Fraser Hickox to be Inducted into HFTP's International Hall of Fame

General Manager of Research and Technology for Peninsula Hotel Group

. October 14, 2008

AUSTIN, TX, June 3, 2008. Utilizing both his creative mind and scientific background, Fraser Hickox has been at the forefront of guest room technology for over 20 years. For his leading-edge approach to technology in the hospitality industry, Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP(R)) inducts Fraser Hickox into the International Hospitality Technology Hall of Fame. The induction takes place at the 2008 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC (R)) General Session on Tuesday, June 17 at 8 a.m. HITEC is June 16-19 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas.

"Hickox is a technological innovator who is not afraid to take chances with new technology," said Richard Siegel, president and publisher of Hospitality Upgrade magazine and 2003 Hall of Fame inductee. "Through his leadership of Peninsula Hotel's research lab, he develops new technology to improve service in guest rooms, while keeping it intuitive and subtle."

Hickox is currently the general manager of research and technology for Peninsula Hotel Group in Hong Kong. He has led the Electronic Services Department, the hotel industry's only dedicated team of inventors, since its inception. Under his leadership, the division has brought innovation and user-friendly products to Peninsula Hotels that were not available through normal commercial channels.

As a leading light in the design and production of new technology, he has created a lab that is envied by most in the industry. Relying on personal travel experiences, observations and guest comments, the lab implements technology into hotel guest rooms after rigorous research and testing. Hickox's creativity has found various solutions to provide the ultimate experience for guests, whether staying for business or pleasure.

"Hickox is among those I.T. executives that I could count on one hand who are in the upper echelon," said Barry Shuler, SVP and CTO for Marriott. "He has that rare combination of 'big picture' vision for game-changing technologies and the detailed 'nuts and bolts' skill to determine whether these emerging technologies are for real."

For example, Hickox had computers installed in every guest room over 20 years ago, long before the availability of the Internet. While this might not have been a new technology at the time, it was a first for the hotel industry. Another guest-friendly technology is that if a phone rings at night when the room is in darkness, a light turns on with a soft glow for the duration of the call and then turns off after hanging up. For the new Peninsula Tokyo, the lab recently invented nail dryers for all guest room bathrooms after Hickox observed a guest in Chicago waving her hands in the air trying to dry her nails on her way to a meeting.

"Hickox never loses an opportunity to travel, to promote the benefits of technology in any area linked to hospitality and to investigate new technologies for their applicability to our industry," said Jon Inge, CHTP, ISHC, president of Jon Inge & Associates and 2006 Hall of Fame inductee.

He is actively involved with the hospitality industry, serving as a member of the HITEC Advisory Council, director on the HTNG board and speaker at conferences around the world, including the HITEC 2008 education session "Convergence: How to Build a Converged Network."

"Hickox selflessly supports many worthwhile industry causes and believes in supporting new industry initiatives that could benefit many people. His involvement with the HITEC Advisory Council is one example where he provided a much-needed international perspective," said Siegel.

"I am honored to be recognized by my peers," Hickox noted. "This is a brilliant cap for my career with Peninsula, particularly as I am now in the process of handing over the reigns to my successor."

HITEC is the world's largest hospitality technology exposition and conference. In its 36th year, the conference offers a unique combination of top-notch hospitality technology education, led by industry peers and experts and an unparalleled trade show showcasing the latest hospitality technology products and services. Also featured at HITEC 2008 is HFTP's Guestroom 2010, known throughout the world as "the" display of future technologies impacting the modern guestroom. This year's display has more than 35 technologies and prototypes that are the result of a worldwide search.

Visit for complete information about all conference and exhibition events, including a full conference schedule, Buyer's Guide, a map of the exhibit hall and the most current HITEC news. For more information about the HITEC, contact HFTP at, (800) 646-4387 or +1 (512) 249-5333.

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