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Philip  Ballard

This article takes a fresh and unique take on the global environmental sustainability discussion, including a call to eliminate the doomsday rhetoric and to avoid greenwashing. The author argues that we need fewer surveys, studies, and reports, and more focus on how we can help individual hotel owners and operators with sustainability basics. READ MORE

Robert Stoney

Global travelers are becoming more and more conscious of their impact on the planet and with that, demanding more from the hospitality industry to make sustainable and eco-friendly changes to lessen their impact on the planet. One of the biggest challenges facing hospitality brands: how to do this efficiently and cost effectively. The bottom line is sustainability will only continue to become a bigger priority for travelers and the hospitality industry needs to invest in a better future for tourism. READ MORE

Vasso Petridou

With the Greek islands becoming a prime touristic destination, an extensive dialogue has opened on the general character of the Greek tourism product, with the debate revolving around the optimal tourism development model that Greece should strategically follow to positively impact national and local economies. READ MORE

Jeffery Smith

The hotel industry has reached a turning point in sustainability, with many hotels developing eco-friendly initiatives to meet the demands of the market. While many industries have achieved great success in sustainability, hotels have the unique opportunity to inspire guests and make sustainability fun and experience-driven. READ MORE

Kirsten Dixon

Sustainability has moved from fringe conversations to mainstream expectations. Sixty-One percent of U.S. travelers seek environmentally friendly, sustainable choices from their hotels. A simple roadmap can be followed to move any property forward. READ MORE

Julie Cheetham

Julie Cheetham discusses how until fairly recently, to be an eco-hotel was a speciality, a bit left of field, often synonymous with a compromise on luxury and the variety of services available. But today, being 'eco' or practicing sustainability is not only necessary to meet growing consumer demand but also to ensure a business's resilience and long-term success – it's gone from niche to necessary. READ MORE

Herbert Laubichler-Pichler

As more and more hotels and resorts strive for sustainability and self-sufficiency, Alma is one of a growing number of properties to embrace the "farm to table" movement by establishing its own farm. Cultivating an onsite farm has an array of benefits such as serving healthy, zero-kilometre food, education and staff empowerment. READ MORE

Giuliana Torres

As the desire for "revenge travel" increases, Solaz Los Cabos, a reimagined resort where the Pacific Ocean meets the Baja Desert walks us through the life cycle of going above and beyond, exceeding expectations, and elevating the traditional hotel guest experience through epicurean dining, artisan butler service, rich art and history and beyond to deliver an exemplarily hospitality experience. READ MORE

Kari Randle

With the Rise of AirBNBs and Vacation Rentals, hospitality professionals are getting creative to curate a new kind of guest experience centered on emerging travel trends and authentic service. Lily Hall is a new 15-room boutique lodging house with a restaurant, bar and events venue that just opened in Pensacola, FL. Lily Hall has resurrected the bones of a century-old community church, and offers an innovative fusion of today's rising travel trends. READ MORE

Roland Mouly

After nearly two years of discontinuing hospitality renovations due to the pandemic and supply chain restrictions, a significant increase in demand is expected within the coming years. This surge will apply pressure on the hospitality industry to meet the pent-up demand, encouraging owners and asset managers to carefully coordinate their renovation projects and choose experienced service providers who can deliver high-quality work in a timely manner. READ MORE

Ken Lanigan

As the Hotel General Manager for the four-star, Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia, Ken Lanigan shares his insights and human-first approach on how to exceed guest expectations. From putting trust in your team members to the importance of consistency, Ken shares what has worked for him and his team and helped make Live! Philadelphia one of the top-rated hotels in Philadelphia. READ MORE

Diarmuid Dwyer

Learning to anticipate guests' needs is key when striving to create a culture of service. Hotel team members that make an effort prior and during a guest's stay to understand the individual and enhance their experience without the guest having to ask often results in exceeding the guest's expectations. As a result, travelers who have had unforgettable experiences at a hotel usually tend to return in the future. READ MORE

Stan Kennedy

The pandemic has pushed hospitality into a new era. Today, the needs and expectations of guests have changed; they no longer accept reduced service levels and amenities. Instead, they want staff, services, and experiences that go above and beyond, and it is up to hotel management companies to deliver just that. READ MORE

Jill Rigsbee

Hoteliers continue to seek opportunities to enhance wellness for their guests and suppliers are leveraging technology to support wellness opportunities. From product development to innovative thinking and technical equipment, these suppliers are providing solutions that enhance guest experiences and save labor for hotel operators. Learn how to evaluate technology opportunities and find the best supplier solutions for your properties. READ MORE

Matthew Garrett

Military service members, their families, and other government travelers came to expect comfort and camaraderie when staying in hotels on Army installations. Yet, those expectations were disrupted by pandemic restrictions. How can services be adjusted to maintain lasting guest satisfaction and make these brave men and women continue to feel at home in temporary lodging? READ MORE

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Coming up in June 2023...

Sales & Marketing: Integrating Technology

The Sales & Marketing department is responsible for maximizing a hotel's revenue by developing programs to increase occupancy and to make profitable use of its meeting and leisure facilities. Increasingly, managers are utilizing sophisticated digital technology to help them achieve those goals. Virtual Reality is being integrated into booking engines which provide potential guests the opportunity to tour a property from afar, including wedding, event and food & beverage facilities. Voice Search has also become a popular marketing tool. Using smart home devices, it's now possible for customers to book hotels entirely through voice commands. Chatbots are becoming more ubiquitous as hotels seek to refine their online customer service. Chatbots can answer common questions, push key marketing messages, increase direct bookings, and even guide customers through the booking process. Finally, hotels are already preparing for the debut of the Metaverse and planning how sales and marketing departments will fully participate. The June Hotel Business Review will focus on the sales and marketing strategies that some hotels are adopting and how they are benefiting from them.