Kathy Johnson Joins MXH Hospitality

Mt Vernon, NY. March 07, 2018 - 

MHX Hospitality is pleased to announce and welcome industry leader Kathy Johnson to the team as Vice President of Western Sales. Currently MHX has direct representation throughout the East Coast and Kathy based in Las Vegas will be leading Company expansion throughout the West Coast.

Kathy will be an integral addition to the team with a wealth of experience, knowledge and expertise. Most recently Kathy was Western Region Sales Director with TeleAdapt. She will continue to represent TeleAdapt as well as offer numerous other products through MHX Hospitality as a preferred factory agent for hundreds of industry manufacturers.

MHX Hospitlaity is based in Mt. Vernon New York has almost 100 years in the distribution of products and solutions. Lead by Seth Nuland and Adam Mischel Managing Partners and the addition of Kathy Johnson packs a wealth of value to hoteliers. As a boutique firm with roots in the hotel industry they have established themselves as a premiere provider and partner to the hospitality market. MHX is excited to expand its reach on the West Coast with the addition of Kathy Johnson.

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