HIS Hotel Holdings Engage D-EDGE for Its First Hotel in Seoul

D-EDGE Accelerates the Hotel's Presence and Establishes Its Building Blocks for Its Technology Infrastructure

Singapore, Singapore City. February 08, 2021

HIS Hotel Holdings Co. engages D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions, a SaaS company offering leading-edge cloud-based e-commerce solutions, to accelerate its presence and establish its technology infrastructure building blocks for its first new-build hotel in Seoul - Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeong-dong scheduled to open its doors on 1 August 2021.

D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions is proud to be appointed to provide a complete suite of technology infrastructure platforms to assist the new opening hotel with an online presence, traffic generation, website efficiency and conversion. Aside from these fundamental pillars that drive business and generate higher-margin revenue, the hotel has laid its building blocks for its technology infrastructure for easy connectivity to stay on top during this accelerated time of digital transformation.

The responsive website is developed in different languages to maximise the click-through ratio to the Booking Engine and together with the Digital Marketing programmes are designed to precipitate the hotel's presence internationally to attract inbound travellers. The final step is to receive bookings with connectivity to the payment gateway to complete the transaction.

"As innovation and evolution is part of our values, re-envisioning hotel operation for the pandemic and beyond drives our brand concept of being ‘A hotel that never stops evolving.' Having been conferred the Guinness World Records certification as the first hotel with working robots in Japan, we incorporated robots technology as well as a mobile phone check-in system for guests to receive the room key through their mobile phones in our hotel in Seoul. With various advanced technology carried-out, our next step for success is to accelerate the hotel's outreach capabilities to grow both international and domestic markets. We believe that D-EDGE is the right partner for us having to witness successful partnership results with their platforms for our other hotels in Japan. We have also laid our building blocks for our technology infrastructure with D-EDGE for easy connectivity progressively to stay on top of this accelerated times of digital transformation." Said Miyamoto, HIS Hotel Holdings Co., Ltd.

"We are delighted to have developed a trusted relationship with HIS Hotel Holdings and pleased to lay the technology infrastructure in their newly built hotel in Seoul. Aside from the seamless booking process and the digital marketing solutions required to accelerate their presence in the global and domestic markets through the newly developed website, we are also pleased to be able to provide local support based in Seoul." Added Christine Tan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific for D-EDGE Hospitality Solutions.

Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeong-dong will start reservations on 1 February 2021.

Henn na Hotel Seoul Myeong-dong - Robot-staffed hotel
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