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Michael Pinchera

Throughout 2021, the quarterly Meetings Outlook research from Meeting Professionals International, the world's largest meeting and event industry association, has found the greatest-ever positive indicators and expectations in the survey's history. There remain, however, many unknowns about exactly how business will be adapting to the new normal, with meeting professionals facing numerous additional challenges. READ MORE

David Vigil

Safety is the new luxury-it's of the utmost importance to consumers in today's health climate. To provide an excellent guest experience, staff must provide consistent health and safety standards at every touch point. The world has changed and it's up to hotel leaders to evolve and create a safe, welcoming environment for guests and employees. READ MORE

Brian King

With company principles and planning now increasingly transparent in the digital age of the "conscious consumer," the hospitality industry can no longer afford to be without when it comes implementing a sustainability strategy across all segments. The break in leisure and recreation in 2020 shed telling light on the world's largest pollutants and outlined just what needs to change in hospitality. READ MORE

Carlos Lopes

Economic experts predict recovery from the pandemic in the hospitality industry should not be expected until as late as 2024. This means executives have to cut expenses, ask tough questions and make hard changes now. And they need to start in their own sales and marketing department – the "sacred cow" of the organization. READ MORE

Gary Schirmacher

How are hotels finding new sales, marketing and service practices that help drive a higher local and regional share of a group market since March 2020? Where can data driven insights help determine group meeting strategies? The reality for the events industry right now is that what was, is no longer what is. However, hotels that can look through the weeds and manage the landscape will find success in the new world of group bookings. READ MORE

Agnelo Fernandes

Taking a holistic approach to the evolution of meetings and events will be a key component to success as well as a differentiator in capturing business. As many independent hotels work toward developing and enhancing their group offerings, it is important to consider all elements of the guest journey, beyond technology and logistics, as part of the overall recovery initiative. READ MORE

Giang Vu

Technology has helped us circumvent COVID-19's challenges by permitting online meetings but it will never completely replace our desire to meet each other in person and relish a great event. These unprecedented times have forced us events planners to come up with new solutions to offer great group meetings amid this brave new world and all of its new demands. READ MORE

Dan Fenton

As pent-up demand for in-person meetings and conventions continues to gain momentum following the availability of vaccines, hotels are challenged with ways in which to ensure the safety and well-being of attendees. To meet these challenges, venues need to focus on communication, technology, food and beverage service modifications, enhanced safety measures, and the questions surrounding mandated vaccines. READ MORE

Patrick Smith

In this article, Patrick Smith, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Cvent, takes a look back at the recent transformation of the $1 trillion events industry, which was driven by an wide-spread embrace of technology. He also takes a look forward towards the opportunities that are now possible due to this transformation, and what this evolution in meetings and events means for the hospitality industry. READ MORE

Blair McSheffrey

The key to meeting now and in a post COVID world successfully is flexibility and creativity, in addition to implementing all recommended safety guidelines, from health and cleanliness standards, to hybrid meetings and alternate F&B plans. Hotels are partnering with 3rd party organizations and vendors to simplify events for planners and attendees. READ MORE

Kimberly Wilson

Focusing on the ideal that "change creates opportunity," corporate travelers should view the setbacks they have faced since the onset of the pandemic as unique openings to innovate the way they engage with clients and do business, from conducting smarter meetings – and who should be involved in those – to making shrewd budgeting decisions and more. READ MORE

Florian Kittler

When was the last time you lost a top performing employee to a key competitor? This fixable problem costs businesses trillions of dollars every year. Businesses in hospitality and leisure find it increasingly challenging to retain and recruit the skilled talent required. Here we provide an overview of the state of the industry and some key differentiators to set your business apart. READ MORE

Jochen Ehrhardt

Have you ever noticed that Marrakech boasts such a large number of excellent luxury hotels and resorts, despite the fact that there are no obvious reasons for international business travelers to spend time, except for, perhaps, retreating for team building exercises? Please join me in my quest for excellence in the westernmost Arab country, the Maghreb - the "Arab West", and its most famous city. READ MORE

Mark Cooper

The transformation from an analogue conference to a digital business event can only take place when meeting organizers come together with the technology and venue partners capable of delivering this content richer, audience growing and environmentally friendly multi-location conference format. Read how IACC MultiPOD changed IACC's recent annual conference for the better. READ MORE

Diane Centeno

Now in its 28th year as a resort destination, Turning Stone Resort Casino in upstate New York has used the turbulent year of the COVID-19 pandemic to plan and launch its "Best Never Rest" campaign – an ambitious, multi-faceted transformation project unveiling all-new offerings for guests returning to the resort. In this article, Turning Stone shares details of the campaign and the new additions it has made specifically to enhance group meetings. READ MORE

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Coming up in November 2021...

Architecture & Design: Wellness is Key

Like every other facet of hotel operations, architecture and design firms are adapting their work to ensure the safety and well-being of both guests and staff. New ways to bring Wellness into hotel spaces are being explored and these solutions are taking on many forms. Hotel designs are incorporating more open floor plans, open air spaces, high ceilings, outdoor areas and operable walls into their spaces. Guests no longer want to be packed into tight areas. More "biophilic" elements are also being incorporated, offering guests the sense of being outdoors. Another trend is the reimagining of guest rooms to support remote work capabilities. Some hotels are converting empty guest rooms into office spaces, complete with effective lighting and suitable backgrounds for video conferencing. Dedicated Zoom Rooms are also becoming increasingly popular. The main goal is to provide guests with a positive experience in a space that feels safe and comfortable. These are some of the architecture and design subjects that will be covered in the November issue of the Hotel Business Review.