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Donny Pereira

Graton Resort & Casino, located in iconic Sonoma County, is a commanding presence among the rolling hills of Northern California's wine country. Owned and operated by the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, the resort features an award-winning Spa and Salon with 10,000 square feet of high-quality treatments and services. Read about the resort, spa and its unique connection to surrounding nature, plus wine-tasting options. READ MORE

Sneha Thuppul

Personalizing guest experiences in 2023 means paying attention and acting upon individual guest preferences, histories, and specific wellness goals to ensure the property can support them. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy stands at more than $4 trillion. Resorts need to be aware of current trends and invest in technology solutions that help them offer guests a wider variety of activities, experiences, and food and beverage that support wellness goals and create champions of the property's brand. READ MORE

Mary Gendron

Encouraging guests to engage with a hotel's outdoor environment promotes wellbeing and is good for business. Orienting guests to interesting places to walk or hike helps the guest bond with a location and want to return again. One Northern Italian retreat offers forest bathing with a knowledgeable guide who helps make lasting positive memories. It may be inspiring for others. READ MORE

Allison Owen

With travel rates rising above pre-pandemic levels, hoteliers are focusing on finding new and better ways to deliver quality guest experiences with trusted and efficient communication tactics. The guest-centric approach of using branded calling is enhancing the guest experience, as well as the brand reputation and growing revenue. READ MORE

Teach Mayer

Engaging with the elements and immersing oneself in nature is a centuries-long tradition for enhanced health benefits. Today, spas are embracing the growing trend of nurturing with nature. Teach Mayer, General Manager of Dawn Ranch, the newly refreshed wellness retreat in Guerneville, Calif., discusses the topic and how they enlist Mother Nature to stimulate relaxation and rejuvenation. READ MORE

Simon  Saunders

Following a surge in outdoor pursuits during the Covid-19 pandemic, how can hospitality propagate and perpetuate the newfound interest of hotel guests in nature and what benefits does this bring to wellness hotels? Simon Saunders, VP of Strategic Health & Wellness for RLA Global explores some of the leading trends of wellness in the great outdoors. READ MORE

Cindy Staley

Overall wellness has had an influence on spas for many years, and there's been a recent rise in the tie-in of natural, organic living into luxurious spa offerings. Natural products are not only environmentally sustainable, but they also host a plethora of benefits for health-conscious consumers. READ MORE

Michael Koethner

Looking into the future of the Wellness & Spa Industry (industry because it is growing in numbers) it can no longer be ignored that the active participants, in very close collaboration with their guests, have now an obligation to reflect on and evaluate what has happened to humanity in the past four years. It should now be very clear and obvious for everyone that any given situation and/or event can no longer be isolated from the sum of everything. READ MORE

Toby Manulak

As the emphasis on mental health, wellbeing, and self-care increases post-pandemic, hotels are looking to expand their luxurious spa facilities to serve sophisticated guests seeking unforgettable experiences. Senior Vice President of Moss Construction, Toby Manulak, explores architectural, interior design, and construction trends prevalent in the hospitality industry as they relate to incorporating nature, adopting sustainable practices, and maintaining a "wow" factor. READ MORE

Jackie Roby

Hotels have the ability to enhance a traveler's well-being in simple or grandiose ways. One trend the Global Wellness Institute uncovered is multi-sensory experiences, proven to support physical, mental, and emotional well-being and create lasting behavioral change. From emotional showers to equine therapy, the options are plentiful. Let's explore ways to bring these to the spa, activities, and the guest room. READ MORE

Danielle Dudai

An appeals court decision identified one of the most important issues about hotels accused in human trafficking lawsuits. As a result, the actions of hotel employees will be a significant factor in the determination of such a claim, and proper training (including continued training) is of the utmost importance. READ MORE

Saroj Barthwal

This year, Saroj Barthwal was appointed as the new Resort Spa Manager at The Palms and The Shore Club. Born and raised in India, she is bringing fresh insights and expertise, in addition to nearly 15 years of skilled spa experience, to this position. What's next for the spas in general will be the concept of intentional-sustainability and infusion of cultural elements. READ MORE

Michael Lahm

The rise in wellness travel has ushered in heightened expectations for more profound and well-rounded hotel spa experiences. Finding innovative ways to integrate nature into hotel spas can help evolve the spa experience from pure relaxation to an immersive experience that renews the mind-body connection and delivers a sense of restoration, replenishment, and joy. READ MORE

Laszlo Puczko

Men say that they are well. But most certainly could be way better. The first ever Wellness of Men / Wellness for Men survey reveals the very insights of how men feel about their wellness. Men show significant changes in in their expectations and they are open to learn about and try new ideas that can make them feel better, be well – at home as well as during travel. This is time for the hospitality industry to take this opportunity and assist men to be better, be more well! READ MORE

Trent  Munday

Hotels are recognizing the need for guests to reconnect with nature and find inner harmony. They understand that incorporating nature-inspired spa facilities, treatments and wellness programs to provide a rejuvenating experience is something their guests want. How can hotels can help guests reconnect to nature by taking a holistic approach to all things wellness? Let's explore. READ MORE

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Coming up in October 2023...

Hotel Revenue Management: The Age of Big Data

The future of hotel revenue management lies in the adoption of ever more sophisticated software and technology, especially as it pertains to forecasting and pricing. For revenue professionals, the Age of Big Data has arrived. Managers are utilizing systems that employ leading-edge algorithms and machine learning, along with business analytics and data visualization tools. These tools communicate complex information more effectively, allowing managers to understand the key components driving demand and revenue. They have the ability to analyze real-time external and internal data, produce reports, and integrate information - all on a single platform - in order to improve performance. Managers are also utilizing  geographic information systems (GIS) which incorporate geographic data into forecasting. GIS also help decision-makers identify information in a visual way that cannot be detected through traditional data analysis. The October issue of the Hotel Business Review will report on how some hotels are integrating Big Data into their revenue management strategies.