Integrated Operations Launches Breakthrough Misting Technology That Mitigates Spread of Deadly Viruses

Colloidal Silver Solution Provides 24-Hour Protection

USA, Shelby Township, Michigan. November 11, 2020

Integrated Operations has launched a breakthrough disinfection system utilizing colloidal silver that will provide hotels with the most effective way to mitigate the spread of deadly viruses and bacteria. This new technology now available in the U.S. provides total room disinfection in minutes thus saving time and money to adequately prepare individual and public rooms between guests.

To achieve effective protection against surface and airborne germs, engineer, former auto executive and founder of Integrated Operations Nick Jaksa, has introduced the new Viral Defense™ line of disinfection equipment that uses ultra-fine misting technology to provide complete coverage to eliminate deadly viruses and bacteria. This breakthrough misting technology can be used to clean rooms and other spaces as well as to eliminate germs on people and their luggage. The company offers several disinfectant solutions, including colloidal silver which provides 24-hour protection.

Ultra-Fine Mist: The Key to Disinfection

The key to the Viral Defense system is a fine mist of nano-particles which easily disperses to cover an entire area touching all surfaces. Current methods of disinfection, including sprays and UVC light, are only effective on areas that are directly touched by the spray or exposed to the light. These methods provide only temporary spot elimination of germs, and surfaces may remain contaminated due to inadequate coverage of hard to reach places or insufficient exposure time to the light. Utilizing the Viral Defense misting system - which can be controlled remotely -- requires about five minutes to clean a guest room, and the disinfectant solution costs about 25-cents per room. This same misting technology can safely deactivate viruses on people using walk-through booths so guests enter a facility germ free. The mist is so fine that there is no residual wetness.

A simple way to explain the efficacy of a mist is to compare fog to rain. Both will carry moisture; however, only the fog will reach and surround all surfaces due to the minute water particles while the larger raindrops cannot due to their size and weight. The smaller the particles in the fog or mist, the more effectively they will disperse and reach all surfaces before gravity pulls them down. The fine nano-sized particles in the Viral Defense misting system disperse in seconds to eliminate germs in environments or on people.

Colloidal Silver for 24 Hour Disinfection

Viral Defense technology offers several disinfectant solutions that are chosen based on where and how it is being used. By far the most effective Viral Defense disinfectant solution utilizes a colloidal silver base which is naturally anti-viral, anti-bacterial and non-corrosive. There is an added benefit to using colloidal silver: not only will it deactivate viruses and kill bacteria; the disinfection will last an entire day. Other common disinfectant solutions that are salt based are highly corrosive and should be used with care, especially around electronics and in offices with computers and other sensitive equipment. Unlike colloidal silver, these solutions provide temporary disinfection.

"For the most complete disinfection, the breakthrough Viral Defense walk-through misting booths for full body disinfection can be placed at the entry of a hotel or other facility, and our mobile misting systems can be used in guest rooms, conference rooms, hallways, dining areas, fitness areas, etc.," comments Jaksa. "This is the best way to create a germ-free environment on a continual basis."

Through Jaksa's work overseas, he discovered a similar disinfection system in Vietnam, a country that is about one-third the size of the U.S. and has fewer than 1200 cases of Covid-19 with 35 deaths. Jaksa and his team of engineering and medical experts are focused on keeping people and places safe from germs. "This is not the first epidemic we have faced nor will it be the last. Our goal is to make technology available that can combat harmful germs today and, in the future," concludes Jaksa.

Nick Jaksa, founder of Integrated Operations LLC, has made his mark in the area of safety with over three decades of diverse experience incorporating product development, testing and production. Today he's applying that expertise to improving the health and safety of the public during the pandemic through his Viral Defense branded product line. The company's unique disinfectant misting systems mitigate the spread of germs thus improving safety for people entering buildings, schools, sports arenas and other venues. The same innovative misting concept can be used to clean interior spaces in a matter of minutes. The Viral Defense product portfolio also includes innovative PPE's including anti-viral layered masks, and other products to provide protection.

Mr. Jaksa's interest in improving safety for everyone began over 30 years ago in many aspects of the automotive industry, including as a seat belt engineer and an expert witness in cases involving auto safety. More recently he was involved with car seat design and manufacturing to improve safety for babies and toddlers. Among the companies with which he has worked are Allied Signal/Honeywell, Siemens and Bosch, in the U.S. and internationally. In response to the global pandemic, Mr. Jaksa has tapped into his international technology and manufacturing relationships to find best-in-class disinfecting and personal protection solutions to help mitigate the spread of germs.

In addition to his hands-on experience in the automotive sector, Mr. Jaksa heads a team of Integrated Operations professionals who leverage tools such as the Toyota Production Management System principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, and other proven tools that encompass problem analysis and resolution, all allowing for operational and organizational optimization.

Nick Jaksa can be contacted at 1-586-991-1446; [email protected] For additional information on the Viral Defense line of products visit

Integrated Operations' Viral Defense walk through misting booth can effectively de-activate viruses on people in seconds with no residual wetness.
Integrated Operations' Viral Defense misting equipment disperses a fine mist of disinfectant nano-particles to cover an entire area touching all surfaces.
Integrated Operations' Viral Defense innovative misting technology can quickly and effectively deactivate germs on all surfaces in minutes and provides 24-hour protection.
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