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Brandon Dennis

Daily deal websites like Groupon burst into popularity towards the end of the 00s. Since then, they have generated much controversy. Despite being valued at over $6 billion in 2010, Groupon's value has degraded significantly. It's stock value has crashed 43%, heralding many to proclaim the death of flash deals. Not so fast. Groupon's stock woes are due to Groupon's aggressive marketing, and it's stock allocation decisions. Despite it's troubles, Groupon still sits on $868 billion in cash reserves. In 2011, a BIA/Kelsey report predicted that consumers would spend $4.2 billion on daily deals by 2015; by 2016, they predict the number will rise to $5.5 billion. READ MORE

Dave Ratner

A hotel executive's job is an inherently social one; it requires respect, diplomacy, discretion, an optimistic attitude and a commitment to excellence. Hoteliers understand this fact, and they work with the resources they have - they become resourceful themselves - to ensure that every guest enjoys the amenities and exceptional service that each patron should receive. There is a divide, however, a literal separation between what many hotel executives manage in the real world versus what they do (or fail to do) in the digital realm of social media. It is an urgent necessity for hotel executives to enter this virtual world - to join the conversation, with personality and vigor - so the properties these respective professionals represent have a voice, distinctive in its substance and unmistakable in its style, that resonates for guests throughout the globe. READ MORE

Bernard Perrine

Monitoring and responding to travelers' comments on social media is now a must for hotels. Guests tell the world, in cyberspace, about the good and bad on their stays at properties. By promptly addressing complaints, along with providing relevant content in travel-related social networking communities, savvy brands can increase occupancy and revenue - and even build loyalty. We look at tools and tactics for effective "social listening." READ MORE

Carolyn Murphy

Every time Facebook makes a change, there's a similar outcry: It's creepy that Facebook keeps tracking more and more of our actions. Despite this sentiment, Facebook usage keeps growing and growing. Understanding this paradox and how to navigate it is crucial for hotels that want to deliver relevant communications in a way that honors guests' privacy. READ MORE

Brandon Dennis

It's frustrating not being able to control what people say about your property. In the past, damage was minimal. One disgruntled guest could impact only a handful of people. Today, one disgruntled guest can ruin your business. All it takes is one viral video showing bedbugs at your property, and your business is forever harmed. It's important to go online and check up on your reputation, to see what people are saying. It may be tricky to know where to begin. Here is my list of the most important places where you need to make sure your reputation is positive. READ MORE

Michelle Wohl

If you are evaluating how a mobile app or mobile website can add value to your hotel, there is more to consider than just how it looks or the features that it contains. For a mobile solution to truly be successful, it must be easily integrated into your existing systems, readily adopted by your guests, supported by your staff and built for future innovation. This guide will outline the considerations you should explore as part of your decision-making process. READ MORE

Anne-Juliette Maurice

In today's world, online visibility and interaction is essential to drive and retain business. Social media outlets including facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have given the ability to connect with customers in an intimate yet public fashion. Online presence has become a key tool to promote, target and eventually impact the decision making process. For a successful hotel operator, it is critical to actively respond to the feedback, which is tied into these mediums. READ MORE

Tema Frank

What people experience with your hotel in the digital world before they arrive sets the stage for what they will expect when they come stay with you. If there's a gap, it had better be in the direction of delivering a better customer experience, not a disappointing one. There are things you can do that prime the pump, getting guests ready for an experience so good they'll want to tell all their friends. This article discusses how you can leverage the power of email, social media, and a good customer relationship management system to deliver delightful unexpected extras that cost you little but have an outsized impact. READ MORE

Michelle Lapierre

Content marketing and social media have become the new standard in customer engagement. With consumers spending more time than ever on social sites and giving inbox access in return for special offers and gated content, organizations have the ability to engage customers and prospects with a level of intimacy never before seen. However, with every organization jumping headfirst into social and content, extra care must be taken to build trust and respect to ensure long-term customer engagement. READ MORE

Robert Patterson

Change is hard. It is a fact. People are averse to having to do things differently and are slow to adapt to change. But we must evolve to move forward. Change on an organizational level is even more complex. Nowhere is this more evident than in the operational implementation of social media at hotel properties. Learn five things your hotel can be doing to implement social media into operations. READ MORE

Tema Frank

Do you hate having to pay up to 25% commissions to online travel agency and hotel bookings sites? You are not alone. With only 65% of bookings now made directly on a hotel or chain's website, you can't afford to ignore them, but with a great website you can get more people to book directly with you. Don't make these common mistakes on your website if you want to avoid those nasty commissions and have more guests come straight to you. READ MORE

Janet Gerhard

Are you implementing a social media strategy or building a social business? 2013 was viewed as the year where a sense of data and integration with digital and mobile efforts were supreme. Yet, only 34% of social strategists and executives said their social strategy was connected to business outcomes. Research has shown that there are clear differences between companies that are implementing a social media strategy and those that are building a social business. Many in the hospitality industry are focused on the former. Yet, we should all be striving to develop a social business strategy that integrates social technologies into business values and goals in order to create value for customers and build long-term relationships with them. READ MORE

Tema Frank

Trust is important in any relationship, especially if you want people to sleep with you. (OK, at your hotel, maybe not exactly with you!) That's why people rely so heavily on reviews on sites like Trip Advisor and hearing what others have said about your hotel helps create the trust they need to feel confident making a reservation. But what if you don't have enough reviews yet to be profiled on the big sites? Or the reviewer numbers are so small that people wonder if it was just your spouse, parents and friends who wrote the reviews? That's when you need to find other ways to build trust with prospective guests. Here are 14 things you can do to build trust and get more bookings. READ MORE

Sherry Heyl

Today, when we need an escape, we turn to the mobile apps on our smart phones and the Internet. When we need a mental break from work, we turn to our social networks. When we need to escape boredom we turn to our news feeds. When we need to avoid an awkward moment we face one of our many digital screens. So it should be no surprise that when we need a break, an escape, a getaway we turn to our social networks, news feeds and various digital screens to plan a vacation. READ MORE

Tema Frank

Sure you promise your guests a great experience at your hotel. But do you deliver it? And if not, what's getting in the way? There's no question that most hotel managers want to provide a happy, memorable guest experience, but wanting and doing it are two very different things. To provide outstanding guest experiences you need the right combination of core values, great staff and effective processes to back them up. Here are some thoughts on how to get there. READ MORE

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