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Hicham Jaddoud

While different jurisdictions may differ in their rules for interpreting force majeure, most of the hotel agreements contain a close covering unpredictable circumstances such us terrorist attacks, floods, strikes, and pandemic. Depending on the force majeure clause on the hotel management agreement, the performance obligation, of either parties, can be temporarily or permanently excused. READ MORE

Christine Samsel

As we welcome 2023, hospitality employers should familiarize themselves with the plethora of new employment laws and how those laws impact their business. Christine Samsel, employment attorney with Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, shares 10 key areas to address, from job posting and pay transparency requirements, privacy protections and separation agreements to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. READ MORE

Kjeld Schigt

Kjeld Schigt of Kalon Surf made sure when he opened his resort, he was involving the community of Costa Rica. He knew that he would more richly succeed in this endeavor by hiring people from Costa Rica, and investing in the community as a whole. The growth of Kalon Surf goes hand in with the growth of Costa Rican communities. READ MORE

Malcolm Davies

How can you determine whether a lodging property is a good candidate for conversion to a multifamily housing community? From assessing the existing property to considering conversion elements and market dynamics, to looking at financing options, readers will have a 360-degree view of a process that may provide a higher-and-best-use option to owners of functionally challenged hotel properties. READ MORE

Samantha Ahuja

In the wake of the pandemic, the hospitality industry faces a range of potential challenges and opportunities, from finding enough qualified workers to fill jobs to incorporating ESG standards into hotel operations and construction projects. Economic volatility and rising interest rates could make it more difficult for hotels to secure new financing. What's the push and pull between guest data and privacy? READ MORE

Ben  Hanuka

The pandemic has caught all industries by surprise and the hotel industry is not an exception. Parties were not prepared for, and did not anticipate, the extreme challenges that the pandemic would end up causing to hotel rebranding renovation projects. That has led to major delays and at least technical non-compliance with PIP requirements for projects that started before the onset of the pandemic. Franchisors should take that into consideration when assessing non-compliance with PIP. READ MORE

Jessica Brown

The COVID-19 pandemic continues impact the hospitality sector. Analytics suggests that recovery to pre-pandemic levels for the hard-hit business travel sector will not be achieved until 2023 or later. This article examines current legal trends in the alcohol beverage retail space, and encourages hotels to assess the opportunities present in the changing licensing regime in their respective states. READ MORE

Ryan McAndrew

Despite solid recovery in travel, the supply of new hotel rooms has slowed significantly, held back by rising interest rates, supply chain delays and a tight labor market. In the short term, supply will struggle to keep pace with demand, but as economic headwinds resolve, the long-term outlook appears robust. READ MORE

Phelim Pekaar

Hotel accessibility matters as much online during the booking journey as it does when those with disabilities come to stay. Hotel operators who recognize this and ensure that their digital presence is ADA compliant will benefit from reduced risk of lawsuit, an enhanced brand reputation, and will be well positioned to capture a slice of the growing accessible travel market. READ MORE

Wendy Hansen

The Covid-19 pandemic raised many new and polarizing issues in the work environment, not the least of which were vaccine mandates. This article will provide a brief overview of the status of vaccine mandates, consider the most common claims made by employees, and provide some points for hotel employers to consider before modifying or withdrawing a mandatory vaccination policy. READ MORE

John Mavros

Over the last decade, there has been a drastic change in cannabis laws. Not only has recreational and medicinal marijuana been legalized in many states, but states have put specific protections in place for employees who engage in off-duty cannabis use. Can employers still maintain a drug-free workplace? READ MORE

Gregory A. Hearing

The COVID-19 Pandemic imposed disruption and hardship on hospitality industry employers. Now that employers are actively recovering from the receding Pandemic, nationwide organizing efforts threaten to take advantage of the fragile situation left in the Pandemic's wake. Hospitality industry employers should understand the current state of U.S. labor laws and increased post-Pandemic organizing efforts and how employers can maintain a non-unionized workforce. READ MORE

Charlotte Tullis

The UK's hospitality industry is in the grip of a staffing shortage crisis, with the latest figures from the ONS indicating that in the last quarter, there were c.158,000 vacant positions. In this article, we explore the socio-economic factors driving the crisis, and what those in the industry can do to ensure labour shortages do not negatively impact customer experience. READ MORE

James Downey

The concierge service business is picking up steam in the hospitality industry now that COVID is on the wane and travel among leisure and corporate markets is increasing. As a result, the need for personalized assistance for the traveler is becoming big and really profitable. READ MORE

Mikaela Whitman

Human trafficking is a global problem that has increasing insurance coverage implications. According to the Labor Organization Board, in 2017 there were 24.9 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. Human trafficking has become a serious concern not only for those victims and their families, but for those in industries that could arguably benefit from the human trafficking enterprises. READ MORE

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Coming up in April 2023...

Guest Service: Exceeding Expectations

When guests check into a hotel, they have expectations of quality customer service. They expect to have their needs met in a professional manner, they desire a certain level of comfort, and possibly even made to feel a little special. This is important because satisfied guests are more likely to return and to become true brand ambassadors. But what if instead of merely meeting expectations, hotels created a culture of service that was intent on exceeding expectations in every conceivable way? What if frontline staff were trained and empowered to provide guest services that demonstrate a willingness to always go the extra mile in order to please their guests? This culture is exactly what some hotels are creating in their operations. From helpful, smiling, welcoming staff to the quality of  a room's comfort and conveniences. From discovering a guest's special needs and enthusiastically fulfilling them, to making some amenities free of charge and offering random upgrades. The April issue of the Hotel Business Review will explore what some hotels are doing to enhance and enrich their guest services.