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Paolo Boni

With so much information at consumers' fingertips, the hotel selection process has become an involved journey, often spanning many days and many sites and devices. Online travel shoppers are looking for content that speaks to their needs and wants at every stage of this shopping journey. The stories they encounter for hotels along the way are undeniably powerful and often the last stand between the hotel shopper and the booking. Video is especially in demand. In order for hoteliers to meet consumer demands for online video, the two most critical essentials are relevance and availability. READ MORE

Paolo Boni

It's a competitive market online for hotels these days. What can you do to attract online travel shoppers, set your property apart and produce more hotel bookings? The answer, as a growing number of hoteliers have found, is to tell your story in a unique and compelling way -- tell it with video and get that video in front of as many shoppers as possible. Considering that hotel shoppers are clearly demanding video and your competitors are jumping in with both feet, it may be time to begin incorporating video and video syndication into your own marketing and e-business strategies. Such moves can generate impressive returns. READ MORE

Rohit Verma

If your would-be customer has started her hotel search by typing in a query to Google, Bing, Kayak, or another search engine, you need to make sure that your hotel comes up near the top of the search engine's results page. As you probably can guess, the reason you need to be near the top of the results page is that searchers rarely scroll down the page. In fact, in a study of web searchers' eye movements, a team at Cornell University found that the "hot spot," where users focus most heavily, is an area in the upper left corner of the page-essentially the top two or three of the unpaid, or "organic" hits. READ MORE

Rob Kall

Just like with Automobiles, the 2011 Model Year Website is finally here! We've spent the last month scouring the net to determine what is coming out from the best hospitality web shops around the globe. While the last few years have been somewhat challenging for the online lodging industry, it is poised to roar out of the gates in 2011 with many new exciting models, and without any government bailouts, we should add! READ MORE

Paolo Boni

The journey now starts with a search as travelers increasingly go online to identify a hotel that meets their needs, preferences and priorities. In fact, 93 million American adults are now using the Internet to plan travel. Are you providing a compelling experience online that will turn these lookers into bookers? New research suggests you'll want to entice them with a mix of rich visual media, customer ratings and reviews, and social media. By engaging travel shoppers where they search, speaking to them in a relevant way and vividly showing them what makes you special, you'll make your hotel their preferred destination. READ MORE

Paolo Boni

Many hotel marketers are looking for solutions to solve their e-business challenges: improving website performance, increasing conversions from online campaigns, getting more attention on social media sites, and the list goes on. What they don't realize is that video could help solve many of these challenges. Video is naturally engaging and gives travel shoppers an opportunity to interact with and experience your hotel. After all, video marketing is easy, inexpensive, and, in most cases, yields a high ROI. Before you start developing your first or next video, consider this: if you don't know how to use video effectively, you could lose out on bookings. READ MORE

Paolo Boni

Since using video to market hotels online is a concept that the industry as a whole has been slow to adopt, hotel marketers are demanding guidance on how to get the most value from their investment in online video. They buy into the value, but don't know where to start when adding video to their eBusiness strategies. There are no hard and fast rules for hotel video that guarantees the greatest conversions because there are a number of factors that come into play - hotel location, type, seasonality, just to name a few. There are, however, steps any hotel can take to get started with video. READ MORE

Rob Kall

We're used to thinking of web design as a subjective matter. I like this, he likes that, etc., and of course, to a certain degree it is. But more than that, design does have a clear effect on people's behavior online. No one takes the science of measuring this more seriously than Google, a company that meticulously performs A/B testing on all new design ideas to measure which alternative yields the highest desired outcome. You can do the same and this article outlines some important metrics that tell the truth of your current and next website design. READ MORE

Paolo Boni

Don't let the title of this article mislead you - what hoteliers need to do to sell hotel rooms online is no secret. It's all about better merchandising with content that inspires and motivates shoppers to book. More than just rates, inventory and driving traffic to a booking engine, selling hotel rooms online involves making engaging, detailed visual and written content available to travel shoppers on all the digital channels they use throughout the shopping journey. READ MORE

Kristi White

The electronic age has arrived. For some hotels, the Internet has represented just another place to market. They've created a website, added a booking engine, and maybe done some rudimentary marketing. Yet for others, it's a renaissance of opportunity-with a new generation of hotel professionals finding endless ways to capitalize and gain market share. Where does your hotel fit on the spectrum? Are you in the game with a ho-hum website? Or have you put on your boardies, grabbed your board, and popped up to ride the next wave? READ MORE

Pedro Colaco

Many independent hotel managers are unhappy with the small amount of business generated by their websites. This should come as no surprise as these websites have poor visibility, and often less than 20 visitors a day. Simple techniques like being present in a few online channels and registering for Google Local Business can dramatically increase the level of visibility of an independent hotel's website. This article suggests 5 simple and 5 advanced tips to dramatically boost the visibility of an independent hotel's website as a first step to create a structured online strategy to ensure e-commerce success. READ MORE

Hillary Bressler

Over the course of the past few years, I have been approached by hotels that want to attract more international traffic to their websites. They were looking for the easiest way to optimize their sites for each country. Some may think it is simply a matter of translating the site and traffic will come. International SEO is not that easy. Here are a few challenges that companies with an international Web presence face, and some tips for creating an optimal Web presence that can perform well in international search engines. READ MORE

Mike Kistner

Given the economy, it shouldn't be a surprise industry numbers, as reported in The Pegasus View, show there has been a global decline in net reservations, length of stay, average daily rates and net revenues. Based on information gleaned from the nearly four billion monthly hotel transactions going through the Pegasus switch, we can see how certain bets are paying off for hotels, especially diversification, which here translates to distribution channel management. Successful marketing and sales of hotels begins with sound distribution - deliver your hotel to your target customer, whomever they may be. The various ways you deliver your hotel to those audiences are your channels. READ MORE

Rob Kall

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has continued to become more and more important in hotels marketing initiatives. However, the SEO process is complex and difficult to understand for many executives. This article outlines the SEO process, the basics of an SEO plan and how to measure your efforts and subsequent success. Not all SEO companies are alike. In today's competitive marketplace an SEO plan is not merely a suggestion it's a requirement READ MORE

Naseem Javed

Today, there are hundreds of once highly protected famous name brands, which were backed by multi-million dollar promotional budgets, now commonly used in daily lingo as generic names, as it was their huge popularity that made them lose their trademark protection. So why is the use of famous trademarked names as 'verbs' in our daily language feared by the attorneys representing that mark? Now this calls for a closer look. READ MORE

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Coming up in March 2021...

Hotel Human Resources: Pending Labor Shortage

The immense devastation suffered in the hotel industry last year has compounded a problem that human resource professionals will face once the market starts to recover in 2021 - a pending labor shortage. Though some hotels have done their best to retain employees or to ease the suffering caused by mass furloughs, staff reduction was inevitable and many of those employees may not be available to return when guest traffic picks up. Consequently, hotels will once again be competing to find and retain qualified talent to staff their operations. Naturally, companies will have to review their wage and benefits packages in order to remain competitive. They might also wholeheartedly embrace the work-from-home trend for some corporate positions. In addition, human resource professionals will also have to definitively convince frontline employees that their  hotels are safe to work in. The March Hotel Business Review will explore what some HR professionals are doing to address these and other employment issues in their respective departments.