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Ahmed Mahmoud

Digital transformation and the leverage of technology play an important role in today's hospitality industry, especially in the post-pandemic era. Facing the challenges of labor shortage, the rising cost of operation, and the changes in consumer needs and behaviors, hospitality businesses need to pivot their services and products with the latest technology in order to keep their competitive edge. READ MORE

Bonnie Knutson

There is an old expression that says children will enter kindergarten as a question mark but will come out of college as a period. In this article, you will discover three engaging and fun tools that can take you and your marketing team out of your same-ol' same-ol' "period" thinking and back into your creative "question mark" selves. READ MORE

Fred Realbuto

Vetted and proven certification programs in best sustainability practices make company, community and media outreach a linchpin of stewardship success. Travelers want to know what you're doing to help the planet, conserve resources and exist in harmony with the environment. Here's how to let them, your immediate community and the world at large know about it-and bulk up your bottom line in the process. READ MORE

Suzie Squier

With proper training, hotel staff can play a crucial role in preventing cyber attacks. With insights into the cyber threat landscape, practical training tools, and strategies for ongoing education and empowerment, the article provides a roadmap for hotel executives to enhance their cybersecurity measures, advocating for investment in staff training as both a protective and competitive action. READ MORE

Patricia Davis

Rapidly advancing technology and ever evolving guest expectations have given rise to the opportunity for substantial transformation in roles traditionally siloed into the areas of marketing and revenue management. In a time where technology allows marketers to be nimbler and tactics to be more targeted than ever, an integrated effort is crucial for stand-out results in the hyper competitive hospitality space. READ MORE

Cynthia Mejia

You may have walked by hotel food self-serve display cases or upscale beverage vending machines before without temptation, but it's worth a second look. The quality is improving, and it would be worthwhile to partner with local food and beverage purveyors to not only exceed your guests' locavore expectations, but to also find a quality F&B solution in the absence of a trained staff. READ MORE

Louis Poisson

easyHotel, has established itself as a leading hotel brand in the affordable sector. It is expanding across Europe with over 40 hotels under CEO Karim Malak and is focused on affordability and quality, including smart room design and prime locations. With a green pledge and expansion into new markets, easyHotel is now focused on its low-carbon, value hotel brand for the future. READ MORE

Kenneth Heymann

Conflict is a fundamental component of organizational and personal life. Understanding the sources of conflict in a hotel and how people approach resolution based on a classic model will help managers make smarter decisions about how to work through and resolve conflict. This article will review the model and discuss how one can manage conflict more effectively. READ MORE

Merrick Dresnin

When preparing for the high season, there are several key phases an employer must take to ensure successful guest service delivery. The associate journey for your high season employees is abbreviated and, therefore, you must make an immediate, effective impact. Everything starts with efficient efforts at attraction, hiring/on-boarding, effective training and appropriate off-boarding. Every stage is critical for the guest's optimal experience. READ MORE

Theresa Hajko

With the ever- changing competitive landscape Hoteliers have had to become more creative and adept at driving occupancy. In markets where new competition is plentiful many of us have had to step up our game to hold onto or grow share. Let's take a closer look at a few ways to drive more share and crush the competition. READ MORE

Cynthia Schuler

The hospitality industry services clients of diverse cultures and backgrounds across the world. Promoting, building, and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment for employees and clients in the industry is crucial. To build this type of environment, industry leaders must be committed to the mission of creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture in their organization to successfully service their diverse client base. READ MORE

Alina Arnelle

Regulatory and economic imperatives are pushing the hospitality industry to be more sustainable. However, outdated and time-consuming data management practices around sustainability hinder hotels' ability to pursue this goal. In this article, we explore how hotels can utilize a sustainability management hub to make more informed decisions about their green initiatives, drastically improve communication about their sustainability between stakeholders and gain a competitive advantage in the market. READ MORE

Robert O'Halloran

The hospitality industry has a history of entrepreneurism. The food and beverage industry has independent restaurants across the country, many of the of restaurants in the United States are independent. On the lodging side less are independent due to a shift to franchising. This article will focus on hospitality and tourism entrepreneurism featuring ideas, and skill sets. READ MORE

Jeff Josephson

When hotel owners identify their primary business goal, most would point to increased profit. Hotel owners are searching for ways to boost revenue and are turning to personalized experiences and wellness amenities for increased guest satisfaction. These services provide a memorable stay for guests looking to get the most out of their hotel stay and focuses on making them feel valued, welcomed and special. READ MORE

Brynn Scarborough

In the digital age's ceaseless buzz, automated massage technology effectively harmonizes with our screen-dominated lives. Tailored treatments offer a personalized spa-like escape, providing not just relief but sustained relaxation. This advanced fusion promotes overall physical well-being and underscores the vital connection between technology and health, offering a sanctuary for intentional disconnection in the modern age. READ MORE

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