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Bruce Wright

The golf industry continues to evolve in its embrace of both casual and avid golfers, and the intersection of golf, entertainment, and experiential travel is growing more profound. An exciting new era for golf travel has arrived, with hospitality environments that showcase multigenerational appeal, diverse programming, and an approachable design aesthetic with a timeless quality. READ MORE

Jeeyeon Jeannie Hahm

While there is just one event, the experience for hybrid-based meetings is for both in-person and virtual attendees. It is therefore imperative to balance the two experiences. A hybrid event should not feel like it is two separate events. It should be one event with two experiences. The content should be relevant to both groups but delivered differently to both. READ MORE

David Allison

This article focuses on boosting hotel sales in the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, Exhibitions) industry by understanding three of the core human values of meeting planners: Personal Growth, Financial Security, and Personal Responsibility. It suggests strategies tailored to these values to help readers develop their own values-driven ideas. Extensive data analysis has shown that understanding these values can lead to up to eight times more marketing impact than relying on demographic data. READ MORE

Heather Larson

COVID-19 halted in-person meetings and we haven't been the same since. Amidst and following this shift, Meet Chicago Northwest (MCNW) was able to innovate and expand, while also creating a toolkit for future obstacles that may arise. Destination marketing executive, Heather Larson, President and CEO, believes that the future of meetings and events will rely heavily on key technology. READ MORE

Jack Benton

Meetings, events and conferences are quickly returning to an in-person model, while the expectation remains that a virtual component will complement or supplement what's offered in-person. The rapid transition has posed numerous challenges for meeting planners and venues. Meeting those head-on and implementing key learnings are how the hybrid model will continue to thrive across the industry. READ MORE

Michele Worth

Hotel managers have had to swiftly adapt to a new hybrid model for meetings with the increased need and demand for hybrid meeting options in the past few years. With increased remote work, managers recognized the importance of offering flexible options and began adapting models and brainstorming new ideas to accommodate participants both in person and remotely. READ MORE

Roy Charette

Building loyalty and underscoring employee value through CSR team-building events can be an important tool for the long-term success of a company. It can also help employees feel included and valued. By making clear CSR commitments that resonate with employees, brands will create a positive reputation, which will also help attract and keep top talent. READ MORE

Cynthia Jones

In the new age of permanently hybrid workplaces, online hotel group meetings and conferences seem more cost-effective at face value. However, the post-pandemic itch for in-person meetings is still alive among many employees and organizations. With luxurious amenities, exemplary team support, and access to the best in presentation technology, the perks of in-person hotel group meetings are worth exploring. READ MORE

Kalene Griffith

Meeting-goers today want Instagram-worthy encounters and moments, and when destinations are able to deliver this, it creates a meaningful experience with an impact that goes beyond the traditional convention model. Conference planners are challenged to make events more captivating, vibrant and engaging than ever before. Meeting venues must rise to meet this demand by embracing an innovative and unconventional approach. READ MORE

Corbin Ball

Discover the future of events with hotels embracing hybrid technology! In this insightful article, explore how hotels are adapting to the rapidly evolving business landscape by offering seamless and engaging experiences for hybrid events. Discover the technological advancements, customized event spaces, enhanced connectivity, and comprehensive support that hotels are providing. READ MORE

Robert  O'Halloran

Like all businesses in pandemic recovery, new realities for doing business have emerged. Reaching your guests and or clients is different from pre-COVID-19. Guests want value for their money and hotels seeking to attract groups and meetings need to provide multiple channels to accomplish this goal. This article will examine how hotels are and can reach virtual and in-person audiences. READ MORE

Satyen  Raja

In this article, Satyen Raja uncovers the invisible elements of the hotel and tourism industry. It dives into team alliances, unravels interpersonal dynamics, and highlights leadership's transformative role. This must-read goes beyond profit, emphasizing shared goals, unity, and the heart of successful teams, offering an enlightening perspective on business transformation in the hotel sector. READ MORE

John  Signorelli

"Memorable, unique, and authentic." Today's hotel guests tell us their preferences for these experiences. Are we truly listening and delivering upon their requests to provide a more tailored and personalized experience? Here are some upselling techniques and ideas, sparking interest into how you can help instill a sense of brand loyalty, so your guests will likely return for future visits. READ MORE

Catherine Burger

360 million. That's about how many hours Americans have watched chef videos on TikTok. Americans love to see how dishes are made for at-home meal inspiration or before making reservations at a trendy restaurant in town. Cooking videos are so popular that a new study on the most popular professions on TikTok shows that chef videos outrank almost all other professional videos. READ MORE

Michael Mignano

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to come out of the three-year pandemic is the work and lifestyle evolution. We have developed a more relaxed attitude towards the workday and our lifestyles. The challenge for luxury hotel restaurants lies in how to adapt the stereotypical fine dining experience to this new normal and stay relevant. READ MORE

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