. In addition, the space will serve as an alternative meeting venue for groups, with access to state-of-the-art technology to accommodate different meeting needs.

Hitting Miamiís dining scene will be Carillon Miamiís new signature restaurant, The Strand Bar & Grill. Looking out onto the ocean, the restaurant will feature a contemporary farm fresh culinary concept that highlights South Floridaís organic community sourcing ingredients from local boutique farms..

Steps away from Carillon Miamiís private beach, the re-imagined Ocean Terrace will become the closest beachfront lounge in Miami.

Carillon Miami will introduce The Atlantic Room, 3,500 square feet of private meeting space, establishing the resort as a top choice for corporate travel needs. The new venues will feature the latest technology including state-of-the-art 70Ē smart TVís, built-in sound and intelligent lighting and capacity to accommodate groups of up to 100 people in size.

To be complete in October 2017, the new Carillon Miami Wellness Resort will include: 150 one- and two-bedroom suites, food and beverage options, 3,500 square feet of private meeting space, 70,000-square-foot spa, fitness and wellness center, four pools, and a pristine 750-foot stretch of Miamiís white sandy beach.

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