Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference Draws 200 To Support and Uphold Environmentally Friendly Lodging Standards in the Country

SAN JOSE, CR. November 22, 2017 - SAHIC, the premier organizer of hotel investment conferences in Latin America just concluded the presentation of the first Costa Rica Sustainable Hotel & Tourism Investment Conference,which was hosted by the Ministry of Tourism of Costa Rica (ICT). For the first time in this region's history, key investors and decision makers convened in one location to identify significant challenges and sustainable hospitality development opportunities for the country. The Conference took place November 13-14, 2017 at the Intercontinental in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Luis Guillermo Solis, president of Costa Rica, welcomed the visitors to the country declaring that the conference "represents a precedent for the country, paving the way for development, sustainability and investment." Costa Rica Minister of Tourism Mauricio Ventura Aragón stressed that the conference was a great demonstration of the support and commitment of the Costa Rican Government. Ventura officially opened the conference remarking that Costa Rica is being positioned on the world map of tourism investment due to three key factors: The strength and longevity of the airline industry, the ever-increasing number of visitors with disposable income, and the successful development of infrastructure in the region.

Two powerful keynote presentations emotionally impacted the hospitality developer attendees. Author, speaker, social entrepreneur and grandson of the famed Jacques Cousteau, Phillipe Cousteau delivered a meaningful message about the impacts of climate change on the tourism industry. Additionally, Carlos Paez Vilaro, survivor of the Andes plane crash in 1972, shared his thoughts on changing business paradigms in ever-evolving and challenging times.

Costa Rica Sustainable Conference speakers and sessions were impressive. The notable presenters included:

•Paul Adan, VP, Hotel Development Latin America & Caribbean, Marriott International

•Louis Alicea, C.H.A., Senior Director, Development Latin America & Caribbean, Wyndham Hotel Group

•Rogerio Basso, Principal Investment Officer - Head of Tourism, IDB Invest

•René Bernard Beil, Managing Director, Beaufort Global Partners LLC

•Patricia Boo, Area Director Central and South America, STR

•Ricardo Bravo, VP Operations, AM Resorts

•Andrew Cohan, MAI, Horwath HTL Miami

•Luca Franco, CEO and Founder, Luxury Frontiers

•Liora Haymann, Managing Director, OBMI

•Fredrick Jonsson, Mangaging Partner, MEREHA and Director of Beaufort Global Partners

•José Koechlin Von Stein, CEO & Founder, Inkaterra

•Salo Smaletz, Vice President Development Latin America IHG.

About ICT

The Costa Rica Tourism Institute (ICT) is the governing body of tourism in Costa Rica, promoting the model of sustainable tourism, solidarity and equity through innovation, development of its workforce, and effective public management. ICT fosters new opportunities for tourism development that contributes to the improvement of the competitiveness and quality of life of the nation of Costa


SAHIC is the leading conference organizer for hotel and tourism investment in Latin America that promotes business and real estate projects in the region. SAHIC South America is an annual conference with its location rotating every year through different cities in South America. The 2017 SAHIC South America, held September 13-14, 2017, celebrated the Conference's 10th Anniversary, returning to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the conference held its inaugural event.

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