Customer Alliance Gives Great Hotels of the World Full Control Over Their Online Reputation

Germany, Berlin. June 15, 2020

Customer Alliance, one of the European market leaders for Guest Experience and Online Reputation Management, announces its cooperation with Great Hotels of the World (GHOTW), the global sales and marketing representation company for upscale independent hotels, with an exclusive portfolio of around 50 hotels and resorts for business, MICE and leisure. The software-as-a-service solution of Customer Alliance allows the hoteliers to take full control over their online reputation. This includes collecting, centralizing, analyzing as well as distributing guest feedback to leading review platforms to increase online visibility and generate more direct bookings.

Great Hotels of The World, offering member hotels leading booking and distribution software by GuestCentric, trust the software of Customer Alliance to actively influence and shape online reputation. The SaaS solution of the Berlin based company enables hoteliers to proactively invite guests with tailor-made feedback forms to leave a review instead of relying on passive feedback. All reviews are collected and centralized in one dashboard and advanced semantic analysis tools help to truly understand the guest feedback, whilst keeping an eye on the performance of competitors. Moreover, the tool allows the distribution of reviews to leading review portals such as TripAdvisor, Google or HolidayCheck to strengthen their visibility. The Customer Alliance widget and certificate are ideal to display reviews with pride while building trust with website visitors and converting more direct bookings.

"We recognize that the pandemic has accelerated some changes that were already taking place in the marketplace. Very prominent is the shift in consumer trust from a brand's leadership team to its frontline staff and other customers. Thus, through our partnership with Customer Alliance we are increasing transparency, making client testimonials more visible and a key part of the booking journey. We are also providing hoteliers with a platform where they can manage their reputation, now in the hands of their customers, so that in turn they can work to retain their customer loyalty and advocacy for a lifetime," says Pedro Colaco, CEO of Great Hotels of the World.

"We are very proud that we can give Great Hotels of the World full control over their online reputation", adds Moritz Klussmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Customer Alliance. "Guest feedback influences our booking behaviour like never before; hardly anyone books a hotel room without having read the online reviews of other guests. And especially after a crisis as the COVID-19 pandemic, hoteliers need to set up a long-term strategy to effectively manage their reputation across the internet. Learning from your guests´ feedback and increasing your visibility will be a major competitive advantage to emerge stronger from such a crisis."

Tags: Online Reputation Management, Review Management, Online Visibility, Reviews

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