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Ms. Gendron

Mary Gendron

Senior Vice President / Managing Director, Eric Mower & Associates

Mary Gendron is a brand communications specialist whose journalism education, combined with public relations savvy, has informed her work for hospitality, spa, travel, tourism, real estate and luxury lifestyle clients worldwide. Ms. Gendron made her way to Manhattan from her native Milwaukee more than three decades ago to accept a position with a well-known trade magazine publisher who was launching a title in the hospitality industry. After three years, she segued from hospitality journalism into travel and tourism public relations where she honed her craft, creating award-winning B2B and B2C campaigns for clients at Middleton & Gendron Brand Communications. In November 2014, Ms. Gendron and her business partner, Yvonne Middleton, combined their legacy agency with the esteemed independent integrated marketing firm, Eric Mower + Associates (EMA). EMA's Manhattan operation is among nine offices that share a combined bottom line and together provide clients across many industries with a full range of marketing services that strengthen friendships between brands and their constituents. Ms. Gendron received the 2011 Winthrop W. Grice Lifetime Achievement Award from Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International. EMA's resident spa expert, she was a founding board member of International Spa Association as well as Washington Spa Alliance. She also served on the board of directors of New York Spa Alliance. Among the agency's current and past spa clients are SiSpa, Spa at Whiteface Lodge, Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Boca Raton Resort & Club, PGA National Resort & Spa, Mirbeau Inn & Spa, The Homestead, La Costa Resort & Spa, ISPA, and many others. Please visit https://www.mower.com/ for more information.

Ms. Gendron can be contacted at 212-980-9065 or mgendron@mower.com

Coming up in June 2018...

Sales & Marketing: Opinions Matter

Hotel Sales and Marketing Directors manage a complex mix of strategies to attract and convert customers into guests. Part of their expertise includes an awareness of customer behavior during the reservation process, so they can make sure their hotel is favorably positioned. One such trend is the growing popularity of travel review sites. According to one recent survey, 61% of prospective customers consult online reviews in order to validate information about the hotel before making a purchasing decision. Another survey found that the average hotel customer reads between 6-12 reviews across 4-10 properties before making a final decision on where to stay. Similarly, other studies have shown that consumer reviews are a more trusted source of information for prospective customers than other kinds of marketing messaging. In fact, reviews are often considered to be as influential as price regarding whether a customer decides to complete a purchase or not. Plus, travel sites with the most reviews - including recent reviews from satisfied customers and thoughtful responses from staff - were also found to be the most appealing. So having positive reviews on a travel website is essential and can help to increase a hotel's conversion rates dramatically. Of course, there are all kinds of additional marketing strategies for sales and marketing directors to consider - the importance of video and the emergence of live streaming; the implementation of voice search; the proliferation of travel bots; and the development of Instagram as an e-commerce platform. The June Hotel Business Review will report on some of these issues and strategies, and examine how some sales and marketing professionals are integrating them into their operations.