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Karen  Cooksey

A winning team needs not just a great defense, but, also, a point-scoring offense. For many hospitality organizations, the first understandable response to the pandemic was cutting expenses as much as possible. In the process, we have learned ways to be more cost-effective going forward. However, recovery really entails a focus on revenue generation, in particular adopting a vibrant sales culture that welcomes and takes advantage of the ideas and skills of the entire hospitality team. READ MORE

Ermin Jusufovic

Like almost everything in the hotel industry, revenue management changed dramatically during the last year. The pandemic conditions challenged all established processes and best practices as demand dried up, and historical data was rendered powerless in predicting future performance. Organizations with strong revenue culture were able to adapt and weather the storm, but with the Delta Variant raging through the country and as group and business travel segments lag in recovery, it is time to re-invent once again. READ MORE

Bram Gallagher

Past hotel downturns followed a similar pattern where occupancy recovered prior to ADR. In the current crisis, this dynamic has been reversed as the fear of travel and social distancing are the prime determinants of hotels performance, and missing demand segments account for the pattern of ADR recovery rather than recovering economic fundamentals. Historical data and a simulation exercise illustrate the strategies of revenue managers. READ MORE

Christine Samsel

In the pursuit of pay equity, many jurisdictions are passing legislation designed to level the playing field. This includes salary history inquiry bans, mandates to provide applicants with compensation ranges and more onerous requirements. These varying obligations can make it difficult for multijurisdictional employers to stay in compliance with all applicable laws. READ MORE

Edward E. Snoeks

This article explores the strong grounds for the launch of urban hotel Meliá Chiang Mai, towering over the River Ping and Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai's heart in the mountainous north of Thailand. Despite the global pandemic, this hotel's debut will provide much-needed jobs and lifts optimism, sending a message that things will eventually improve for the local tourism industry. READ MORE

Scott Dahl

Scott Dahl is a higher education Lecturer with over 30 years of senior-level industry experience. He offers insights from the pandemic period and illustrates a few of the many resulting opportunities. In particular, he highlights the impact of advances in technology and a shift in marketing dynamics towards social channels as opportunities for the industry. READ MORE

Jenna Fishel

The voice and influence of the hotel revenue management profession has evolved over the last 10-15 years. In the wake of the pandemic, revenue managers have quickly become one of the most important resources informing hotel profit strategies, but they need buy-in from leadership and adequate resources in order to succeed. READ MORE

Anil Bilgihan

The underlying principles of revenue management indicate that historical demand patterns and trends, as well as the number of reservations on hand, should be used to optimize prices. Nevertheless, due to the pandemic, historical patterns are no longer relevant and revenue management system algorithms cannot be trusted to produce meaningful demand forecasts and price recommendations. Incorporating big data may help revenue managers to improve the accuracy of their forecasting. READ MORE

William Perry

As the world comes out of the COVID-19 pandemic industry leaders will start to rehire revenue management leaders. Over the past two years, many of the foundational principles of hotel operations have changed, including the industry's approach to revenue management itself. Revenue strategists need to evolve, and senior leaders must think deeply about what attributes they are looking for in revenue managers. READ MORE

Brian Athas

It's widely known that hotels have been upended by COVID-19. With light now at the end of the tunnel we are asked the question of "What is coming next?" Revenue Management is reliant on data and market understanding, but after an entire outlier of a year we are leaning on all strategies and aspects of operations to meet owner expectations. READ MORE

Michael Pinchera

Throughout 2021, the quarterly Meetings Outlook research from Meeting Professionals International, the world's largest meeting and event industry association, has found the greatest-ever positive indicators and expectations in the survey's history. There remain, however, many unknowns about exactly how business will be adapting to the new normal, with meeting professionals facing numerous additional challenges. READ MORE

David Vigil

Safety is the new luxury-it's of the utmost importance to consumers in today's health climate. To provide an excellent guest experience, staff must provide consistent health and safety standards at every touch point. The world has changed and it's up to hotel leaders to evolve and create a safe, welcoming environment for guests and employees. READ MORE

Brian King

With company principles and planning now increasingly transparent in the digital age of the "conscious consumer," the hospitality industry can no longer afford to be without when it comes implementing a sustainability strategy across all segments. The break in leisure and recreation in 2020 shed telling light on the world's largest pollutants and outlined just what needs to change in hospitality. READ MORE

Carlos Lopes

Economic experts predict recovery from the pandemic in the hospitality industry should not be expected until as late as 2024. This means executives have to cut expenses, ask tough questions and make hard changes now. And they need to start in their own sales and marketing department – the "sacred cow" of the organization. READ MORE

Gary Schirmacher

How are hotels finding new sales, marketing and service practices that help drive a higher local and regional share of a group market since March 2020? Where can data driven insights help determine group meeting strategies? The reality for the events industry right now is that what was, is no longer what is. However, hotels that can look through the weeds and manage the landscape will find success in the new world of group bookings. READ MORE

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Coming up in January 2022...

Mobile Technology: Next Level Innovation

Despite the recent adversity that has challenged the entire lodging industry in every facet of its operation, the relentless march of digital innovation continues unabated. Part of this is driven by the need to outperform the competition so hoteliers can promote their operations to digitally-savvy Millennial travelers, and part of it is driven by the desire to continuously find new ways to enhance the guest experience. In that regard, hotel apps that provide mobile check-in/out, room access, room service, and the capacity to control in-room lights, curtains, temperature, and television programming from a guest's personal device is fast becoming standard. Soon, new features such as voice control, facial recognition, smart rooms, and the use of A.I. for things like virtual hotel tours may be on the horizon. The January Hotel Business Review will report on how some hotels are integrating new mobile technologies into their operations to offer their guests an impressive, next level experience.