Hotel Re-Opening News - London, Cabo & Beyond

USA, New York, New York. July 06, 2020

As parts of the world start to come back online, hotels are thankfully beginning to reopen welcoming travelers with newly implemented health and safety procedures. Both Flemings Mayfair Hotel in London and Acre Hotel + Restaurant in Los Cabos, Mexico will be reopening with safety modifications in place for guest and staff well-being. Further South, properties in Chile and Argentina are now targeting Fall reopening once the government restrictions are lifted in each country.

1) Flemings Mayfair Hotel ; London - reopening July 4th with a slew of new health & safety measures in place. A detailed list can be seen here. Modifications include:- Partitions installed at the check-in desk- Digital check-in process with sanitized iPad. No pen or paper- Facemasks and gloves provided to guests- Sanitizer stationed throughout- Bathroom amenities removed from rooms. A sealed kit will be provided upon check-in- Linen changes upon request only- Breakfast is a la carte only

2) Acre Hotel + Restaurant ; Los Cabos - reopening July 10 adhering to all Mexican government regulations. Acre is one of the most unique resort properties in Los Cabos with 11 open-air Treehouses set on 25 acres allowing for plenty of room to be socially distant. Virtually all restaurant, bar and guest areas are outdoors without enclosure. All Acre staff will be certified by the Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) for Covid-19 safe work, service and home practices.

In order to protect guests and staff from the Covid-19 virus, .Acre is taking the following precautions:

· Every effort will be made to space usage of all Treehouses so that Guests will not use a Treehouse that has been checked out on the same day.· Prior to guest arrival, each Treehouse will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected in accordance with government guidelines, using a bleach solution and/or disinfectant solution depending on the surface type.

· All high-touch surfaces are cleaned thoroughly and wiped with disinfectant wipes.

· Linens are thoroughly bleached / washed and dried fully on high temperatures. Bathrobes are dry-cleaned.

· Treehouses will not be cleaned while occupied by Guests. Treehouses will be cleaned upon arrival and at departure only. Fresh towels will be exchanged and left for guest in enclosed plastic bag

.· Treehouses will be equipped with sanitizing gel.

· Purified drinking water system will be installed within the Treehouse for Guest use. No mini-bar or guest arrival amenity will be left in the room.

· Guest arrival and registration will take place at our outdoor reception desk. Guest temperature will be documented and guests with a fever above 37.5 C / 99.5 F will be asked to see medical attention.

· Use of facemasks will be required in all common areas. Please bring a personal mask with you to Acre as we do not have masks available for guests.


· All Acre public areas including floors, tables, chairs, walls etc., have been disinfected and sanitized using recommended bleach solutions. All Acre dishware, flatware and glassware have been sanitized in accordance with industry and contingency standards. · All guest-occupied spaces will be sanitized both prior to and after any service.· All restrooms will offer sanitizing gel, paper towels and, of course, soap. A restroom attendant will be on-site during operational hours to continually sanitize bathroom areas after guest use.· Public concrete, tiled floors and hard surfaces will be washed twice daily with a bleach mixture, including pool area, private dining areas, restrooms. · Restaurant areas have been reconfigured to create safe distancing between tables (1.5m minimum) and to reduce the number of guests at any given time by approximately 60%. · All menus will be available via QR code available on guest's smart devices or disposable menus.· Guests will have access to sanitizing gel and sanitizing wipes upon request.

3) Entre Cielos Wine Hotel + Spa ; Mendoza - targeting October 1 reopening dependent on Argentina's borders reopening.

4) Hangaroa Eco-Hotel + Spa ; Easter Island - targeting October 1 reopening dependent on Chile's restrictions being lifted.

Acre Treehouses are perfect for social distancing
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