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Terri McCollin

In today's dynamic digital landscape, travel and hospitality PR professionals have a rapidly diminishing role. In their place: communications experts applying their storytelling abilities to help shape marketing strategies and create more effective brand campaigns. Collaboration with marketing teams is no longer enough; publicists should be transitioning to a fully integrated approach - and they are already equipped to do so. READ MORE

Frank Speranza

There is a lot that goes into hiring the best leaders, but often the vision gets cloudy when you are under stress to achieve results that include taking care of shareholders, guests, and other staff members. Learn how to stay focused and keep your eyes on the process that will help you secure covenantal leaders for your organization both now and for its future. READ MORE

Kai Urban

In the world of the hospitality industry, creating a memorable stay for guests is top of mind and often delivered through incredible culinary experiences, coupled with the service provided by dedicated team members. At Hilton Anaheim, guests are provided with a culinary journey at MIX Restaurant that focuses on the right ambiance, operational efficiency and by understanding the audience. READ MORE

Lindsay Taylor

Hotels have fallen behind other sectors in terms of managing their negative environmental impact. New data reveals that far from improving their carbon footprint, hotels are increasing their energy consumption. To avoid regulatory scrutiny, reputational damage and a long-term decline in profits, it is time for hotels to take sustainability seriously if they are to retain customers. READ MORE

Chintan Dadhich

Exceptional guest service is hospitality's cornerstone, enhancing core values and overall experiences. From pre-arrival to check-in, in-room comfort, dining, and technology integration, a friendly team is pivotal. Substantial personal assistance fosters post-stay feedback, driving continuous improvement for enduring guest satisfaction and loyalty. The quest is to discover impactful strategies for the best guest experience-let's explore. READ MORE

Ronnie Cox

A new study found that hospitality workers are least prepared for retirement compared to their peers in agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, logistics, advertising, construction, education, finance, and technology. Understand the nine factors that went into defining "retirement preparedness," how hospitality fares within each category, and what is being done to make a fulfilling life post-career more of a reality. READ MORE

Jennifer Barnwell

From fighting off COVID to long hours working from home, the pandemic has left many people in need of relaxation and recharging. Boutique hotels are redefining luxury by prioritizing the holistic well-being of their guests. A new wave of trends are reshaping health and wellness offerings in boutique hotels, catering to the growing demand for nurturing the body, mind, and soul. READ MORE

Jerome G. Grzeca

A comprehensive examination of diverse Visa options going beyond the Student and Trainee Statuses. This strategic approach aims to facilitate the continued presence and growth of Foreign National Managers, fostering a conducive environment with upward trajectory within the organization. Expanding the scope of available Visa pathways, the organization can effectively retain the skills and leadership potential of these individuals as they progress in their roles. READ MORE

Paul McElroy

Design and construction teams are made up of so many key players who all play a crucial role in bringing hospitality projects together. Traditionally, contractors and subcontractors work in silos rather than together as one collaborative team, but when owners and development managers create a culture of cross-discipline collaboration and openness, teams forge stronger relationships and ultimately have the ability to create better spaces. READ MORE

Russ Spencer

Inflation has been affecting hoteliers over the past year, and despite rates finally starting to cool, the cost of goods remains high, impacting consumer behaviors when it comes to travel and lodging costs. Looking ahead, what proactive measures can hotel operators take to drive occupancy rates, keep guests on-site longer, and protect revenues amid a challenging market? READ MORE

Kathy Logan

In 2021, the Ritz-Carlton Naples engaged architect Cooper Carry and interior designer Parker Torres to bring the 1980s hotel into the 21st century. After years of renovations, three months before it was set to re-open, Hurricane Ian hit Southwest Florida. Eight months of whirlwind recovery and renovation efforts later, the hotel reemerged in July 2023 as an elevated, luxury resort. READ MORE

Bonnie Knutson

Read any business journal and you will find articles focusing on how important it is for organizations to innovate. Watch any online business channel and you will see segments touting the same thing. In this article, you will learn how you can use famous movie quotations and the Velcro Theory to develop innovative business strategies that "stick" guests to your hotel. READ MORE

Maliha Aqeel

In an industry where luxury and comfort are often the principal offerings, hospitality is now witnessing a paradigm shift as customers increasingly seek purpose-driven brands and experiences that improve society. Today, social purpose is not just a trend but a core component of driving positive customer engagement. But what does this shift towards purpose mean for hospitality executives and marketers? READ MORE

Lawrence Adams

Architectural design is an inherently personal journey that looks to the past and endeavors to envision the future. It requires crunching on the myriad of programmatic parameters and contextual limits of a predetermined brief. We avail ourselves of hard-won skills, technology, and tools fundamental to our quest. How can we make Generative AI a valuable tool in our creative process? READ MORE

Andy De Silva

The hotel industry is constantly in flux with the ever-changing needs and desires of guests, advancements towards smart technology and transformations in our world. This article explores how efforts towards sustainability lead the way in establishing a new operational landscape, as hospitality as a whole makes a global concerted effort to help our environment, and that working collaboratively is essential. READ MORE

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