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Amy Draheim

When it comes to innovative guest experiences, independent hotels are leading the charge. Without the red tape of big box properties, these hotels are not only finding creative ways to meet guests where they are, but also anticipating needs as they evolve. Some of the brightest and the best are taking what they're already known for, and amplifying those experiences. READ MORE

Chris Hurn

The SBA opened its PPP loan forgiveness portal on August 10 and borrowers navigating the PPP Loan forgiveness process are finding it confusing, complex and time-consuming. With all of the confusion surrounding the process, hoteliers should make sure they understand the basic criteria for PPP loan forgiveness and following some actionable tips can help hoteliers work more smoothly through the process. READ MORE

Brian Quinn

As the travel industry braces for the long-term impact from the COVID-19 crisis, the extended stay and apartment-hotel segment is seeing increased demand comparatively. Drawing on his wealth of experience, Domio's Chief Development Officer Brian Quinn shares why apartment-hotels are thriving in today's environment, as well as how the sector provides attractive solutions for developers. READ MORE

Adria Levtchenko

Sometimes, in industries like hospitality and health care, where there can be so intimate a connection with another human being (guest or patient), we may underestimate the importance of maintaining esprit de corps within our own group. This article discusses some key elements to ensuring that those ties that bind remain positive and strong within our organizations as we navigate what remains an uncertain future. READ MORE

Ryan McAndrew

The hospitality industry is not having the V-shaped recovery we all hoped for. While hotel occupancy rose steadily throughout the summer and had returned to mid-March levels by August, occupancy rates are not providing the full picture of distress. The view on the ground offers a sobering perspective, as hotel investors and operators across the country continue to announce delayed reopenings and in some cases, permanent closures. READ MORE

Merrick Dresnin

In this pandemic-laden world, budgets have been trimmed, revenue expectations lowered, expenses have been brought under control and staffs have been reduced. How do we move forward in these challenging times when we have regressed in so many ways? How do we thrive when we have less resources and support? It can and has to be done. The following will help companies think through this dilemma, adapt and succeed. READ MORE

Rana Kay

The latest studies show that consumer confidence is exhibiting a decline following a slight uptick in June. Diminishing optimism regarding short term financial recovery, coupled with health and safety concerns is projected to slow the recovery of the travel and hospitality industry. Establishing a comprehensive communications and marketing plan is critical to cultivating consumer confidence as we welcome guests back through year end. READ MORE

David Nuenemann

What can a professional consultant bring to the table at this point in order to assist hoteliers to retain their position in the market and ultimately secure their business? While a generic answer is certainly not applicable here, there are a couple of steps and examples that can be worked on now, together with a third-party, in order to succeed. READ MORE

Maggie Lang

COVID-19 has changed everything in the hospitality industry. But the pandemic has also opened the door for brands to reimagine operations and the ways with which we deliver service and experience. From cleanliness and putting health and safety first to creating community and improving service delivery, forward-thinking brands are leveraging digital technology to enhance guest experiences and build connection. READ MORE

Justin Taillon

The hospitality and tourism industry is facing uncertainty. We should work together as a community to bring patrons to our communities but our existing community organizers are DMOs. We rely on them to leverage resources and collaboration wisely for the betterment of our communities. These organizations complement our business operations and extend our resources to local global markets alike. Yet DMOs are facing closure due to financial realities. READ MORE

Lesley Hughes-Wyman

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, longterm. When the lines between work and home became increasingly blurred, a new frame of mind-and business approach-was required in order to navigate our new realities. While virtual communication is an important facet of 21st century life, nothing compares to face-to-face collaboration. As the future of work processes continues to evolve, there's much we can learn from the trial-and-error approach that 2020 required. READ MORE

Kerstin Bremser

With touchless treatments in high demand, Prof. Kerstin Bremser explores automated dry hydromassage tables – which use sophisticated water jets to create custom massages while guests stay dry by lying on a natural rubber surface. These devices offer an alternative to hands-on massage and have been clinically studied to treat all manner of muscle aches and pains, including sciatica and chronic low-back pain. READ MORE

Amy Draheim

The right communications strategy will make all the difference when it comes to welcoming guests back through your doors. It starts with sharing your safety protocol, updating your guest communications, meeting the moment with new offerings, and using social media to share your new spa experience in a way that guests simply can't refuse. READ MORE

David Ashen

David Ashen, president & CEO of interior design and brand consulting firm dash design, could be called a road warrior, given the number of nights he spends in and out of some of the most interesting hotels across the globe. In this case study-style article, Ashen highlights three of his favorite hotels from his many travels and explores what makes them magical and memorable. READ MORE

Ruben Mejia

Hotel managers will need to make sure that health facilities are safe and clean for guests. The future of gyms in hotels will look different, such as limitations on the number of people that are able to workout at the same time or be in the same fitness class, and stricter cleaning schedules for hotel staff. SportsArt has created a full safety checklist that hotels should consider when opening their fitness rooms… READ MORE

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Coming up in December 2020...

Hotel Law: Protecting Guest Privacy

Every business is obligated to protect their customers from identity theft but unfortunately, data breaches have become all too common. In an effort to protect a guest's right to privacy and to safeguard their personal data, the European Union passed a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that could hold hotels legally liable for any breaches that expose a customer's sensitive personal information. Though the GDPR only pertains to EU citizens' data, any international business that mishandles their data can be legally responsible. Another legal issue of concern is the fight involving hotel "resort fees." Several states attorney generals have recently filed suit against two major hotel chains in an effort to litigate this practice. Their suit alleges that these companies are "engaged in deceptive and misleading pricing practices and their failure to disclose fees is in violation of consumer protection laws." The suit seeks to force the hotel chains to advertise the true price of their hotel rooms. There are several other legal issues that the industry is being forced to address. Sexual harassment prevention in the workplace is still top of mind for hotel employers-particularly in New York and California, which now statutorily require harassment training. Hotels and motels in California will also soon be required to train all their employees on human trafficking awareness. Immigration issues are also of major concern to hotel employers, especially in the midst of a severe labor shortage. The government is issuing fewer H2B visas for low-skilled workers, as well as J-1 visas for temporary workers. Though there is little hope for any comprehensive immigration reform, hotel lobbying groups are actively seeking legal remedies to alleviate this problem. These are just a few of the critical issues that the December issue of the Hotel Business Review will examine in the area of hotel law.