Emily Brannen

With an influx of leisure travelers expected for the summer 2021 season, there is an opportunity to start anew and re-focus on important aspects of guest service. Revitalizing the art of conversation, working on non-verbal cues, and ensuring excellent follow through are guest service skills that should be in the forefront of hospitality professionals' minds. READ MORE

David Brower

High-quality guest service is a hallmark of the hospitality industry, and can often make or break a lodging organization. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have become a game changer for the hotel guest service. This article looks at five important managerial elements and best practices that may be followed to establish an environment where exemplary service may be delivered. READ MORE

Julie Brakenbury

Meeting planners are starting to book events at hotels again. But everything has changed-from registration to meals to floor plans. Hotel events will look quite different based on best practices learned during the first 12 months of the pandemic. However, more technology, shifting state-based restrictions and overall uncertainly will create an opportunity for hotel CSMs to build more valuable relationships with their clientele. READ MORE

Martha Weidmann

Immersive art experiences that are hand selected and incorporate a brand's mission and core values tell a visually stunning story and create community connection. Further, it supports a hotel with differentiating themselves from the competition. Instead of viewing art as a plain picture to hang on the wall, consider art to be a key resource in your growth. Here's how to view your hotel's artwork as more than just a pretty picture. READ MORE

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James Anhut

Data and technology related topics are capturing headlines. Data rich and tech forward enterprises are trading at unfathomable multiples on public stock exchanges and among private equity investors. These enterprises will not deliver sustainable ROE without making investments in service delivery, and most importantly, in the people who deliver that service. Read on... READ MORE

Scott Hale

2020 prepared you to take a swing at the proverbial piñata. Face covered, head down, spinning in circles. You paused from time to time to sorta straighten-up. A little unsteady and a lot uncertain. You were searching for your target. You knew it was out there, but you couldn't see it. Stand up straight this year: embrace pandemic-prompted opportunities and disruptive innovations. READ MORE

Roberta Nedry

Superheroes capture our imaginations and our hearts with their adventures and special gifts but what about the rest of us? What, if anything, do our hospitality workers have that catapults them to Superhero status?? Could it be…their Mask?? The mask may be an unexpected new excuse and superhero "gift" for hospitality teams to become more empathetic. What if, we transform when we put it on? READ MORE

Holly Stiel

As we begin to recover, it is a good time to rethink and refresh our offerings especially by reaching out to a previously marginalized market. The premise that seniors can save hospitality may sound far flung, but since they are the group with the vaccine dosage completed, they can and will go out. The question is will they spend their time and money with you? READ MORE

Ed Burke

Ed Burke, Vice President of Rooms and Engineering with Aimbridge Hospitality shares his insights on the impact of COVID-19 on hotel operations. He discusses how he led his team to establish best practices, including a three-point training program called AIMClean, how to boost staff morale and engage teams, and what the future, post-pandemic world will look like as more consumers start traveling again. READ MORE

Jordan Ekers

The employee experience has suffered in the past year, not because employers don't care. It often boils down to one factor - poor employee communications. Feelings of isolation, being disconnected from teams, or not getting clear or timely communications can undermine efforts by employers to demonstrate that they care. Nudge's COO Jordan Ekers explains why employee communications is an overlooked table stake that impacts the employee experience. READ MORE

Sandy Asch

It is time to prioritize hotel employee's mental health. Evidence shows that the mental health of staff impacts the quality of guest service. With tools in place to practice resilient habits, the desired outcomes in this industry are attainable. Employees will learn to deal with fear and stress from COVID-19 and take on a common purpose of providing exceptional service. READ MORE

Nerissa Persaud

As countries around the globe grapple with the return of life to known normalcy, Guyana, the small nation along the northeastern coast of South America, sets the stage as significant developments to unfold from its expanding oil wealth, become the eye of opportunity to international hospitality investors. An exclusive piece in conversation with Guyana's Chief Investment Officer, Dr Peter Ramsaroom. READ MORE

Christine Samsel

What do employers need to know when considering whether to mandate COVID-19 vaccines? This article discusses the impact of the FDA's Emergency Use Authorization on employers' ability to mandate vaccines; addresses the interaction of federal and proposed state legislation on the issue; discusses recent EEOC guidance on vaccine issues; and outlines a myriad of other considerations employers must take into account in implementing any COVID-19 vaccine program. READ MORE

David Ashen

The way we travel will be changed for a long time due to COVID-19. Even after the pandemic ends, new habits and old fears will drive guest preference. The extended stay hotel room, most of which feature kitchenettes and larger rooms or suites, will fill a need in the market for the changing patterns of the leisure traveler. What are the opportunities for hoteliers? READ MORE

Mark Ricketts

As we work to battle the coronavirus and restore our economy, the hospitality industry can be a leader in bringing people together - one community at a time. This article will consider non-doctrinaire ways that hospitality organizations can help promote mutual respect and understanding among staff, guests and partners, better understanding what it is like to walk in another person's shoes. READ MORE

Laurie Friedman

As a coach I have heard many people ask, quietly, if not, somewhat fearfully what if I really do not care about the people? They continue to explain what they really care about is getting results. This question is not surprising given why we work and what is measured at work. If you want your team to get better business results; try practicing this 5-step guide to leadership caring to maximize performance. READ MORE

Linchi Kwok Ph.D.

The unemployment rate in the hospitality industry hit 15.9% in January 2021. Companies adopted new virtual hiring practices due to the changes in remote work. Job candidates must have a strong digital presence to stand out. This report highlights the findings of a research study about how people's information revealed in their social media profiles may affect managers' hiring decisions. READ MORE

Michael Strohmer

COVID-19 is the latest outcome in a volatile cycle of crises that have had devastating effects on the hospitality industry. While we don't know what the next crisis will be, we know that it will likely have similar impacts. But by understanding the conditions that have made the hospitality field particularly vulnerable to past crises, we can anticipate - and design for - the impact of future catastrophes or calamities. READ MORE

Jonathan Humphries

Hospitality businesses are about to clock up a year of being in crisis mode. We have reached, however, the phase of recovery. Emerging from Covid-19 will require some operational and behavioral changes. At HoCoSo, we identified five key areas that must be top of mind for hospitality operators, owners and stakeholders as they look to position themselves for strong recovery. READ MORE

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Coming up in May 2021...

Eco-Friendly Practices: Now More Than Ever

One theory about the pandemic states that future viruses are more likely to originate and flourish due to global warming. If true, the urgency to accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly practices is greater than ever. Of course, there are many other reasons to create a sustainable operation, including reduced utility costs, savings on operational costs, healthier and happier guests and employees, and positive publicity, marketing and community goodwill. Many hotels are introducing innovative programs into their operations - from recycling bins in guest rooms to starting a roof top garden. Other hotels are using eco-friendly cleaning products, reusing towels and sheets, sourcing locally grown food, supporting the use of electric vehicles, and permitting guests to refill their reusable water bottles with clean, filtered water. Finally, some hotels are encouraging guests to get involved by making it possible for them to participate in local community clean-up projects. The May issue of the Hotel Business Review will document what some hotels are doing to integrate sustainable practices into their operations and how they are benefiting from them.