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Clifford Ferrara

Now that vaccine roll-out is picking up steam and businesses begin to get back on their feet, hope lingers on the horizon. The industry is in for a period of transformative change in the months ahead-in a good way. With a goal-oriented, measurable and tactical plans in place, only hoteliers properly prepared for the looming recovery will declare victory as the race to recovery switches into high gear. Are you ready? READ MORE

Deborah Popely

Empathy is an important component of hospitality that has taken on new importance in light of the pandemic and other recent events. The public is calling upon business leaders to address long-standing social inequities with empathetic, transparent and action-oriented communications. The conversation should start with hotel employees who by extension can convey our values to guests. With the right training and support, the hospitality industry also can be agents for the greater good. READ MORE

Shahin Sharifi

With the COVID-19 vaccination programs in place all around the world, the tourism and hospitality sectors must foresee the new demands from the customers and stakeholders. This article by Macquarie University Lecturer Shahin Sharifi offers a broad view of the target market and the key change, driven by the pandemic, in the product offering. READ MORE

Robert  O'Halloran

Lodging sales and marketing will need to focus on service and value. Service is the tool that can differentiate one product or service from another. Service, sales, and marketing in these times must include digital options, i.e. websites, apps, virtual tours etc. An obvious demonstration of new media and technology and an integrated marketing and communications plan will be useful both in the long term, strategically and to meet tactical objectives. READ MORE

Justin Taillon

Hotel sales and marketing managers face uniquely competitive landscapes. Coupled with product differentiation and the threat of substitutes, identifying a competitive advantage is paramount to building a successful career. Radical and incremental innovations are approaches to product differentiation that may result in sustainable competitive advantages. This article seeks to identify approaches to effective innovation and provides examples of successful innovations. READ MORE

Stephanie Smith

Hotel Marketers need to align their KPIs with Sales and Revenue Management, instead of just focusing on single campaign ROI. Once hotel marketers start focusing on metrics aligned with stealing market share from the competitive set, the conversations will elevate and become more holistic. The pandemic has proven that strong ROI in a campaign may not mean the hotel is performing well overall. READ MORE

Bret Cohen

The year 2020 was transformational for the hospitality and travel industry as millions of employees were furloughed or lost their jobs. In 2021, there is potential to revitalize those same industries as vaccination rollout continues across the globe. Bringing those employees back to work, and recruiting new hires, requires attention to health concerns and discrimination laws on the state and federal level that are unique to COVID-19. READ MORE

Michelle Devlin

Red Carnation Hotel's head of sustainability, Michelle Devlin, discusses why sustainable practices are becoming a larger part of luxury hotel operations. With COVID's shut down of travel for more than a year, many businesses in the luxury hospitality sector are resetting their priorities and are starting to take responsibility for socially conscious travel. READ MORE

David Camhi

Regardless of the changes it has gone through, the all-inclusive industry still remains the last frontier, to be explored and conquered by the major hotel brands. There are still many obstacles to be overcome, but winds of change are blowing, and very soon we will see dramatic changes in the segment. David Camhi, partner and attorney at Berger Singerman law firm provides some insight... READ MORE

Bethany  Ross

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we travel and where we stay. In fact, one in three consumers prefer sustainable brands. Not only are consumers increasingly seeking out green businesses, but they are also willing to pay more for eco-friendly products and services. Hotels can bring sustainable best-practices to their property by implementing eco-apparel and recycling old textiles. READ MORE

Robert Allender

Fair warning. If the terms climate change, ESG, and net zero do not currently pepper the paragraphs your hotel's business strategy, its marketing strategy, and its executive committee meeting conversations, they soon will. This article explains how a hotel's management team can build a rock-solid energy-use strategy and thereby deal with the #1 underlying 'cause' for all three of those related mega-transitions in one single document. READ MORE

Becky  Zimmermann

Becky Zimmermann, president of Design Workshop, an international landscape architecture, planning and urban design firm, shares examples of how three leading resort hotels are implementing sustainable practices without sacrificing luxury. While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach for hotels to reduce their respective environmental impact, these three properties demonstrate critical best practices that can be adapted to fit the needs of individual properties. Read more here.... READ MORE

Steve Bowie

Hotel properties continue to leverage "green" to not only reduce costs, but also illustrate to guests their brand's commitment to conserving resources. Today's on-premises laundry equipment offers a variety features that save time and resources. In this article, Steve Bowie, general manager of the on-premises laundry segment at Alliance Laundry Systems, explores the game-changing green technologies available to hoteliers. READ MORE

Joseph Ricci

TRSA President and CEO Joseph Ricci explains the impacts on hotel sustainability of laundry machinery efficiency, linen life and product life cycles. He quantifies the extent to which large-scale laundry conserves natural resources, suggests housekeeping practices that prevent linens from being removed from service too soon and describes the "cradle-to-grave" green benefits of choosing reusable textiles for restaurants instead of disposable equivalents. READ MORE

Rebecca  Hawkins

Hoteliers who are seeking to stand out from the crowd will need to go beyond the basics of great customer service and COVID safety procedures to delight customers who have been cooped up for the best part of a year. We are now seeing consumers state a preference for meaningful experiences that provide a real sense of authenticity. Moreover, they are putting this over price when choosing where to go. READ MORE

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Coming up in August 2021...

Food & Beverage: Necessity Breeds Invention

Hotel restaurants were not immune to the devastation that Covid caused in the food & beverage industry last year. In order to survive, many operations expanded their services to include packaged food sales, prepared meals to go, mini pop-up grocery stores, meal kits, takeout, and delivery to make up for lost revenues. These hybrid operations have become increasingly popular in hotels because they maximize limited F&B space and also attract local business. In those restaurants where customers are willing to dine in, there is a greater emphasis on safety protocols. Tables and chairs are spaced far enough apart to provide a sense of safety and comfort between parties. There are also stricter cleaning and disinfecting practices occurring in between dining encounters. In addition, there is a greater emphasis on outdoor dining with its offer of fresh air. The August issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on what some leading hotels are doing to manage their F&B operations in the wake of the pandemic.