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Alina Arnelle

Regulatory and economic imperatives are pushing the hospitality industry to be more sustainable. However, outdated and time-consuming data management practices around sustainability hinder hotels' ability to pursue this goal. In this article, we explore how hotels can utilize a sustainability management hub to make more informed decisions about their green initiatives, drastically improve communication about their sustainability between stakeholders and gain a competitive advantage in the market. READ MORE

Robert O'Halloran

The hospitality industry has a history of entrepreneurism. The food and beverage industry has independent restaurants across the country, many of the of restaurants in the United States are independent. On the lodging side less are independent due to a shift to franchising. This article will focus on hospitality and tourism entrepreneurism featuring ideas, and skill sets. READ MORE

Jeff Josephson

When hotel owners identify their primary business goal, most would point to increased profit. Hotel owners are searching for ways to boost revenue and are turning to personalized experiences and wellness amenities for increased guest satisfaction. These services provide a memorable stay for guests looking to get the most out of their hotel stay and focuses on making them feel valued, welcomed and special. READ MORE

Brynn Scarborough

In the digital age's ceaseless buzz, automated massage technology effectively harmonizes with our screen-dominated lives. Tailored treatments offer a personalized spa-like escape, providing not just relief but sustained relaxation. This advanced fusion promotes overall physical well-being and underscores the vital connection between technology and health, offering a sanctuary for intentional disconnection in the modern age. READ MORE

Arsalan Vossough

Explore 'The Future of Haute Hospitality,' a compelling article on AI's transformative role in luxury hospitality. Delving into the innovative integration of AI with traditional sommelier roles, it reveals how technology enhances guest experiences with unprecedented personalization. A must-read for understanding how AI is reshaping luxury service standards and setting new benchmarks in hotel excellence. READ MORE

Kim Lawton

In an era where travelers crave personalized and memorable experiences, hotels are uniquely positioned to redefine the essence of hospitality. By partnering with various brands, these establishments are not just offering rooms but are transforming stays into unforgettable journeys for their loyalty program members. This strategic move aims to elevate brand loyalty and encourage repeat visits, setting a new standard in the hospitality industry. READ MORE

Roger Allen

As travellers increasingly look for immersive and authentic programmes and adventures, hotels may need to update their strategies to be able to provide quests with truly unique and unforgettable experiences. Here are the key trends and forecasts hotel operators, developers and investors need to know about experience-led travel and its effects on the hotel sector in 2024. READ MORE

Martin Chevalley

The global hospitality industry is experiencing a transformative shift through the integration of AI. This evolution is exemplified by practical applications, such as personalized chat and review management, enhancing guest interactions and optimizing on-property experiences. AI-driven task management systems streamline back-of-house efficiency, while dashboards and analytics revolutionize business intelligence. The article explores these practical AI applications, emphasizing its role in reshaping the overall hospitality landscape. READ MORE

Ian  Renton

Atlantis, The Palm, located in Dubai, is the ultimate entertainment destination to host an upcoming gathering or event. From spectacular rooms and suites, vibrant entertainment settings, captivating backdrops and extraordinary activities, every occasion is designed to deliver an unforgettable experience. Atlantis, The Palm boasts an impressive 13 meeting rooms, three ballrooms and one boardroom, perfect for corporate events, conferences, galas or celebrations. READ MORE

Bram Haenraets

Is AI the new face of hospitality? Read how virtual assistants are revolutionizing the hotel experience, from check-in to check-out. Delve into how AI-powered virtual assistants, comparable to ChatGPT, are transforming the hotel industry. From tackling staff shortages to revolutionizing front desk operations, these advanced systems offer personalized guest interactions and seamless integration with hotel management systems. READ MORE

Alex Barros

Hotel sustainability involves adopting eco-friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable practices, using technology to boost organizational efficiency. Guided by ESG principles, hotels address environmental, social, and governance impacts. Maintaining sustainability requires ongoing policy updates, community partnerships, and stakeholder involvement. Challenges include initial costs and balancing luxury with sustainability, but the benefits include market expansion, improved brand image, cost savings, enhanced guest experiences, employee engagement, and long-term business sustainability. READ MORE

Danny Williams

Entertainment plays a pivotal role in shaping the guest experience. From live performances that create a sophisticated ambiance to recreational activities that cater to diverse interests, the entertainment offerings contribute significantly to guest satisfaction. As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the emphasis on providing innovative and engaging entertainment options will remain a key factor in attracting and retaining guests. READ MORE

Robert Norton

Gaming is exploding in popularity, with new casinos opening across the country. With growing prevalence and popularity comes a corresponding surge in innovation with inspired modern casino environments. Leading developers are rethinking long-held assumptions about what casinos "should" look and feel like-and are infusing some of the best new design concepts and entertainment experiences into genuinely immersive gaming spaces. READ MORE

Alex Smith

Clean energy is at the core of the sustainability efforts for Legacy Vacation Resorts and they understand by removing their reliance on traditional power sources, they can greatly reduce their carbon footprint. Read on to find out more about how LVR measured, planned and completed their clean energy projects to date while looking ahead for a 100% renewable energy adoption company-wide by 2030. READ MORE

Derek Chew

The hospitality industry has been through an upheaval, and today it has to adapt to post-pandemic changes with a focus on digital strategy, safety, and online engagement to recover from financial and employment losses. Success requires enhancing e-commerce visibility, leveraging mobile-first approaches, AI integration, SEO, and social listening to meet elevated consumer safety expectations and drive conversions. READ MORE

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