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Mr. Harrel

Evan Harrel

Chief Operating Officer, Center for Compassionate Leadership

Evan Harrel is the Chief Operating Officer of the Center for Compassionate Leadership. He leads the Center's thought leadership efforts and the integration of scientific and business research into the work of the Center.

Mr. Harrel started his career in the financial sector, where he managed a thirty billion dollar equity mutual fund. In the last fifteen years, he has shifted his focus to work for the greater good. In that time, he has worked in the non-profit field, where he served as the executive director of a group of inner-city Houston preschools, of Houston Habitat for Humanity and, more recently, as a board member, consultant, and advisor to non-profit organizations.

Mr. Harrel has taught about compassionate leadership to both non-profit organizations and for-profit corporate boards. He is an alumnus of Princeton University and Harvard Business School.

The Center for Compassionate Leadership provides global thought leadership and training in the emerging field of organizational compassion. The Center integrates best practices of modern leadership, evidence-based science, and contemplative wisdom. While many people believe that compassion and strong leadership conflict, scientific research clearly shows the many benefits to organizations, employees and communities, including higher employee engagement, lower turnover, improved customer service levels, greater creativity, and a positive impact on the bottom line.

Please visit http://www.centerforcompassionateleadership.com for more information.

Mr. Harrel can be contacted at +1 713-569-3242 or eharrel@gmail.com

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Sales & Marketing: Technology Rules

It is impossible for any hotel to develop an effective sales and marketing plan that doesn't include a wide-ranging digital strategy. Online platforms have impacted virtually every aspect of their business, due to major changes in how Internet users research, plan, and book their hotel visits. As a result, a successful plan includes generating traffic through the use of a hotel website, social media, email and a myriad of other digital marketing technologies. One such strategy uses data collection and automation technology to create personalized content to individual customers. The goal of personalization marketing is to engage potential customers by communicating with them as individuals - to establish a more personal relationship - as a way of encouraging them to visit a property. Video marketing is also extremely important. Showing someone authentic video from a specific location is immersive and engaging, and video is still the preferred way for customers to interact with a hotel brand. Voice and Visual Search are increasingly in demand, as consumers are moving away from typing queries into a search engine. Instead, they can simply speak their request into their phone, and find and book a hotel without ever typing a word. Similarly, other platforms allow consumers to search visually for almost any image, and find out pricing information, shopping comparisons and how-to-buy - all from the app. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence is also becoming popular. The ability of chatbots to answer simple questions or fulfill requests 24/7 is undeniably appealing. In addition, A.I. seems best positioned to qualify leads that can be later nurtured and closed by a human sales expert - all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional support team. The June Hotel Business Review will examine how some sales and marketing professionals are integrating these innovative technologies into their operations.