Prague's Former Parkhotel to Re-Emerge as the Mama Shelter Prague Following Conversion

LOS ANGELES, CA. March 15, 2017 - Mama Shelter, a leading design-oriented lifestyle chain of boutique hotels, today announced its market entry into the Czech Republic with plans to open Mama Shelter Prague. The ten floor and 238-room property is a strategic conversion from the former Parkhotel and is expected to open in Q4 2017.

“We knew the Golden City was the perfect location for our seventh Mama Shelter because it’s a vibrant destination filled with dreamers and explorers, which aligns perfectly with the MAMA ethos,” said Mama Shelter Founder Serge Trigano. “For generations we’ve sheltered travelers from all over the world, welcoming each with the deepest hospitality by giving the care and warmth of family that only MAMA can give and we will replicate this feeling at Mama Shelter Prague.”

The property will be located just off Stromovka Park, the city’s largest park founded in the 13th century, and will boast a large terrace. Mama Shelter Prague will occupy the former Parkhotel and will be designed by Jalil Amor.

The hotel will host three different guest room types including Mama Medium 18m², Mama XL 25m² and Mama XXL 44m². The property will also feature one penthouse 70m². Every room will act as a cozy sanctuary for guests with lush king beds, free high-speed WiFi, TV and free movies of all genres.

With five meeting rooms set aside for collaboration along with a huge outdoor area, travelers will have space to gather to create or simply hang out. The new location also hosts a 300-seat restaurant that will include comfort menu items like wood oven pizzas and family-style dishes. Additionally, guests will have a variety of options to stay fit during their stay with a basketball court along with a gym.

The Trigano Family, co-founders of Club Med, created Mama Shelter eight years ago with an inaugural location in Paris. Since then the family has expanded Mama Shelter all over the world in Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro. The Prague location marks the first Mama Shelter in the city and the seventh overall for the family brand.

About Mama Shelter

After many glorious years at Club Med (co-founded by the Trigano family), Serge Trigano launched Mama Shelter in 2008 with sons Benjamin and Jérémie. The founders said from the get-go that they would offer guests a mix of shared fun, affordability and exceptional service, and only implement Mama in cities that they loved and in neighborhoods with a unique story. By deciding to focus only on locations that spoke to their hearts, Mama Shelter hotels have been sourced where they could express their ideal of an unusual, eccentric and unique place to be. Each city possesses a rich heritage, paving the way towards new horizons where their ideals of a peaceful humanity could be realized. Paris was followed by the introduction of Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Los Angeles and Rio de Janeiro. In 2014 Accor bought a 35 percent stake in Mama Shelter.


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