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Mr. Kwok Ph.D.

Linchi Kwok Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Hospitality Management, Cal Poly Pomona

Linchi Kwok is an associate professor at The Collins College of Hospitality Management in California State Polytechnic University Pomona (Cal Poly Pomona). He is the Chair of the College's Retention, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP) Committee, in which he led the effort of making major revisions of the College's RTP document. He is also a Senator and a member of the Executive Committee at the University's Academic Senate, plus a member of a few other university-level committees. When Cal Poly Pomona went through the quarter-to-semester conversion process, Dr. Kwok successfully led the College's Curriculum Committee in restructuring the curriculum.

Dr. Kwok came to Cal Poly Pomona by way of Syracuse University (SU), where he was an assistant professor of hospitality management. Between 2011 and 2013, he was named a Kauffman Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at SU to support the university's initiatives in teaching and research excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Besides his tenured and tenure-track employment, Dr. Kwok is a visiting professor at the Sun Yet Sen Business School (among the top 3 business schools in mainland China) and taught at Rochester Institute of Technology and Texas Tech University. Over the years, he has taught undergraduate and graduate classes covering various subjects, such as marketing management, human resource management, market analysis in the lodging industry, hotel sales, information technology, service operations, social media marketing, and tourism management.

Dr. Kwok's research interests include hospitality management, service marketing, and information technology. His work received The W. Bradford Wiley Memorial Best Research Paper of the Year Award at CHRIE and several Best Paper/Proposal Awards in conferences. His research often appears in high-impact journals in the field. He serves on the editorial board for International Journal of Hospitality Management (a corresponding editor), Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, and Cornell Hospitality Quarterly; he performs ad-hoc reviews for more than 20 hospitality/social science journals and conferences.

Additionally, Dr. Kwok is a thought leader in hospitality management. He publishes periodical viewpoint articles about hospitality news and trends on HospitalityNet.org and MultiBriefs.com, in addition to other exposures on mainstream media. He is recognized as an expert in hospitality management at Cal Poly Pomona.

Dr. Kwok holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. degree in Hospitality Administration from Texas Tech University and an MBA degree from SU. His professional portfolio also includes several years of managerial and hands-on experience in the hospitality industry in the U.S. and mainland China.

Please visit http://experts.cpp.edu/member/linchi-kwok/ for more information.

Mr. Kwok Ph.D. can be contacted at +1 909-869-4523 or lkwok@cpp.edu

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