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Jeff Pedowitz

AI tools are revolutionizing how the hospitality industry handles online reviews and reputation management. They enable real-time monitoring and personalized responses, providing deep insights into guest feedback. This technology greatly enhances customer satisfaction by improving service quality and allowing for hotels to maintain a strong online presence, ultimately fostering guest loyalty and boosting business performance. READ MORE

Alexander Mirza

It's time for Canadians to take back control of their hotels. Many of the foundations are in place but bold steps such as incentives to create Indigenous brands, local content requirements, free enterprise zones, and reallocation of government resources are required for Canada to reach its full potential and become "first among nations" in tourism. READ MORE

Nicholas Tsabourakis

The effectiveness of a hotel's commercial team plays a pivotal role in driving revenue, attracting guests, and maintaining a sustainable business. Therefore, understanding and measuring its performance is crucial for achieving success in the market. The significance of measuring its effectiveness lies in its ability to provide insights into various aspects of the business operation. READ MORE

Cynthia Schuler

The benefits of personalization in the hospitality industry far outweigh the challenges. Personalization will create that "wow" factor and a memorable experience for guests. First and last impressions bring guests back to an establishment. Word of mouth brings new guests to an establishment. So, it is important to personalize experiences and leave guests with an experience they will never forget. READ MORE

Robert O'Halloran

Abstract Did you have a mentor in your career? Mentors provide valuable support to their mentees by guiding their careers, onboarding new positions and generally acting as a confidant and advisor. You can also ask yourself should you be a mentor? This article will discuss mentoring traits, skills and abilities, mentor-mentee matches and creating mentor programs. READ MORE

Theresa Hajko

As competition for occupancy becomes more fierce hoteliers are often faced with the question "Should I, or shouldn't I?" when it comes to reducing rates to drive more heads in beds. Oftentimes the best answer is no, but the question warrants more exploration. Let's take a closer look at rate discounting and explore some opportunities in the Retail rate segment. READ MORE

Justin Taillon

Hotel industry technology is evolving. This makes keeping up with advancements challenging. There are ways to learn emerging technology innovation and adoption though. From conferences with expansive showrooms to formal education, platforms available to hotel industry professionals are numerous. Which strategies are best are not necessarily well understood by industry professionals though. This article outlines the avenues for learning about emerging technology. READ MORE

Karthik Namasivayam

Technology continues to change how hospitality organizations deliver services. It is perhaps an opportune time to explore in what ways technology impacts employee stress at work. This article begins to examine this aspect of technology inclusion in hospitality service processes. The author hopes that this article will open the way to discussions about managing the transitions to technology solutions. READ MORE

Kenneth Heymann

Conducting an effective performance review is one of the most important jobs a manager has. All employees want to know how they are doing. Yet many organizations treat performance reviews as once a year task focusing on employee raises. This article discusses the important steps to prepare and conduct a review while highlighting the need to diminish emphasizing pay and enhancing the focus on performance. READ MORE

Suzie Squier

This article explores the unique cybersecurity challenges faced by hotels, including managing a diverse technology ecosystem, high staff turnover, reliance on third-party vendors, and budget constraints. It emphasizes the importance of comprehensive security measures, regular employee training, robust access controls, and proactive vendor management to protect against cyber threats. READ MORE

Jeff Brainard

Recruiting and building teams in a post-COVID environment has been a challenge, but it is possible and is a requirement for companies and properties to excel, especially in hospitality. Through the shaping of management training and the recruiting of team members with specific traits that complement culture, the re-building of amazing teams possible. It is, however, an investment that takes culture, energy, and commitment. READ MORE

Cynthia Mejia

Consider providing your newest generation of hotel guests an experience that nourishes their mind, body, and spirit and highlighting those wellness amenities pre-arrival. Market your local cuisine, fitness facilities, relaxation areas and premium bedding, meditation sessions and inspirational reading. Ensure guests check out feeling rested, re-energized, balanced, and healthier overall after partaking in your hotel's holistic wellness approach. READ MORE

Jacqueline Voronov

On April 23, 2024, the FTC enacted a groundbreaking rule banning non-compete agreements across all industries in the United States. This landmark decision, which the FTC claims is aimed at promoting labor market mobility and preventing unfair restrictions on employees, has significant implications for the hospitality industry as it has traditionally relied on non-compete agreements to protect proprietary information, customer relationships and investments in employee training. READ MORE

Walt J. Leger

New Orleans has always been at the forefront of executing big events, the city is truly Built to Host. Events like the Sugar Bowl, Mardi Gras, French Quarter Festival and Jazz Fest as well as concerts, conventions, conferences, exhibitions and meetings generate tremendous economic impact for the city and state, while creating opportunities for residents and businesses community-wide to thrive. READ MORE

Corey McCarthy

The article emphasizes the transformative impact of integrating modern technology in the hospitality industry. It highlights how technological advancements not only streamline operations but also significantly enhance guest experiences and staff interactions. Adopting technology in hotels goes beyond system upgrades; it strategically improves service quality and operational excellence, ensuring a focus on staff and guest satisfaction in the digital age. READ MORE

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