Pursuing the Entrepreneurial Dream on a Tightrope

By Rick Gabrielsen President, Kupuna Hospitality, LLC | August 12, 2012

Often heard are those sincere sounds of envy when a conversation finds its way to the topic of making a living and my reply will vary from self employed, to we own a hotel management company, and the response is typically "You are an entrepreneur" you must be enjoying working for yourself, how great is that. Well let's visit the dictionary to see if the traditional definition of Webster is correct; "a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk". Walk with me for a few minutes while we together find the balance of the dream!

The tick of the clock sounds the same, though the seconds never adjust. It is what is done in these faint moments that create a landscape of your dream. The dream that is so bright with enthusiasm to get started in our own business world that confidence tells us it is so easy, since generally speaking the business we enter is the one that started, pushed or ignited our career. Simple but complex when you find there are many facets to those wandering moments of glee. See an individual who has a vision of a start-up company, one that literally begins with an end result certainly has pin point accuracy on the outcome, you would venture to think. Is this true, or has the heartstrings of the dream carried you away from reality? An answer may vary by person or perhaps differently at each juncture, but the one who gets across the tightrope finds that it leads to another and another hopefully. Is it the half-full thinker who sees no barriers or the one that just wanted to get away? Is it the fascination of one's own time that generates the free spirit to venture into the unknown or could it be that the stomach lining of an entrepreneur just plainly can tolerate the thin rope that sways so quickly when canvassing the next step?

The joy of small business always starts with a dream. That peculiar thought that clouds the mind at some point late in the evening or when least expected that sends a smile through your soul. That one inkling of anxiety is the beginning of the path that awaits you. Needless to say that fuzzy feeling that envelopes your being which causes a stir in the belly unlike any other, though the stir can become a mixer quickly when the view from afar is to make change. The change in the dream comes often as to the who, the why and the where come into clear existence in your path. See the fundamentals of patience is witnessed when the first step is taken, the movement of the first inch on the rope clearly creates the movement in your step. Should we take the next step or is my balance leaning to the side of failure, one that would allow for an immediate fall. A fall only means that you have two choices, one to rebound quickly or the other is to show that facial grimace and sneer at the obstacle with vengeance. However you elect to take that next step or begin again with the first step, chances are you will be successful as you have learned that the first step is always the most difficult. In the hearts and souls of each individual with a vision of owning, building or creating a business, is the clear view of the sway in the tightrope. The sway of the rope will generally only lean from side to side as the body maneuvers across.

In the initial stages of the dream the thoughts are clear that we can certainly develop a plan and it will be easy to cross with the ease of a walk. With more thought it becomes a fast moving target to the end, because see we want to get to the next point quickly. After all it is our considerable initiative that allowed a dream to become a reality, never thinking that a dream so clear and obviously successful prior to awakening would entail risk. What is risk you may wonder? Well with the tightrope so firmly in place at the beginning is also securely fastened on the other side, though between the two points often carries gusts of disbelief and moments of exhilaration. The balance of all these facets of your business is now in your twinkle toes to navigate the tightrope to the next step.

The mind is one that is there to fool you constantly into thinking it can and or can't be achieved. The heart is there only to provide palpitations of senses felt unlike in any other task. Together the balance of these two areas will be the enlightening force that keeps you steady when the environments around you may tease you otherwise!

The first step is taken and the senses are relieved that the business may just now be viable. The first deposit of capital has been placed into the vault and the thoughts of the next one, awaits your eager toes and nose. You can now smell the victory of what initiative provides, when the toes prance so gracefully on the tightrope never thinking of the next movement. See we have already won, for now, when abruptly you realize the dream only made it through the first step. With deep thoughts you find that place where the dream ended so that your thoughts can go back to that place where it was just plain simple. Simple is stupid in business when the waves of the hurricane hit you again to lose balance realizing that you have only moved forward one step and there are at least a dozen more to get the side of relief. In business, sports or reading the time of exhale is so welcomed knowing that you did it, found it and or took the next step. In the words of one iconic singer "I feel good" becomes a feeling of reward and a motivator to receive frequently.

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