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Jack Lindemuth

Independent hotels are uniquely positioned to lead the commercial strategy charge by creating on-property leadership positions. An aligned commercial strategy allows hotels to drive revenue by eliminating silos and ensuring that sales, marketing, and revenue management are working toward the same goals. An on-property commercial strategy role creates a career path for discipline leaders and streamlines payroll costs. READ MORE

Bill Quain

Your customers have changed! They aren't waiting around for you to sell them something. Instead, they are taking action – searching the web for solutions to their problems. Learn to position yourself as a problem-solving partner, not just a salesperson. In return, you'll meet your sales goals – despite the fact that you never sold them anything. READ MORE

Amy Draheim

New tech has allowed us to maintain work relationships (thank you, Zoom), personal relationships (FaceTime), and professional relationships (Clubhouse), while also keeping us entertained (TikTok), and informed for better or worse (Facebook/Twitter). New tech has also proven to be a linchpin in saving the hospitality industry. Hotels must continue to adopt new and existing tech to appeal to today's travelers. READ MORE

John Welty

Despite the courts largely ruling in favor of insurers in response to COVID-19 claims, general liability losses continue to increase and impact hoteliers. Both the pandemic and other factors are contributing to social inflation, with rapidly expanding litigation costs impacting insurer claims payouts, loss ratios and rates. In this article, we'll examine the factors contributing to this trend and its potential impact on hoteliers. READ MORE

Robert Gilbert

HSMAI's recent series of Executive Roundtable programs for hotel sales and marketing leaders revealed the trends, challenges, and priorities that have reshaped the hospitality industry during the pandemic - including the frustrations of trying to sell when so many factors are still up in the air, the advantages of focusing on high-performing verticals, the need to approach virtual sales and marketing differently, and the importance of training and supporting teams as they've adapted to remote work. READ MORE

Steven Schumacher

Virtual events have dominated the meeting space for the past year, but with screen fatigue rising, many people are ready to travel for events and meet in-person again. Hotels should prepare to meet this demand by instilling confidence and providing safe experiences for meeting planners to successfully welcome the return of in-person meetings. READ MORE

Brigette Breitenbach

The strength of your branding and marketing today will have a dramatic effect on long-term success. For hospitality, today's messaging needs to inspire consumers to get out again and return to travel. But we also need to manage expectations, and that has to happen at both the marketing and operational levels. It's time for an internal assessment and perhaps a course correction. Whether a small independent property or a multi-state operator, hoteliers need to be honest with themselves, be real with people, make smart investment and get creative. READ MORE

Gabor Forgacs

Hotel industry room rates were not problematic at all before the pandemic. However important they are, rates did not cause our problems, so rates will not fix them. This article discusses the importance of data-driven decisions and offers encouragement to exploring the real drivers of strategy. Larger market forces cannot be overpowered but understanding them can prove vitally important. READ MORE

Tom Dibble

As marketing and advertising begin to rebound from the depths of the abyss that was 2020, accommodation brands need to be smarter about revitalizing their marketing strategies and media funds to reach audiences whose habits and preferences have shifted during the pandemic. There is now more than ever an increased pressure to drive return on investment with earned, owned and paid media by making the most of marketing budgets and engaging with an altered media landscape. READ MORE

Chris McAndrews

Chris McAndrews, Vice President of Marketing at Cvent, discusses how hotels and venues can leverage technology to help attract and win group business. As experiences moved online due to the pandemic, the events, meeting and hospitality industries underwent an accelerated digital transformation. Now, as in-person gatherings return and hybrid events gain momentum, technology will continue to be a cornerstone of successful events by facilitating a venue's ability to host safe and efficient experiences. READ MORE

Justin Hauge

Weighing in on recent shifts, Justin Hauge outlines the new pillars of post-COVID marketing. Justin is the Chief Growth Officer at Rabbu, a flexible rental asset management company named by Welp as one of the top real estate companies in America. Here, he highlights the magic of concurrent listings, the value of automation, and the new language of marketing. READ MORE

Gary Richards

Conditions over the last year are forcing us to revisit traditional marketing results, and today we must find patience to work and wait, something uncomfortable to many. But while some customers do not have the willingness to buy just yet, there are important steps we can take now that will set the stage for our future success. READ MORE

Alexandre Sogno

Ever wonder if your hotel is optimizing its sales & marketing strategy? Want to discover how the sales & marketing department can transform your hotel and the impact it can have if done right? This article explores several best practices, and the impact an asset manager's services and perspective can have on this vital department. READ MORE

Karla Brooklyn

The crisis has pushed hoteliers to reconsider their long-held beliefs about retaining their systems. Perhaps there's been a fear of accepting the heavy investment that came with introducing systems which quickly dated and were yet to prove ROI. Here's how sales & marketing teams can use technology to position for growth, be savvy and curate the brand story for the long-term. READ MORE

Ryan McAndrew

Pent-up demand for travel is palpable. Rising U.S. vaccinations, coupled with strong pandemic stimulus, personal savings and recovering employment, are set to propel travel in the second half of 2021. Real estate senior analysts at RSM, Laura Dietzel and Ryan McAndrew, provide an in-depth look at the challenges and opportunities hotel owners and operators will face in the coming months. READ MORE

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Coming up in August 2021...

Food & Beverage: Necessity Breeds Invention

Hotel restaurants were not immune to the devastation that Covid caused in the food & beverage industry last year. In order to survive, many operations expanded their services to include packaged food sales, prepared meals to go, mini pop-up grocery stores, meal kits, takeout, and delivery to make up for lost revenues. These hybrid operations have become increasingly popular in hotels because they maximize limited F&B space and also attract local business. In those restaurants where customers are willing to dine in, there is a greater emphasis on safety protocols. Tables and chairs are spaced far enough apart to provide a sense of safety and comfort between parties. There are also stricter cleaning and disinfecting practices occurring in between dining encounters. In addition, there is a greater emphasis on outdoor dining with its offer of fresh air. The August issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on what some leading hotels are doing to manage their F&B operations in the wake of the pandemic.