Indiesigns Launches Covid-19 Signage Designed by Independent Artists

The E-Commerce Site Offers Artfully Crafted Safety Signage and Floor Decals for Commercial, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Workplace Environments

USA, New York City, New York. July 20, 2020

Indiesigns has launched an initiative to have independent artists produce COVID-19 signage with a positive and design-forward aesthetic. Its goal is to help businesses reopen safely without compromising on design. The launch is a new product pivot from Indiewalls, a corporate art consultancy whose business was drastically impacted by the economic shutdown.

The Indiesigns products help businesses reopen, keep the public safe, and support artists who have suffered loss of work as a result of the pandemic.

The signage follows specific guidelines by the CDC, but puts visual design front and center. The company believes that design-forward signage will not only beautify spaces, but also lead to better adherence by the public, further enhancing public health and recovery.

Indiesigns have also launched an e-commerce platform making it simple for any business across the country to purchase signage and have it drop-shipped to their space. The production is all being done domestically, in Brooklyn, New York.

"Our company has always been focused on supporting the artist community, while offering products that make properties beautiful and unique," says Ari Grazi, founder of Indiewalls. "Indiesigns was a natural extension to our work; now businesses can open safely, without compromising on design."

Indiesigns offers a wide variety of safety signage that includes: social distancing floor decals; mask requirements; directional signage; occupancy limits; reminders for washing hands; limited supply announcements; fitness cleanliness guidelines; and much more. As social etiquette is evolving within the public sphere, these products help keep the public informed and safe.

The products are competitively priced, starting at $12. Signage can be fully-customized to reflect specific corporate branding or aesthetics. For more information and to purchase the safety signage, please visit

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About Indiesigns

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Cody Suher
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UpSpring PR
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