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Erin Whitlock Brown

In hospitality, there is a unique opportunity to reach consumers at varying stages of the sales cycle through social media – from tenured loyal followers to the forefront of researching future travel. A strong, streamlined social strategy is imperative for hotels to stay competitive in their markets. Discover five ways to connect with audiences and leverage social media in 2023. READ MORE

Lauren Fish

While the majority of a property's bookings come from travel sites and direct bookings, social media has a huge influence on a potential guest's decision to stay. As powerful as social media can be as a marketing tool, like any vehicle for promotion, it must be properly utilized to maximize effectiveness and impact. Lauren Fish from Gaslight Studios will discuss what you need to know to ensure your social media activity positively impacts your bottom line. READ MORE

Sarah Bassett

It wasn't long ago that social media a small portion of an annual hotel marketing strategy plan. Now, it has evolved to become a broad industry encompassing everything from storytelling to community building and lead generation. It's more important now than ever to cut through the clutter. This article identifies key tactics in understanding your audience and driving social results. READ MORE

Mackenzie Bromley

With the increased need to create a high volume of unique, platform friendly social media content, the amount of time needed to achieve your social media goals can seem daunting. But by putting in place a few easy-to-follow steps and focusing on quality over quantity, you'll be able to maximize your results and streamline your social media strategy. READ MORE

Calvin Tilokee

Social Media has become a critical part of marketing any business, and hotels are no different. Over 4 Billion people worldwide are currently active on social media with that number set to rise to over 7 Billion in the next 4 years. More importantly, over 52% of users discover new brands through the use of their social media platforms. In this article, we will discuss how to effectively integrate social media into your marketing strategy, build an engaged audience, and turn them into paying guests. READ MORE

Marlene Oliver

For Hotels & Resorts in particular there are so many reasons why Facebook is more effective now than virtually ever before. By far and regardless of any other platform, Facebook remains the most-used social platform worldwide. Some people may think that with all the hype about new platforms, that Facebook has somehow become the less "shiny" option. What many do not know is that the platform continues to expand and innovate. READ MORE

Suzie Squier

Since the pandemic, features like contactless check-in and app-based room keys have provided guests with a seamless and safe hotel experience. However, as these mobile-first technologies develop, it is important for hotel executives to be aware of the cybersecurity risks associated with mobile technology and the ways that cyber criminals can exploit these features for profit. READ MORE

Kirk Pederson

There's a lot of attention on new technology and futuristic encounters, but what travelers are craving at present are "in the now" experiences and authentic travel. This demand offers a wide range of new opportunities for the travel and hospitality space to grow, making this an exciting time to be in the industry. READ MORE

Dee Dee Dochen

Anyone who has gone through a company or leadership change knows that the elements of transition that get the most attention typically center around logistics. But how transitions are communicated can make all the difference between reputation preservation and reputation damage. Whether facing an imminent transition or foreseeing one in the future, the right time to plan is now. READ MORE

Allison Boccamazzo

Today's travelers not only want to see a star rating before booking; they want to really know a hotel, and it doesn't get realer than social media. How your brand engages and interacts online will say everything potential guests need to know. Whether you're starting from scratch, middling in the social stratosphere, or consider yourself a pro, you can benefit from the information in this guide for hotels. READ MORE

Siobhan Fajayan

Social media has changed the way hotels interact with their customers and approach marketing tactics, and in order to authentically connect with audiences, hotels must now tailor their content to users of specific target demographics and platforms. Keep reading to learn more about how Edgewood Tahoe Resort, a luxury hotel in South Lake Tahoe, successfully incorporated social media strategies into their operations. READ MORE

Samantha Markiewicz

While emerging social media platforms like TikTok, BeReal, and even Instagram's product of Instagram Stories prioritize genuine, in-the-moment content, hotels can feel challenged to post digital content – particularly videos – that look and feel as realistic as the content that performs best on these mediums. Given the consumer shift toward realistic content and less staged moments, hotels must shift their social media storytelling to keep up and continue earning digital word-of-mouth marketing buzz. READ MORE

Cynthia Mejia

Most hoteliers possess expertise in operations, guest services, finance, and marketing, but few have deep knowledge about architecture and design. This article pulls back the curtain on some of the architectural and design processes, which can enlighten and perhaps impact hoteliers' future decisions on structural and design improvements. READ MORE

Terrie O'Hanlon

With more than 3.9 billion users on social networks across the globe, it's no secret that social media and travel review sites are highly influential in travel decisions. Even one rating point or reputation point can affect ADR and RevPAR across the board. Hotels that ensure Zero Disappointment can stay one step ahead of their competition, receive five-star reviews, and increase revenue just by understanding the impact of reputation and focusing on creating exceptional experiences for their guests. READ MORE

Cessie Cerrato

Social media has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry - one that has changed the way hotels reach new audiences and engage their guests. As the landscape has evolved over the years, so has the way that hotels use social media to market and sell their businesses. From utilizing each platform for its strengths to tailoring their content strategies, hospitality professionals have quickly become adept at using social media to leave their mark on consumers. READ MORE

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Coming up in April 2023...

Guest Service: Exceeding Expectations

When guests check into a hotel, they have expectations of quality customer service. They expect to have their needs met in a professional manner, they desire a certain level of comfort, and possibly even made to feel a little special. This is important because satisfied guests are more likely to return and to become true brand ambassadors. But what if instead of merely meeting expectations, hotels created a culture of service that was intent on exceeding expectations in every conceivable way? What if frontline staff were trained and empowered to provide guest services that demonstrate a willingness to always go the extra mile in order to please their guests? This culture is exactly what some hotels are creating in their operations. From helpful, smiling, welcoming staff to the quality of  a room's comfort and conveniences. From discovering a guest's special needs and enthusiastically fulfilling them, to making some amenities free of charge and offering random upgrades. The April issue of the Hotel Business Review will explore what some hotels are doing to enhance and enrich their guest services.