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Nancy Loman Scanlon, Ph.D.

Wellness, the latest trend word in hospitality businesses, has evolved from the term sustainability. 'Wellness' expresses not only healthy minds and bodies but how we address climate change and resiliency issues such as water and energy. At a time when we are fighting an epidemic disease of global proportions, 'wellness' of mind and body has become critical to the balance of our lives. 'Well Buildings' are the key to providing a 'well place' to work and live. READ MORE

Jeffery Smith

What is a regenerative hotel and why is everyone talking about regeneration? This article walks the reader through a high-level overview of sustainability and only the most important buzz words that go with it, from CSR to ESG. What are the business opportunities that come with sustainability, and what key aspects should any hotel executive understand on this topic. READ MORE

Elena Ashkinazy

As more travelers concern about their environmental footprint, hotels of the future must demonstrate sustainable practices in every detail. Commitments to positive environmental and social impacts, carbon offset programs, energy and water efficiency, waste management, and top-notch sustainable design features improve cost efficiencies and help with guest engagement. Elena Ashkinazy, Director of Sustainability for Time Equities, Inc showcases how Altamer Resort gets a competitive advantage in the market. READ MORE

Tara Dodson

Guests want to see that your property is celebrating and offering low-carbon, solar-powered, reusable items and community-friendly accommodations in a luxurious and natural setting. Properties should seize the opportunity to rewrite the rules, give genuine attention to incorporating sustainability, and watch as guests enjoy their stay. Tara Dodson from Eco Collections Marketplace provides a list of things that your hotel can do right now. READ MORE

Rebecca Hawkins

Hoteliers who are seeking to stand out from the crowd will need to go beyond the basics of great customer service and COVID safety procedures to delight customers who have been cooped up for the best part of a year. We are now seeing consumers state a preference for meaningful experiences that provide a real sense of authenticity. Moreover, they are putting this over price when choosing where to go. READ MORE

Scott Lee

Nature recycles materials, uses only the energy it needs, and relies on abundant and readily available resources, using rare resources sparingly. How might we incorporate nature's principles in our designs, learn from sustainability that already exists in the natural world, and create restorative solutions where the built environment enhances rather than detracts from nature? READ MORE

Randy Durband

Following global trends, hoteliers are now moving faster towards more sustainable practices. However, sustainability is a broad topic and taking the first steps might be daunting. To make it easier, Randy Durband, CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), shares 6 ways that are crucial in making hotels sustainable. READ MORE

Marci Zaroff

Travel's landscape is amidst a seismic shift, including various approaches to coping with the impacts of a global pandemic. As we emerge from over a year of isolation, we must accept the importance of holistic wellness in the recovery equation. We need to think differently and put health and safety front and center if we are going to evolve alongside our consumers and our world as a whole. READ MORE

Megan Morikawa

Climate change will have devastating impacts for tourism, similar in scale to COVID-19. Yet the nature that makes destinations desirable holds a key solution to counteracting climate change: the active capture of carbon. Dr. Megan Morikawa, Global Director of Sustainability for Iberostar Group & PhD from Stanford in Biology discusses how tourism is working to decarbonize and how nature should play a key role in that. READ MORE

Ewald Biemans

Can becoming carbon neutral bring your hotel more business? Yes! Discover how successful your property can become economically, socially and of course, environmentally. Follow along as the Caribbean's most eco-certified hotel and its first and only carbon-neutral hotel thrives. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort in Aruba hums at 97% occupancy and continues to show others how memorable vacations and sustainability can be mutually inclusive. READ MORE

Barbara Rush

With struggling businesses and limited budgets, it's hard to see why making other initiatives like adopting eco-friendly practices should remain a priority. Yet, the fight against climate change didn't stop with the onset of the pandemic; it just took a backseat. Barbara Rush, Area Director of Seattle-based Columbia Hospitality shares what a sustainable mindset means, setting a "green goal" for your business and how to adopt meaningful eco-friendly practices in your hotel. READ MORE

Brian McCallen

When Greg Norman established his golf design firm in 1987, he did it with a mandate to preserve landscapes, respect Mother Nature and create enjoyable golf courses. The Greg Norman Signature golf course at Rancho San Lucas opened in February 2020, and is a multi-themed design that explores coastal and desert environments and offers a thrilling challenge from each set of tees. READ MORE

Sabina Fluxá Thienemann

Tourism must come back, and the question is how. The industry has a choice: return to business as usual (or worse, take backward steps in progress) or use sustainability as a core driver for a safe return. In this piece, Sabina and Gloria Fluxà, respectively, CEO and Corporate Sustainability Officer (CSO) at Iberostar Group, share what they believe are three key aspects to consider to build a better industry. READ MORE

Hicham Jaddoud

Hospitality has become a major industry and one of the most important social phenomena in the United States. The greatest perceived socio-economic impacts of the hospitality sector are increased employment, greater tax revenues to state and local governments, and growth in local retail sales. In this article, Hicham Jaddoud of North Star Mohican Casino uses a critical approach to demonstrate the positive contributions of the hospitality industry on local and regional communities. The article discusses the fiscal and induced contributions of the hospitality industry to local and regional communities, giving concrete examples of initiatives taken by hospitality firms to contribute to the local communities where they do business. READ MORE

Jessica Blotter

Sustainability has become a deciding factor for individuals purchasing travel and accommodation and travel companies are adapting their offerings to meet their needs as reflected in the recently released 2019 Amadeus study: Making a Positive Impact on Travel. From reducing plastic in hotels, decarbonizing, and creating strategic partnerships that generate a positive community impact, Jessica Blotter, the founder of California-based KindTraveler explores 10 adoptable strategies today's hotelier can employ right away to not only advance sustainable travel in 2020, but also create marketing opportunities as well as reduce operating costs. READ MORE

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Coming up in June 2021...

Sales & Marketing: Playing the Long Game

During an economic downturn, it is tempting to slash marketing budgets to make up for lost revenue. But smart hoteliers play the long game, knowing that companies who stay engaged with their customers will be the first to benefit from a rebound. Therefore, now is the time to renew and revamp sales and marketing strategies in order to be ready for what lies ahead. For example, this is a perfect time to refresh website content, social media and SEO.  The same for hotel blogs where content can be updated to give customers inspirational ideas as they begin to travel and meet again. Multimedia assets should also be revised with new photo/video shoots that provide accurate information about how setups, room configurations, and onsite offerings have changed to accommodate safer meetings and social distancing. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the sales and marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting in anticipation of a recovery in 2021.