Monday February 12, 2024



Kathy Logan

A Story of Resilience and Renovation: Ritz-Carlton Naples

In 2021, the Ritz-Carlton Naples engaged architect Cooper Carry and interior designer Parker Torres to bring the 1980s hotel into the 21st century. After years of renovations, three months before it was set to re-open, Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida. Eight months of whirlwind recovery and renovation efforts later, the hotel reemerged in July 2023 as an elevated, luxury resort.
A Story of Resilience and Renovation: Ritz-Carlton Naples
Paul McElroy

Fostering Collaboration Among Design and Construction Teams to Maximize Asset Value and Enhance Guest Experience

Design and construction teams are made up of so many key players who all play a crucial role in bringing hospitality projects together. Traditionally, contractors and subcontractors work in silos rather than together as one collaborative team, but when owners and development managers create a culture of cross-discipline collaboration and openness, teams forge stronger relationships and ultimately have the ability to create better spaces.


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DAILY HEADLINES - Monday Feb 12, 2024
The St. Regis Red Sea Resort Opens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
IHG Continues Expansion of Vignette Collection With Sixth Signing in Thailand
Moxy Debuts in India With Opening of Moxy Bengaluru Airport Prestige Tech Cloud


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Lori Horvath

Dynamic Design: Creating Custom Spaces for Guests to Work and Play from Anywhere

Every hotel brand has specific design elements and needs for their spaces to embody their unique brand and culture. Just like each hotel brand has varying needs, the needs of each individual guest also varies – from business travel to vacations and everything in between, guests desire spaces that suite them. By integrating flexible designs, hotels can define their core brand.
Hannah Markham

The Future of Personalization and Authenticity in Hotel Design

In a world where your doorbell screens visitors, your device plays your 'relax' playlist when you arrive home from work, and your living room is decorated with hand-selected art, we have all come to expect a level of customized comfort in our surroundings whether we realize it or not. But how are hotels keeping up with this expectation for personalization?

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