The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center at Ewa Beach has issued a TSUNAMI WARNING for the Hawaiian Islands

Tsunami approach confirmed.

. December 31, 1969

A tsunami warning means that a significant earthquake has occurred.

EFFECTS: An earthquake has occurred at 8:34 p.m. HST on February 26, 2010 near the coast of central Chile with an 8.8 moment measurement. Sea level readings confirm that a tsunami has been generated that could cause widespread damage. Therefore, a Tsunami Warning has been generated for the State of Hawaii. Estimated earliest arrival time is 11:19 a.m.

HST Saturday February 27, 2010. Sirens will sound at 6:00 a.m.

PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES: Persons in low-lying areas should begin emergency preparations. Please refer to the front yellow section of the telephone book for preparedness information and evacuation areas. Prepare your Go Kit if you need to evacuate to higher ground. Be prepared to evacuate when advised/ordered by Civil Defense

INFORMATION: Maui County Civil Defense will continue to monitor the situation. Please listen to your local radio and TV stations or NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts for any updates. NOAA Weather broadcasts can be reached by calling 1 866 944-5025. The Tsunami Warning Center web page can be found at

Pre-recorded advisories and notifications are available 24-hours a day on the Maui County Automated Information System (AIS) by calling 986-1200. The same information is available on the Maui County website at

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