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Alexander Urrunaga

Hoteliers must think differently about food and beverage concepts and operations in the wake of the pandemic to ensure recovery. In addition to rebuilding trust with guests and diners, it is imperative to embrace creativity and big, bold ideas to unlock the true potential of F&B concepts as a necessary hotel amenity and an essential fixture within communities they serve. READ MORE

Jennifer Andrews

When The Schoolhouse Hotel opened its doors in White Sulphur Springs, WV, in May 2022, it marked not only the launch of the area's first boutique hospitality property and the first all-ADA compliant hotel in the world, but the staff also faced a post-pandemic climate in which every aspect of hospitality, food and beverage was impacted. READ MORE

Moneesh Arora

The return of guests to the hotel industry is cause for both celebration and concern for F&B departments as they struggle to overcome the challenges raised by workforce shortages. However, by turning to new technologies and approaches to human capital management, F&B managers can sidestep such issues standing in the way of running a successful business that serves the needs of both guests and employees. READ MORE

Andrea Grigg

Hotel food and beverage operations were hit hard during COVID due to limited capacity rules, which significantly impacted sales and revenue. As we emerge from the worst effects of the pandemic, Americans are once again making reservations, and the sector is well on a path to full recovery. Moreover, external patrons have rediscovered the excitement of dining at hotel restaurants and bars. The hotel industry must now reexamine and re-imagine its approach to food and beverage to navigate inflation, labor shortages, and changing customer expectations. READ MORE

Chris Martha

From COVID-19 to tense foreign affairs communities and industries across the globe are reeling as we emerge from prevailing crisis. In the food and beverage industry, owners have navigated shutdowns that, in some cases, completely halted business. Drawing from global partners and a dedicated food and beverage team, our team at Valor has identified key learnings while navigating the labor shortage. READ MORE

Gerald Fernandez, Sr.

Rebuilding with resilience includes committing to developing Cultural Intelligence. I resist the notion that it's "nice to have." Our employees and our guests have had two years for deep reflection. They are basing decisions on personal values and are not putting up with environments where they feel excluded or misunderstood. Cultural Intelligence in hospitality is a new core competency. READ MORE

Eric Matsui

Hotel food and beverage teams are taking several lessons with them to usher in a new era of service following the pandemic: the need to address strong demand for personalized dining services, the staying power of in-room dining amenities, the importance and desire for guest-staff interactions, and the value in supporting local producers. READ MORE

David Stange

Five-star service is no longer the exclusive domain of luxury properties. Today's traveler expects exceptional service without excuses and without compromise. Resorts must take advantage of modern mobile F&B POS solutions that breathe new life into legacy systems and reach the guest wherever they want to be on property. Improved service at your most coveted outdoor venues – the pool, the beach, the golf course and your outdoor event spaces – not only grows your revenue, but it can also help you retain your most talented staff members as your guests' delight results in higher tips for your team. READ MORE

Jorgan Von Stiening

President Jorgan von Stiening of Palisociety, one of the leading boutique hospitality brands in the country, shares how they embraced the pandemic-forced pivots that impacted their F&B business and used them to move into a new chapter of growth, stability, and forward-thinking momentum with a keen eye on the experience for guests, employees, and the brand as a whole. READ MORE

Rachel Fischbach

An elevated mountain aesthetic can marry rustic with refined, blend coziness and spaciousness, and deliver a sense of place and history through thoughtfully selected color palettes, accents, and materials. Two destinations – both based in Big Sky, Montana but showcasing distinctive designs – demonstrate how to create memorable environments for guests that redefine mountain living. READ MORE

Peter Halprin

Marriott International Inc. is making the headlines for recent data breaches and the hospitality industry should be concerned as cyber criminals continue to aggressively exploit vulnerabilities. While there are numerous security lessons to be drawn from the latest Marriott breach, it also serves to highlight the availability of insurance products which can provide both incident response assistance and bottom-line protection. READ MORE

Steve Turk

The food and beverage industry has endured an unprecedented couple of years, and "new normal" seems to be an ever-evolving term. However, through staffing best practices and new technologies, many hospitality companies have learned to navigate these changes and enjoy success. READ MORE

Rece Hogerheide

Daxton Hotel's Executive Chef Rece Hogerheide shares his insight on some of the challenges for hotels and restaurants coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic. He touches upon the supply chain and food shortages; the ongoing labor shortage across the industry; and how we as an industry can reintroduce our guests back to the experience that is dining out. READ MORE

Gloria Murillo

The COVID-19 pandemic of the past few years was an exceedingly challenging time for food and beverage programs in the hotel industry - especially for brand-new properties like The Clancy in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood. But the innovative hotel managed to find creative ways to survive - and thrive - during this unusual era. READ MORE

Nikole  Halaka

While Margaritaville Hotel Nashville has always provided a paradise-like experience, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to become even more of an urban oasis for our guests. Our staff has found creative ways to customize meetings and events, bounce back from shortages by utilizing local food vendors and stay flexible according to the changing needs of our clients and guests. READ MORE

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Coming up in November 2022...

Architecture & Design: Welcome Home

Hotels are still very concerned about adhering to all required sanitation protocols but as the crisis wanes, they are also being relied upon to provide a space to escape and retreat in comfort. To satisfy this need, many new design trends are emerging. One such trend seeks to cultivate an environment that is comparable to the warmth and coziness  a traveler might have in their home. Lobbies are being reconfigured to resemble a family living room. For example, one leading hotel chain provides an off-lobby common area where four separate video game stations and two video games tables are furnished - all free of charge to play. Another trend is to replace traditional business centers with co-working spaces  where the lines between working and social interaction are often blurred. Finally, recognizing the impact of social media, hotels are designing specific areas to facilitate picture perfect moments (think Instagram). These are just some of the architecture and design subjects that will be covered in the November issue of the Hotel Business Review.