Follow Up - The Two Powerful Words Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Sales

By Debbie Bermont President, Source Communications | January 14, 2010

We are in the age of instant information. Because of technology we now have the opportunity to connect 24/7 with anyone around the world. People carry their cell phones with them to the grocery store, the restaurant, the bank and the movie theatre. From your phone you can send e-mails, documents, text messages and receive pictures across the globe.

With all these advances in technology, follow up, a simple action which has a major impact on your sales and builds lifetime relationships should be easier now than ever before. Unfortunately, there is no correlation between the advancements in technology and the immediacy of follow up in business.

It seems pretty obvious that if someone asks you to follow up with them and they tell you they are interested in buying from your company in the very near future, you would be hot to follow up on their request immediately. Yet this isn't the case with many professionals. How many times have you left a message with a supplier to inquire about their services and they never called you back? How many times have you called another professional and it takes them days to respond? It happens all the time.

Remember every connection you make gets you closer or farther away from a sale. When you are networking and find someone you are aligned with and promise to follow up, you have started the relationship with a positive connection and the valve to more business flow opens. If you don't continue that positive connection with quick follow up, it's like closing the energy valve and slamming the door on the potential sale and any future relationship.

Here are the common excuses people give for not following up:

If you're committed to impeccable service and building lifetime relationships, these excuses only take you further away from explosive sales. The simplest way to increase your sales and earn someone else's trust is to demonstrate reliability. Immediate follow up demonstrates your reliability. Now is the time to turn your instant connectivity into instant dollars -- you have no excuse for not following up immediately to any request.

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