Charlestowne Hotels Doubles National Revpar Average for Seventh Consecutive Year

Leading Management Company Closes Record-Breaking Year With 10 Hotels Added Across the U.S.

USA, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. March 27, 2018

Charlestowne Hotels, a full-service hospitality management company known for their bespoke management style, achieved a year of record-breaking success in 2017 and is poised for significant expansion and development in 2018.

For the seventh consecutive year, Charlestowne Hotels doubled the national RevPAR average across its collection of managed properties, ranging from independent lifestyle boutique accommodations and branded hotels to historic inns and condo-hotels. Charlestowne attributes its industry-leading management performance to robust corporate support and spirited hotel teams. Since its inception, the company has been known for its celebrated revenue optimization capabilities and individualized asset branding approach. The consolidation of key operational activities enables its managed properties to achieve portfolio profit levels that would otherwise be unattainable.

"We doubled down on our core management disciplines while bolstering our contract acquisition of new properties, which commanded a year of strong growth and expansion," said Michael Tall, president and chief operating officer of Charlestowne Hotels. "Charlestowne is a dynamic and nimble industry player that not only pivots to hospitality trends but also sets them."

With sights set on geographic expansion and portfolio variation, Charlestowne added 10 new hotels in 2017, including two historic hotels in Vermont and its first West Coast rebranding and re-development project. "As we continue to expand, our tailored approach encourages us to continue to add resources to ensure the needs of our new owners are met in these markets," remarked Tall. Charlestowne ended 2017 with 47 properties in its growing portfolio.

Known for its customized approach to management, Charlestowne completed nine branding projects for new developments and four brand repositioning projects for existing hotels in 2017. Further developing a distinct brand presence, the marketing team managed more than a dozen video and photoshoots to bring the hotel experience to life. The company also focused on strengthening web presence and prioritizing the digital user experience, developing more than 30 proprietary hotel websites along with a portfolio-wide, two-way CRM interface to streamline guest communication.

"Our management strategy remained a key differentiator when successfully sourcing new business opportunities in 2017," said Michael Cady, vice president of marketing for Charlestowne Hotels. "In the past year, we continued to finesse our roster of vendors to centralize efforts, strategically selecting five core partners that provide the entire portfolio with specialized marketing services at an affordable cost."

The Charlestowne Hotels team closed out 2017 on a high note, earning three notable accolades, including a BLLA Hotelier of the Year honor and HSMAI Top 25 Extraordinary Minds in Marketing award. Michael Tall was also appointed to the Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association's Advisory Board.

Looking ahead in 2018, the Charlestowne Hotels team will continue to grow in both size and potential. Since welcoming more than 450 new employees this past year, Charlestowne will focus on staff development through the implementation of programs that empower employees and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit. These tactics will strengthen Charlestowne's tailored approach to management, which remains its key value proposition.

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