Steven Schumacher

Hotels across the country are at a crossroads, struggling to effectively communicate with consumers during the pandemic that's presented challenges like none before. Drawing from more than a decade of experience, Steven Schumacher, Discover Dunwoody's executive director and director of sales, shares insight on the benefits of destination marketing and how a shift in strategy can make the difference in attracting travelers. READ MORE

Martha Weidmann

Art is extremely important to the success of hospitality industry projects. An art experience, anchored in a clearly articulated vision and tied deeply to your brand, can set your hotel apart from the competition. Here, we highlight three actionable ways to not only begin the art curation process, but elevate your hotel experience through immersive art. READ MORE

Kirby Payne, CHA

The hospitality industry loses too much talented staff to other industries due to low pay, demanding hours, and inadequate support. The assumption is that the low pay, demanding hours, and inadequate support aren't enough of a detriment to drive them from an industry that they love. While that scenario is true for many, it means that we also lose too many people with incredible potential. READ MORE

Euan McGlashan

Now, more than ever, the hospitality industry will need to capture global travelers and rewards members not previously accessible via internal sales & marketing efforts. Owners are looking to international brands to help bring them back to life; especially in emerging markets where local brands and independents all fight for market share. Valor Hospitality Founder & CEO Euan McGlashan, shares lessons for companies entering the global space. READ MORE

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Eric Spadafora

The hospitality industry has been among the hardest hit industries due to COVID-19. The good news is there is a renewed sense of optimism as inside dining resumes. Businesses who have survived and weathered an immediate shutdown are pivoting their operations to adjust to the new normal and are now operating amid social distancing guidelines. READ MORE

Hicham Jaddoud

In an era characterized by the constant change in consumer behavior and decision making, as a result of several demographic and psychographic variables, revenue management is becoming critical to the success of a restaurateur. F&B professionals need to think beyond just Average Check and Labor Cost to Revenue Ratio, and explore additional indicators such as RevPASH and Unconstrained Demand Assessment. READ MORE

Andrea Stokes

It's all about the guests. That's the thinking every hotel owner and hotel operator should have in mind all day, every day. COVID and the ensuing economic strife have made that more difficult. Hotels have pressed the pause button in a variety of ways, including capital improvements. At the same time, they are experiencing reduced occupancy rates. Their challenges are immense, but so are the opportunities. READ MORE

Mark Namdar

In the past few months alone, the pandemic has unleashed its new norm for us, forcing properties such as AC Hotel Washington DC Convention Center to adjust to these new beginnings as we open its doors. With concerts, events and conference meetings postponed and cancelled nationwide, it has caused a dramatic decrease in urban travel. It is up to us, as operators, to instill that confidence or we will continue to see weak demand. READ MORE

Mark Heymann

A common misconception among many hoteliers is that investing in labor management when business is slow won't lead to solid ROIs. But in reality, sophisticated labor management systems leverage advanced technology and artificial intelligence to produce results far greater than any manual process can. Amidst record low occupancy levels and ongoing volatility caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time for hospitality organizations to re-examine this option. READ MORE

Laurence Bernstein

Building back a better Humpty Dumpty requires design and branding in the broadest sense of the words. Design as we think of it these days is more than the development of the interior design of the project. Today, design includes a selection of a vast array of amenities and systems requiring a deep understanding of how the guest will relate to the facility in order to experience the brand as intended. READ MORE

Ilana Alberico

The "next normal" for the spa industry implies a dynamic and dramatic restructuring. Spa business models must evolve to remain profitable. Despite the challenges of operating in a pandemic, with scarcity comes creativity and the opportunity to innovate. This article shares spa best practices and innovative ideas to help you operate your spas safely and profitably while delighting your guests. READ MORE

David Phillips

STRs were inspired by the now limping WeWork model, using the master lease model to procure multiple properties at a time. However, the catch is that those companies are now bound to pay rent to a landlord regardless of bookings. In the current situation our world is in, STRs must rethink their approach to keeping a consistent flow of tenants. READ MORE

Randy Shelly

With hotel room lifecycles expected to shorten, it will be more important than ever for properties to stay operational and maintain a high-quality guest experience while renovating. There are several ways that hotels can continue to generate revenue while enhancing their value - especially when taking advantage of current lower level occupancies - from pre-planning to mitigate potential disturbances to establishing effective construction approaches. READ MORE

Ryan McAndrew

In the midst of the current recession, transaction activity for hotel properties has effectively frozen as buyers and sellers remain stalemated over market values for distressed properties. The bid-ask gap is wide, and neither party is willing to budge, leaving owners and investors asking a question: Until a vaccine is developed and readied for distribution, what happens to the perception of hotel valuation and how does more meaningful deal flow occur? This article explores that question and more. READ MORE

James Lefcakis

What hoteliers call a "secure network" is only a click away from being exposed by someone within the hotel just trying do their daily duties. Understanding the benefits of training every employee on best data-security practices is the first step to protecting your guest's data and your systems from the multitude of new phishing schemes that impact our industry daily. READ MORE

Amy Draheim

When it comes to innovative guest experiences, independent hotels are leading the charge. Without the red tape of big box properties, these hotels are not only finding creative ways to meet guests where they are, but also anticipating needs as they evolve. Some of the brightest and the best are taking what they're already known for, and amplifying those experiences. READ MORE

Chris Hurn

The SBA opened its PPP loan forgiveness portal on August 10 and borrowers navigating the PPP Loan forgiveness process are finding it confusing, complex and time-consuming. With all of the confusion surrounding the process, hoteliers should make sure they understand the basic criteria for PPP loan forgiveness and following some actionable tips can help hoteliers work more smoothly through the process. READ MORE

Brian Quinn

As the travel industry braces for the long-term impact from the COVID-19 crisis, the extended stay and apartment-hotel segment is seeing increased demand comparatively. Drawing on his wealth of experience, Domio's Chief Development Officer Brian Quinn shares why apartment-hotels are thriving in today's environment, as well as how the sector provides attractive solutions for developers. READ MORE

Adria Levtchenko

Sometimes, in industries like hospitality and health care, where there can be so intimate a connection with another human being (guest or patient), we may underestimate the importance of maintaining esprit de corps within our own group. This article discusses some key elements to ensuring that those ties that bind remain positive and strong within our organizations as we navigate what remains an uncertain future. READ MORE

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Coming up in December 2020...

Hotel Law: Protecting Guest Privacy

Every business is obligated to protect their customers from identity theft but unfortunately, data breaches have become all too common. In an effort to protect a guest's right to privacy and to safeguard their personal data, the European Union passed a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that could hold hotels legally liable for any breaches that expose a customer's sensitive personal information. Though the GDPR only pertains to EU citizens' data, any international business that mishandles their data can be legally responsible. Another legal issue of concern is the fight involving hotel "resort fees." Several states attorney generals have recently filed suit against two major hotel chains in an effort to litigate this practice. Their suit alleges that these companies are "engaged in deceptive and misleading pricing practices and their failure to disclose fees is in violation of consumer protection laws." The suit seeks to force the hotel chains to advertise the true price of their hotel rooms. There are several other legal issues that the industry is being forced to address. Sexual harassment prevention in the workplace is still top of mind for hotel employers-particularly in New York and California, which now statutorily require harassment training. Hotels and motels in California will also soon be required to train all their employees on human trafficking awareness. Immigration issues are also of major concern to hotel employers, especially in the midst of a severe labor shortage. The government is issuing fewer H2B visas for low-skilled workers, as well as J-1 visas for temporary workers. Though there is little hope for any comprehensive immigration reform, hotel lobbying groups are actively seeking legal remedies to alleviate this problem. These are just a few of the critical issues that the December issue of the Hotel Business Review will examine in the area of hotel law.