Beyer Brown Survey Shows That an Increasing Number of Hoteliers Are Planning to Attend Industry Conferences

USA, Orlando, Florida. May 03, 2021

The results of a recent Beyer Brown survey of hospitality industry executives revealed that 75% of respondents said they are comfortable attending a professional conference with safety procedures in place within the next one to three months. Among that group, 43% said they are comfortable attending a similar event now. The survey, conducted by Orlando, FL-headquartered FF&E and OS&E procurement specialist Beyer Brown & Associates, included owners and developers, project managers, the design community and industry suppliers was taken during the period April 7 - April 20, 2021.

When asked which conferences they were planning to attend, the range of responses reflected the broad representation of those surveyed within specific hotel industry disciplines. They are as follows:

  • · BDNY (November 14-15) - 65%
  • · HD Expo (August 24-25) - 49%
  • · Lodging Conference (September 27-30) - 48%
  • · ALIS (July 26-28) - 34%
  • · Hunter Hotel Conference (May 10-12) - 22%

"These numbers are notably higher than the ones we obtained from a similar survey we conducted in July of last year, when only 58 percent of respondents said they would be comfortable attending a meeting in 3 months or more," Beyer Brown principals Mark Friesen and Shawn Bolivar said. "If we are confident in guests visiting hotel properties now, industry professionals should be equally confident in attending in-person events. Meetings are where deals get done and we look forward to meeting with our colleagues in the coming months."

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