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Lee  Jacobs

Discover how New York state's, "Freelance Isn't Free" Act is reshaping the hospitality industry in "Hospitality's New Guest: Embracing New York's 'Freelance Isn't Free' Act." Learn about the numerous restrictions and requirements this new law imposes on all businesses in the state - including those in hospitality - that utilize freelancers and/or independent contractors, and how to adapt to these new regulations. READ MORE

Alex Smith

Lately it seems there is a logo or badge found on any given travel website claiming some notion of eco-friendliness or sustainability. But what do those really mean, and are they actually proof of a company creating tangible positive impact? Below I'll dig into a few types or credible and verified certifications and how they build trust with your guests. READ MORE

Ana Maria  Huertas Iragorri

Luxury hospitality is among commercial construction's fastest growing sectors with research showing 2023 design spending up 29% over 2022. Key market insights anticipate the global luxury hospitality market will grow to $293.61 billion by 2030. The growth opportunity is tremendous, and lighting plays a critical role in properties that are poised to be competitive in this expanding market. READ MORE

Troy Dixon

Troy Dixon, General Manager at Central Station Memphis explores the travel industry's resurgence after the COVID-19 pandemic, as pent-up demand drove tourists to break out once again, shifted guest preferences towards more meaningful experiences and challenged hospitality norms. Through technology integration, personalization and authenticity, hospitality properties pivoted to provide immersive and emotionally resonant experiences among other tailored services. READ MORE

Danny Williams

In the hospitality industry, achieving harmony among owners, guests, and team members is crucial. Owners should prioritize diversity in ownership and business practices, fostering inclusivity. Hotels must create welcoming environments by understanding diverse needs and ensuring accessibility. Team members should experience a culture of belonging through inclusive hiring and diversity training. These initiatives enhance guest satisfaction, boost employee morale, and drive innovation, proving diversity's importance for success. READ MORE

Bruce Baerwalde

The journey of McKibbon Hospitality in 2024, will be a year marked by resilience and growth alongside their industry peers in the face of the ever-evolving industry. With insight from President Bruce Baerwalde, McKibbon's sustainable outlook emphasizes purposeful expansion, strategic acquisitions, and innovative management agreements. The article also explores new developments for the company and Baerwalde offers advice and a vision for both industry novices and veterans alike. READ MORE

Adoniram Sides

Tipping culture in North America has long been ingrained in the fabric of the hospitality industry. Follow the evolution of tipping culture in North America's hospitality sector with our insightful article. Delve into the transformative impact of digitalization, addressing staff shortages, and fostering employee motivation. Navigate the intricate challenges and promising opportunities that accompany this shift, guiding businesses toward seamless integration and elevated guest experiences. READ MORE

Alex Barros

Discover the challenges hoteliers face in optimizing tour operations and find solutions to boost efficiency and enhance guest experiences. Understand how tour operators drive occupancy rates and revenue, especially in popular tourist destinations, and how technology, as revenue management systems, can help hoteliers in managing the complex requirements of tour operation distribution in different markets. READ MORE

Bonnie Knutson

My dad always told me that, with these three tools in your toolbox, you could build about anything: a screwdriver, a medium weigh claw hammer, and a tape measure. It is the same for your hotel's marketing toolbox. You need three tools to envision and build a profitable marketing strategy - a box, a prism, and a tape measure. Read how. READ MORE

Wendy Hansen

F&B is an essential part of the hospitality experience for hotel guests and, when done right, can be embraced by the local community. There are several different models that a hotel owner can implement in order to position its F&B outlets for success. This article gives a high-level overview of four options and describes the basic legal structure and highlights key terms for each that a hotel owner should consider. READ MORE

Matt Casella

The hospitality industry is famous for its ability to create special experiences through exceptional customer service. From the ability to guess a guest's favorite drink order to anticipating their need for extra towels, personalization has been the foundation of creating lasting memories since forever. However, as technology continues to advance, today's consumers are looking for a deeper level of customization in their hospitality experiences. READ MORE

D. Michael Daniel, Jr.

Explore the dynamic future of the hospitality industry as it adapts to new consumer demands, integrates cutting-edge technologies, and emphasizes sustainable practices. This informative article highlights key trends like digital evolution and experiential travel, providing a roadmap for resilience and growth. It offers valuable insights for professionals navigating these transformative changes in an evolving landscape. READ MORE

Don DeMarinis

Guests hold high expectations for their stay. Negative experiences result in the erosion of guest loyalty, negative reviews, and unfavorable social posts, that damage business. The goal is to deliver zero disappointment experiences that delight guests. With the help of technology, staff can enhance guest experiences at six critical stages of the customer journey to ensure they're turning potential critics into champions of the hotel. READ MORE

Robert O'Halloran

What is leadership? Leadership is a term used frequently and applied to multiple scenarios, but would we know leadership if we saw it? This article reviews the definitions of leadership and types of leadership, servant leadership for example, plus leadership traits, and skills. This article will also discuss leadership education and self-assessment, highlighting leadership metrics. READ MORE

Alexander Mirza

The article explores how the U.S. economy, particularly professional sports, thrives despite challenges like labor shortages and inflation, using data science effectively. It contrasts sports with other sectors facing decline, suggesting hospitality could learn from sports successful human capital management and technological integration. The piece highlights sports strategic use of AI and data analytics as models for other industries. READ MORE

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