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Joseph Cozza

As live events and meetings return the expectations, needs, and wants of attendees have changed significantly. How do hotels adapt and gain success in a highly competitive and transformative environment? What are the key components of designing and executing events and meetings that meet and exceed these new expectations? READ MORE

Jed Arrogante

Entering this new era of public health, hotels and destinations are required to take precautionary steps to accommodate safe gathering spaces, with outdoor group meetings serving as the perfect solution. The destination of Carlsbad, California has recently put efforts in place to provide hosted groups with more opportunities for outdoor meetings that maintain health and safety precautions. Jed Arrogante, Business Development Manager at Visit Carlsbad, reflects on best practices as well as the benefits of outdoor group meetings. READ MORE

Ryan Hamilton

Group business is rebounding faster than anyone anticipated that means big revenue opportunities for hotels. According to the GBTA, in-person events are on the top of the list of where companies are allocating their travel spend this year. And recent meetings and events data shows an increase of 334% year over year. So what can hotels do to simplify, streamline and stand out from the competition to win more group business? READ MORE

Mark Holzberg

Group travel is back. But even with group travel surging to pre-pandemic levels, all is not as it was. A variety of emerging trends – including Bleisure travel, an uptick in the amount of devices guests are bringing, increasing bandwidth requirements for remote work technologies and higher-than-ever customer expectations around connectivity are contributing to new demands for which hotels must adjust. READ MORE

Francesca Vereb

After more than two years of uncertainty, the heavy fog brought about by the pandemic is finally giving way. Today, as restrictions ease and in-person events return at a steady rate, we're getting a clearer picture of what event planners and hospitality professionals are looking for in this new environment. READ MORE

Robert  O'Halloran

Group meetings have been a pillar of full-service hotels and resorts for many years. Corporate meetings, Social, Military, Education, Religious, and Fraternal groups (SMERF), Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) etc. all came to halt at the height of the pandemic, but they are making a comeback. The meeting industry has changed and will retain some of the changes in operations and new innovations that were developed since COVID-19 affected our industry. Meetings for the hotel business are forever changed. This article will review some of those changes, innovations and the tactics and strategies needed for a hotel group meeting comeback. READ MORE

Mary Tabacchi

Often CEOs or F&B managers in the hospitality industry believe healthful food items are salads, vegetarian meals, or similar concepts (consumers have called this "rabbit food"). This is likely a mistake. The menu must be all encompassing. Today's guests are inclined toward items on the menu that are as tasty or more so than any entree. The purpose of this article is to assist with that endeavor. READ MORE

Shawn Tarter

In the wake of the devastation that disrupted all operations aspects, the hotel food & beverage industry proceeds with cautious optimism as it re-emerges from the pandemic's darker days, bringing lessons learned from challenges faced and integrating them into current operations. Challenges remain, including persistent labor shortages, scrupulous sanitation standards and recent global food shortages caused by the Russia-Ukraine war. READ MORE

Albert Rothman

EOS Hospitality's Vice President of Food & Beverage, Albert Rothman, shines a light on the need for thoughtful design in hospitality workplaces. He examines how physical challenges to the workplace create hardship for employees and how the industry would be better served to prioritize them in the design phase. Rothman champions the idea of considering the employee experience, from day one. READ MORE

Brian  Fountain

Live! Casino & Hotel Maryland, like much of the hospitality industry, faced unprecedented challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic. As the F&B Director for the top tourist destination in the state, Brian Fountain worked with his team, across the property's departments, and with Team Members and guests to navigate the changing landscape. Now, two years later, he shares lessons learned and innovations implemented. READ MORE

Cynthia Mejia

Before the pandemic, hotel pantries and marketplaces offered F&B flexibility and convenience for guests. Due to the current labor challenges in the hospitality industry, in addition to the increased demands of consumer travel, these self-serve marketplaces provide ongoing F&B opportunities for hoteliers. From small to large properties, guest facing F&B pantries and marketplaces bring convenience and personal touches, enhancing the customer experience. READ MORE

Elizabeth  Blau

With the immediate crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic in our rear-view mirror, the hospitality industry is adapting to a new normal. While many of pandemic-era industry best practices have dwindled, some have proven valuable and continue to remain as common procedures; however, through the last two years, the one constant throughout the hospitality industry has undeniably been the remarkable resiliency. READ MORE

Ryan McAndrew

This summer was supposed to be the season of revenge travel. With COVID-19 caseloads easing and consumers flush with savings built up during the pandemic, the travel industry was anticipating a robust season. But that was before a new risk emerged: stubborn, elevated inflation. Travel demand has remained undeterred, for now, and the volume of travelers has placed additional focus on labor issues for airlines and hotels. READ MORE

Jill Rigsbee

The continuing shift in the economy is driving new revenue opportunities for hotels. The evolving guest profile and their dynamic preferences are causing hoteliers to re-imagine the spaces on property to drive incremental profits. Lobby markets are emerging as an important extension of a hotel's food-and-beverage program, increasing relevance to the guests and profitability for the property, management company and owners. READ MORE

Christina  Davis

Restaurants that can successfully lay the foundation of their localized marketing strategy have a leg up on driving customers, covers, and revenue. Limited resources and complexity in the consumer journey are the challenges facing restaurants of all shapes and sizes. The ones who rise to the challenge, who can solve these challenges better, faster, and cheaper than the competition, create their own competitive advantage. READ MORE

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Coming up in November 2022...

Architecture & Design: Welcome Home

Hotels are still very concerned about adhering to all required sanitation protocols but as the crisis wanes, they are also being relied upon to provide a space to escape and retreat in comfort. To satisfy this need, many new design trends are emerging. One such trend seeks to cultivate an environment that is comparable to the warmth and coziness  a traveler might have in their home. Lobbies are being reconfigured to resemble a family living room. For example, one leading hotel chain provides an off-lobby common area where four separate video game stations and two video games tables are furnished - all free of charge to play. Another trend is to replace traditional business centers with co-working spaces  where the lines between working and social interaction are often blurred. Finally, recognizing the impact of social media, hotels are designing specific areas to facilitate picture perfect moments (think Instagram). These are just some of the architecture and design subjects that will be covered in the November issue of the Hotel Business Review.