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Nadav Avni

The hospitality industry has been leveraging TVs to enhance the guest experience. In addition, TVs now provide audio visual support for venue's ongoing promotions and advertising activities. Moreover, the emergence of smart TVs has boosted the convenience and benefits the device provides. With increasing smart TV investment, hospitality owners must ensure they have appropriate technology to manage, maintain, and secure requirements of the hotel's fleet of Android TV devices. READ MORE

Aron Ezra

It's common for a traveler to long for the control they have at home; after all, when you're home you decide how things are and all too often on the road you don't. Here's how to utilize mobile technologies (particularly apps) to give guests that control, ensuring they visit your establishment again. READ MORE

Robert  O'Halloran

As we move toward a more technology-dependent world, a new world of hospitality has emerged, and it is a balance of productivity, safety, and service. Technology has been enhanced with a goal to maintain effective and professional service for guests in a safe environment. This article will examine mobile technology in lodging and its innovations in various departments, as well as the technology-guest service balance for hotels. READ MORE

Herbert Laubichler-Pichler

Hotels are benefiting immensely from harnessing mobile technology to reach and service guests. Exciting opportunities are not limited to the remit of global hotel brands with huge resources; independent hotels are having their day in the sun too. As demonstrated in this case study of Alma Resort, mobile technology has helped level the playing field for the independent hotel movement. READ MORE

Eric White

The integration of mobile technology into hotel operations has become the norm. Contactless touchpoints and property management apps may once have seemed at odds with the hospitality industry's focus on high-touch service. However, today's hotel owners and managers are using smartphone-centered high-tech to drive better guest experiences while unlocking efficiencies that save time and improve quality of life. READ MORE

Ryan Mann

Leisure travel is booming, and this summer many people took their vacations "no matter what." Last summer saw renewed enthusiasm for hitting the road, and this summer confirmed it. This should be no surprise: pandemic or inflation notwithstanding, people love to travel. According to the most recent McKinsey travel survey, Americans asked what they would do with a $10,000 windfall, respondents ranked travel ranked second. READ MORE

Andrew Rubinacci

In the wake of the pandemic, many hoteliers who have been through the belt-tightening and all-hands-on-deck emergency status of crisis operations are rethinking the traditional RevPAR approach. Today, optimizing total revenue across the entire property is seen by many hotel owners and operators as both a competitive necessity and a smart way to position themselves in an evolving industry landscape. READ MORE

Jill Rigsbee

The continuing shift in the economy is driving new revenue opportunities for hotels. The evolving guest profile and their dynamic preferences are causing hoteliers to re-imagine the spaces on property to drive incremental profits. Lobby markets are emerging as an important extension of a hotel's food-and-beverage program, increasing relevance to the guests and profitability for the property, management company and owners. READ MORE

Christina  Davis

Restaurants that can successfully lay the foundation of their localized marketing strategy have a leg up on driving customers, covers, and revenue. Limited resources and complexity in the consumer journey are the challenges facing restaurants of all shapes and sizes. The ones who rise to the challenge, who can solve these challenges better, faster, and cheaper than the competition, create their own competitive advantage. READ MORE

Jorey Friedman

The all-inclusive resort – cookie-cutter accommodations that bundle meals and beverages, activities, and entertainment in a single price upon booking – has dramatically evolved, and even the biggest skeptics who eschew pre-packaged, pre-paid vacations will discover their preconceptions displaced. While historically catering to budget travelers, today's all-inclusive resorts are developing sophisticated, luxurious offerings, expanding amenities, and serving diverse needs and interests. READ MORE

Richard Garcia

The pandemic has led to massive changes for hotel food and beverage spaces, from new protocols to a shift in expectations from guests, hoteliers have been left to create quick and innovative solutions. Over the last year-plus, F&B leaders have developed new menu offerings, better beverage programs, and have developed ways to circumvent hiring shortages. READ MORE

Casssandra Cavanah

The pursuit of health through hydrothermal bathing is a centuries-old practice that the pandemic amplified. Consumers are amping to explore new forms of sweat bathing and the benefits of hot/cold contrast therapy. Urban bathhouses seem to be popping up everywhere, giving wellness seekers easy access to high-end (and relatively affordable) hydrothermal bathing options. This means smart spa operators need to keep pace with hydrothermal trends. READ MORE

Tom Wolf

Combining two hotels in the same vicinity into one operation isn't new. It makes a lot of sense, as it results in efficiencies that a single hotel cannot provide. However, there are very specific scenarios when hotels should think about complexing. How can hoteliers know when and why this might make sense for their properties? READ MORE

Rachel Svoboda

Social media is the most powerful way to reach travelers in 2022. Make sure your hotel property has a compelling presence on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn to boost brand reputation, convert qualified leads, increase website traffic, and capture customer insights. READ MORE

Derek Peterson

The global pandemic affected nearly every aspect of business and dramatically altered business travel, leisure travel, events and conferences. In the wake of the pandemic, with focused recovery efforts underway, digital transformation has become a core focus to ensure a strong recovery throughout the hospitality industry. With 2022 ushering in the 5G experience, here are the key takeaways for hoteliers. READ MORE

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Coming up in April 2023...

Guest Service: Exceeding Expectations

When guests check into a hotel, they have expectations of quality customer service. They expect to have their needs met in a professional manner, they desire a certain level of comfort, and possibly even made to feel a little special. This is important because satisfied guests are more likely to return and to become true brand ambassadors. But what if instead of merely meeting expectations, hotels created a culture of service that was intent on exceeding expectations in every conceivable way? What if frontline staff were trained and empowered to provide guest services that demonstrate a willingness to always go the extra mile in order to please their guests? This culture is exactly what some hotels are creating in their operations. From helpful, smiling, welcoming staff to the quality of  a room's comfort and conveniences. From discovering a guest's special needs and enthusiastically fulfilling them, to making some amenities free of charge and offering random upgrades. The April issue of the Hotel Business Review will explore what some hotels are doing to enhance and enrich their guest services.