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Jonathan Evans

Hoteliers will spend a fortune this year on website SEO, but the most important factor in how a hotel ranks in local/mobile & map searches is the proper optimization of its Google My Business (GMB) profile. Never standing still, Google is continually rolling out new enhancements and features that can mean the difference between being in the top 3 results, or being buried by the competition. In this article we examine everything an operator and marketing executive needs to know about Google My Business, from the basics to the latest functionalities and features. And it's all free! READ MORE

Lorraine Abelow

The often variety of content streams can be bewildering for sales and marketing executives in developing a successful hotel PR and social media campaign. Launching an integrated approach that includes travel public relations and social media must engage and ultimately sell to your target market. This requires a systematic and diligent effort with sustained momentum over months and years. Fresh and creative initiatives will propel your campaign forward, but all of that happens after the foundation is in place. Monthly and quarterly reviews to ensure you are on track and succeeding in getting your message out is also necessary to continually calibrate the results. READ MORE

Melissa Maher

Technology impacts how consumers today live, work, shop and play today. They are moving at the speed of light, and they expect the companies they interact with to keep up with them. This "digital impatience" means consumers increasingly expect that technology understand them, and be intuitive, personal and seamless - including with travel. Expedia's Melissa Maher, SVP Global Partner Group at Expedia, Inc., offers insights and tips for hoteliers to capture the attention of and engage today's digitally savvy traveler. From increasing efficiency and personalization, to inspiring with digital imagery, to optimizing reviews. The hotels that will thrive in today's highly competitive landscape are those that leverage tools to better understand and respond to the needs of their guests. READ MORE

Hillary Bressler

Digital marketing global thought leader, Hillary Bressler, puts together her most worthwhile statistics that will resonate with marketers looking to keep ahead of this fast paced game. The days of a 12 month locked in marketing plan is so yesterday. The times in digital marketing are changing FAST! Agile marketers must be able to turn on a dime with their strategies. Solid statistics are vital for marketers to keep up on the latest shifts. With so many marketing statistics out there today it is crucial to decide which ones are valuable to building your strategy and which ones are interesting, but useless. This article focuses on stats that make marketers think twice about their strategies. READ MORE

Pedro Colaco

Impressions. Leads. Conversion. Bounce Rate. Hands up who is really obsessed in monitoring these social media quantitative metrics on a daily basis? Quantitative metrics tends to be the main priority when analyzing social media reach or success but there are some new key indicators and metrics that have been overlooked and can also be a key element for a successful hotel social media performance. Most hoteliers are constantly worried about the same old metrics and looking for benchmarks that can help them to monitor their performance successfully on social media. But what about qualitative metrics and sentiment analysis? Are they meaningful? Which ones to use? What can we learn from them? How can we measure them? READ MORE

Stephanie Hilger

Creating content is hard, especially with limited budgets, time, and resources. Not to mention, the content that your hotel is publishing is not only competing with content from other hotels but also with content from other brands, other industries - even users' family and friends. In the digital world, community managers are constantly trying to think of creative ways to attract and engage followers. As a social media manager, it is not always necessary to create content from scratch. Engaging content can be discovered and re-shared with your network. Often times, content curation can even be the key to increasing engagement. READ MORE

Lorraine Abelow

What makes them even more attractive to the hotel industry is that they are nearly twice as likely to travel for business as Baby Boomers. In fact 46% of Millennial are willing to do so versus 26% of their older counterparts. This interesting statistic came of light from a study by the Global Business Travel Association. So even though there are technologies like Skype and Gotomeeting, Millennials want to meet face to face and their companies have the funds to send them on that business travel. Predictions are that by 2025, this group will make three-quarters of the workforce. Understanding and growing with this generation will make or break you in the hotel world of the future READ MORE

Tema Frank

Answering reviews, whether positive or negative, is one of the best marketing investments you can make. Just remember to keep your cool, even in the face of outrageous complaints. Review sites like Trip Advisor and are here to stay. Sadly, many hotels still aren't dealing with them very well. Either they ignore them (or seem to, by never commenting) or, in some cases, they get downright hostile. That's a no-win situation. Let's take a look at some classic examples followed by solutions on how you can do better... READ MORE

Lorraine Abelow

Luxury travel is one of the most lucrative segments for hoteliers, but success depends on publicizing that you are innovating and a market leader. A travel public relations company that specializes in hospitality PR monitors the emerging trends worldwide to best position its hospitality clients for success. These trends shift quickly in today's digital environment, so it is vital to stay abreast of them by subscribing to Google Alerts, and regularly reading top media outlets like Skift. It is important to position your property in the context of trends, because that is what will perk up the ears of editors, journalists and the all important bloggers. READ MORE

Lorraine Abelow

Getting top rankings on Google and the other search engines is the prime marketing objective for hotels. Insight into the logic of Google's madness is a must. While no one pretends to know their secret algorithms, a qualified social media professional understands how to achieve the objective on page one. While everyone agrees getting high on the search rankings is key in today's Internet driven environment, why do so many hotels miss the boat? The reason is clear: hoteliers must understand that integrating the PR and SEO functions into your marketing programs at the outset is the answer to making this happen. This article explains how to achieve those high rankings and optimize your SEO capability. READ MORE

Sherry Heyl

360 video and 360 images, known also as spherical videos or immersive videos, are a new type of media where the viewer has control of the viewing direction. Viewers can get a first-person experience of a different location and time. 360 Imagery has seen an astounding increase of the adoption rate in the last few years thanks to the diffusion of virtual reality devices, new browsers and techniques to display the media without additional plugins and the broad usage of new generation mobile devices that are able to display the 360 media. READ MORE

Jeff Catlin

The early days of the travel and leisure industry are more recent but nonetheless important. In days gone by the idea of traveling cross-country or across a continent was a life-and-death proposition. Through innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit, the travel and leisure industry has become the ambassadors of business across the globe. Yet, when your customers can be literally anyone in the world, how can anyone be expected to effectively understand what they are they are saying? We will take a more detailed look at how social engagement should differ for the various brands within a hotel chain. Specifically, we're going to examine how sentiment is not a universal measure, and that it's not only correct, but appropriate that sentiment for high end hotel chains will have a much larger variance (more really positive and really negative comments). READ MORE

Benjamin Jost

Guests constantly hop across different communication channels. To keep pace with them, hotels must migrate through these various platforms to remain engaged. Most modern hotel executives recognize the importance of communicating with guests on the medium in which they are most comfortable. However, identifying and implementing approaches that makes these meetings possible can be more difficult than these executives consider. After all, anyone can send a text message. But meeting and tracking an SLA across an SMS creates an entirely new set of hurdles an owner must address to his advantage. READ MORE

Lorraine Abelow

Due to the exponential growth of digital media, how we plan and book our vacations has changed dramatically over the past two decades. The environment is constantly evolving; with an increase in the use of mobile content being amongst the most recent advances. Travel Public Relations firms can help you to remain fully informed about this rapidly-changing landscape. Magazines, guidebooks and newspaper supplements were once seen as the ultimate authority on travel. But now the biggest touchstones also include online reviews, travel websites and blogs. READ MORE

Michael Barbera

Social media has shown the world its power. Your power. It's your voice that is shared throughout the world via underwater fiber optic cables and wireless networks. This voice has played a key role in the development of global politics, criminal justice, relationships and economic development. Economic development is a broad term, but when there is growth in a town, city or county, a hotel is likely to appear. Alike every other business, hotels have a target segment, or two, or ten. It's unlikely that a four or five star hotel will appear in small, rural town, and it's unlikely that a large convention will be held in a small hotel, regardless of geographic location. Although each hotel has target markets, hotels can increase their reach through humanizing engagement on social networks as well as increase their revenues by developing a "fully-connected" consumer. READ MORE

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Coming up in April 2021...

Guest Service: Health and Safety First

Though expectations are that hotels will return to some semblance of normalcy in 2021, their highest priority must continue to be the health and safety of guests and employees. To that end, hotels are training their guest service personnel in enhanced cleaning routines, which include the following practices - bathrooms, elevator buttons, remote controls and other high-touch items, are disinfected and cleaned with a higher frequency; all tables, chairs and menus in restaurants are cleaned at a much higher frequency, and after each seating; floor markers in public areas to remind guests and team members to maintain physical distance; hand alcohol stations and disposable gloves in lobbies and restaurants; loose items such as pens, note pads and information material removed from rooms and meeting rooms; limiting the number of seats in restaurants and public areas; and revised food & beverage offerings. The April issue of the Hotel Business Review will review how guest service personnel are being trained to maintain health and safety protocols in their operations.