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Lynn Prater

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, the fusion of technology and fundamental revenue strategies will undoubtedly remain a guiding principle for sustained success. McKibbon Hospitality outlines their unique three-pronged approach to revenue generation, incorporating Revenue Management, Sales & Marketing, and eCommerce, demonstrating how collaboration and technology can be leveraged to produce results, as proven in the following case study. READ MORE

James Downey

When does it make sense for a lodging operation to charge guest resort fees? That's debatable. This usage is widespread and nefarious practices have been cited throughout the entire hospitality industry. In fact, President Biden has weighed in on this issue not only citing the hospitality industry for questionable practices regarding resort fees but for airline, banking and ticket service companies as well. READ MORE

Ahmed Mahmoud

The adoption of ever-sophisticated integrated revenue management software and technology, particularly with regard to forecasting demand and pricing, is crucial and initial to enabling future demand by using hotel data analysis, which can provide a unique competitive advantage for hotels where they need a kind of technology that involves a daily cycle of diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to maximize profit. READ MORE

Conor Kenny

When it comes to meetings and events visionaries, beware of vested interests overstating the role of technology. Of course, it is important, of course it has a role. But humanity will always outweigh technology. Whatever innovation arrives, nothing but nothing will ever beat the primal need to meet. This article explains why, and the clear balance you need to strike READ MORE

Michael​ Luther

Vice President of Sales for the Westgate Resorts collection, Michael Luther, speaks to the world-class facilities, experiences, and amenities combined with an ideal location right off the Las Vegas Strip that make Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino the top choice for any event or meeting and provides guests with a true taste of all that Nevada has to offer. READ MORE

Louise Bang

After an attempt of virtual events and hybrid meetings, the enthusiastic return of in-person conferences, conventions, and incentives has felt like a homecoming for many in hospitality. While virtual engagement has benefits, there is nothing that can truly replace the power of in-person events for collaboration, relationship building, and fostering a sense of community. Events are returning and better than before. READ MORE

Taryn Fontenette

In our post-pandemic hospitality landscape, conference and meeting hosts have high expectations. How can hotels provide experiences that keep guests talking long after they've returned to their everyday lives? In this article, Taryn Fontenette, director of catering and conference services at The Hotel at the University of Maryland, shares several strategies to elevate your next event through personalization and creativity. READ MORE

Anne Digregory

Groups today are looking to go beyond the boardroom by visiting hotels and resorts that offer unique experiences for corporate travelers, whether it's for team building activities, incentive travel, or group retreats. Properties now must look at providing experiential offerings that speak to the destination and provide a sense of place, boast authentic dining and culinary offerings, or provide unique wellbeing experiences that go beyond your typical hotel spa menu. READ MORE

Bob Vaez

In-person meetings are back. After years of virtual events, meeting organizers and attendees are used to the perks of meeting online. So that means there's a new normal hotel group managers need to adopt: hybrid meetings. Explore the pros and cons of hybrid events, their challenges, and how the right event tech can mitigate them. READ MORE

Jason Jani

The event industry over the last several years has seen highs and lows, and continues to evolve in the best way. The future of in-person events looks bright, and learnings from a remote world have jumped in to shape a menu of services that cater to a much wider audience. Today, customization is key to success. READ MORE

Rohith Kori

Close to two-thirds of corporate events in North America will be held in person this year. If your property wants to increase its events revenue and book repeat business, priority No. 1 is to empower event planners and property staff with comprehensive solutions that help them create truly memorable events and exceptional experiences for their clients and their attendees. Your property must possess three key attributes to ensure a rewarding partnership with planners that contributes to a successful event and satisfied attendees. READ MORE

Mark Johnson

As hotels seek to regain customers and return the number of conferences they host to pre-pandemic numbers, the need for "doing things differently" is clear. The old model needs an update; forward-thinking hotel group managers must seize the opportunity: Develop a system by which customers can add a virtual component to their in-person conferences and events. Enter the Hybrid Conference. READ MORE

Vivek Neb

In-person events may be returning, but the appetite for hybrid opportunities continues to grow. From expanding reach to enhancing sustainability, the hybrid model could transform how events operate. But the combined in-person and virtual elements of an event must be seamless. To get there, hotels will need to make crucial investments in technology and the attendee experience. READ MORE

Mauricio  Ramírez

Within the ever-evolving hotel industry, group meetings now serve as transformative experiences, promoting collaboration and innovation. Meticulous attention to detail has become a vital factor in shaping these impactful occasions. How do hotels stay competitive while enhancing guest experiences with diverse event spaces? Discover the key strategies in this article and unlock the secrets of crafting unforgettable hospitality experiences. READ MORE

Vaughn Davis

The hospitality industry experienced a significant transformation post-pandemic, leading hotel groups to adopt a new hybrid model. Dream Hollywood has embraced this shift, leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences, introducing innovative meeting spaces, virtual events, VR technology for remote engagement, and more, as well as properly preparing staff with cross-training to adapt to changing demands. Dream Hollywood's forward-thinking approach, embracing flexibility and creativity, redefined the concept of hospitality and opened doors to new opportunities. READ MORE

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Coming up in December 2023...

Hotel Law: Forever Evolving

The legal environment of the hotel industry is forever evolving and there is always a myriad of issues for hotels to address. One ongoing challenge for hotels concerns cybersecurity and their legal exposure should a major hack or breach occur. Because hotels offer Wi-Fi services to the public and because they collect and store substantial personal information on their guests, it is imperative for hotels to have advanced security systems in place. In the event of a breach, they must be able to prove they took every reasonable measure to protect the sensitive information of their guests and to comply with all privacy laws. Another legal issue involves the licensing and training of all employees who serve alcohol at any establishment that sells alcoholic beverages and permits customers to drink on site. Though this law is presently confined to California, it is expected to be enacted by other states in the near future. These are just a few of the issues that will be reported on in the December issue of the Hotel Business Review.